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  1. :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks

    Honestly, when I saw her “costume” I nearly dead. I really don’t like to participate in the clowning when it comes to this girl but omg, convulsions people.


    :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks


  2. Wait a beenie man oman dis weh inna har 20’s dis, ctfu smaddy seh satan know cuz a caan God a wah gwaan yah suh, hard life caan a show inna yuh hard face wen yuh young nd deh wid king a dancehall…a hope D’angel nah sidung pon yuh name thinking yah guh shorten dem son lunch money

  3. Hmmmm.What is the purpose of make up though,isn’t it supposed to make a woman look younger and/or prettier? ?idk just assuming but who know please talk the truth of its purpose please!

  4. Sender she look pretty to me just a little tired and her skin appear a bit dry but nothing that a little moisturizer and rest cant help. Who is she?

  5. Met you good fi block out the cratches are cuz dung deh no look so righted. Full a hair bump. I don’t want to see this girl without clothes.

  6. Me convince now more than ever say a she really make beenie man a dress like him mad since recently. She should a just wear a shorts and a likkle t shirt instead of wearing them patches of clothes, piece a somebody gate and one wreath whe she find a dovecot. Lord help this old/young gyal.

  7. On another note though, kasi muss a dead say she nuh get fi go carnival go show up her expensive outfit that she had planned and then after seeing her bestie/sister/partner Rebecca there she muss full a envy. At least Rebecca go spend the day with her and Usain afterwards still.

  8. Nothing is wrong with her looks. She just need a bit of rest overall she is a young girl living her life. Nuff young gal at her age don’t accomplish what she has.

  9. A wah caawnival costume gone tuh… two birds shoulda come just come buss a shit pan har head mi nuh know a wah dat…. mi naw lie mi wah talk to di doctor whey bawn har cause a suh alone mi woulda have proof a age.

  10. She a try too hard and it just not working. Krystal bright and intelligent but she never get a sense of style at all. Plus what is this Rasta foolishness they are pushing? Her and Beenie man the meat eating dread. Krystal you are no RASTA. Ask your friend Kamila about ETHIOPIAN ORTHODOX church and move and gweh wid your FAKE self.

  11. I suppose she channeling her inner Xena Warrior Princess. I nuh find a thing wrong with her looks or the costume. I like whimsical shyt like this, and I appreciate out of the box thinking. All she needs to complete the look is to be riding a unicorn, and a wand dropping fairy dust.

  12. Looking at her facial features she is a true Hebrew Israelite… Wake up children of Israel and know thy self and where you are from > North Africa > Israel…

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