ovan Johnson, Staff Reporter

MORANT BAY, St Thomas:
Eight adults, including a centurion, sheltering at the Morant Bay Primary in St Thomas are pleading to the authorities for critical items such as beds before the eastern parish begins to feel the full effects of Hurricane Matthew.

“Mi nuh si nuh food come yah,” Aaron Mowatt, 101, told The Gleaner adding that he left his home in Duhaney Pen last night for the shelter because of fears for his safety.

“Nothing nuh deh yah. Not even a mattress. Just di bench,” said Vincent Lovelace, another resident at the shelter.

“Wi need sumpmn fi tonight,” said Lovelace who is from Bamboo River.

St Thomas is among eastern parishes expected to feel the wrath of Hurricane Matthew, now a category four storm heading towards Jamaica.

Everton McFarlane said he heard the news and immediately left his dwelling in Brown’s Gully for the shelter.


“Dat (Brown’s Gully) carry water more dan di whole world. Mi hear the news and mi run come up here,” he said.

The residents have taken small bags of clothes and food to the shelter but this may not be enough to last.

There was no shelter manager at the school during The Gleaner’s visit.

Martina Medley, the St Thomas Parish Disaster coordinator, said the school is one 51 official shelters and efforts will be made to assist the pleading residents.

She said persons are advised to take certain items with them to shelters but the parish council provides some essential ones.

“We supply them with cots, blankets and other key things and we ask them to take supplies to last 72 hours.

IN PHOTO: As Hurricane Matthew approaches, residents of Bamboo River, St Thomas wait outside the Morant Bay Primary School shelter.

Up to 1 o’clock this afternoon, Medley said there were 20 people in shelters across the parish.

However, she said the figure could be higher as residents may use other public buildings.


      1. Yep! Never here bout a shelter where u haffi carry your bed wid you. Interesting no shelter manager on hand. Wtf my ppl caan do dem ting right? Kmt.

  1. Big sticking bumboole anonymous @ 8:15 do you know what tf a shelter is and what service it’s expected to provide.

  2. No shelter manager or basic supplies smh. Don’t them want the ppl dem to depend on these resources. The least they should do is actually BE dependable.
    Anon shut u rass bout bring food and BED.

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