0 thoughts on “NO MAN!

  1. maybe him no grow no hair pon him foot Met…I only grow hair on my head and just a little eyebrow, everywhere else bald like me just born

  2. mi muma bloodclaat a really the rainbow 16.99 gladiator slippaz de man a beat nd yuh knw a ooman him guh home tuh at nite time a doah how unno phuck dem kine a man yah?!?!?!…too feminine fi my puninine smh

  3. Ohh a di bwoy inna di backgrung…Met block out di man inna di Lady Saw tshirt face before dutty lyad ppl chat bad bout him…Mi seh bout 2 weeks ago mi guh one big dance and mi inna di backgrung a one gyal weh grace yasso a few times mi just a hope and pray dem nuh send in har picho, lol

  4. Oh battyman Clarence…Him too has a mugshot Met that was spotlighted on errr.It was a pace dung gel up hairdoes, u nuh memba

  5. mi did think clarence get dip a wonder if him stop thief and go sell to the hair dresser dem in a fort lauderdale… a long time mi nuh see this yah fish yah

  6. That boy there gay as they come. He always going to all the Jamaican parties and when he there the Miami selecta hardly bun him out or even say they burning out gays lol but if he not there they talk a lot of crap abut gay this and gay that. He use to get clothes for a lot of people down there.

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