Boy Met when mixxup come my way me no know how fi behave! So mi bestfriend claims har cousin send har message say him an Mr Vegas ina beef ova woman and me start laugh cause me know the cousin no too right. Anyways she send this to me and I couldn’t stop laugh because me think the man a mek it up.. what a thing when pu##y mad man till him all think him and Vegas a matey





0 thoughts on “NO SAH!!!!!!!!!!! DI MAN SEH HIM BEGGING VEGAS FI LEAVE!!

  1. WATER MARK JMG INNA dem mek i guh finish read 30,000 eru fe leff de man wrenking meat a weakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :tkp

  2. rohan nah let guh……………….vegas remember wat yuh went chue doah dweet tuh a next man cum on pack up yuh cocky nd de phuck weh it cum wid from outta Caroline hole nd let rohan live sass crise a pure noise inna mi house a ere suh sweet

  3. vegas sey u will end up wid a long cocky man …tearssssssssssssssssss vegas a beg yuh fe blog wid wi tideh papa cuz dis yah real nice no man de pum pum juice fly rite up inna de man head oh my man

  4. Yes it is here. Met ah wonda if is the girl that was in his recent video post. Who did ah shake har batty inna rehearsal fi Vegas.

  5. Rohan Dixon link up oba JMG wi a beg a small interview wi devum waan here from caroline yet …send in back de pic anuh de thickass weh did up wah day wid vegas a med rohan,met?!?!?!?

  6. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    no sah!!! god really soon cum, mi cyaah believe weh mi juss read

    blood-claaaaat mi a dead!!!

      1. metty, sleep a kill mi, but mi seh mek a cum tek a luk b4 mi drop asleep,

        wrong move to rass, mi a r die!!!!! :ngakak :ngakak

  7. a de same thickass tuh plate claat …vegas doah deny it why yuh up inna de man cocky bed,yeah ar undaneath is where that head a rest smaddy tell rohan link up plz

          1. is a yardie dat?????

            **drops on bed and falls in a rass coma****


          2. met diss man reminds me of la lewis :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

            mad ppl dem move !! move!! move!!!!

          3. but met why everytime him seh har name. him affi seh har di whole a it??

            is like a two caroline an him a mek vegas know seh a di one wid lass name Stewart him is r talking :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  8. Big up di met n metter. Long time mi nuh leave a comment ….

    Mi waah no …. How comes dem yah man ya never fall fi a woman dat worth it?? Dem always go fi di wutless gal dem. and the good girls that have ambition and not whoring dem pussy nuh get nobody. Or di man nuh treat dem like queen. Mi need a man fi come comment and explain it to mi.

      1. meeeeet :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

        a afta 12 midnight a england, please allow me to go to my bed!!!!

        mi a dead to rass cuz who da fu-ck inna dem right ambitious mind woulda want a man like mr. dixon_________________________________________

        1. Lundun u know a mr dixon page mi go pan go draw off di picho and di man tek a VELLLLLLLLLY regguhLAR picture and airbrush it..look pan him face oo

          1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

            mi a beg u tek time wid mi poor heart miss met!!! oh gosh, i’m laughing till tears a cum.

            met an mi deh here a seh, mi want know a weh di rass him a use cuz him face smooth like baby shit. looooooooooooool u mean fi tell mi di lunaatic airbush him pic??????????

            hahahahahaha mi spit a choke mi hahahaha

          2. And ina di second shot a di same table him let out di dread flash it out n bus a next pose…please hold :tkp

      2. Not at all… Its just the fact hes willing to fight for her. Nuff man nuh care a bloodclat n wudda gwan f**k a next gal.

        1. fight? no goldie no no…dont u see di man a talk bout death? this is a man that will kill a woman and also an like dis will obsess over any woman because a so dem mek up

  9. Cuz she is clearly a whore. And mi tiad fi hear ppl a chat seh dem in love. And nuh no nuttin about di word. This is so sad. Who eva dis gal is she nuh worth an attempted murder charge my yute. Har pussy tun up but obviously your c*cky pop dung.

  10. No sah, maybe me is a hater. But dem a war ova this lumpy dumpy laced wig wonder?? Everybody a beg Vegas or Rohan fi cum tru wid a interview, but mi waan smaddy wid credentials interview fi har pu$$y, mi waan it explain to the world a wha bout it soh, a wah bout it so nice. An yes, my va jay jay ago tek notes.

  11. Rohan cliff seh if him coulda tek back fi fuxx him woulda tek it back but Caroline dun love it already…… Haayyllllp

  12. 30,000 cliffy memba Shelly Ann mad u…. Memba mad man kill off barkey…. The world is very round…. Oo

  13. Puppa Jesas! Mi so busy more while mi cawh comment but dah man yah serious??? Metty mj affi link u up one a dese days oooo


  14. Met can you get a detailed picture of this lady’s vagina A>S>A>P. And if you can get intouch with her please ask her the details of the tightening cream. Please and thank you. Cause me naw see nothing weh the naked eye can see mek them two man yah a gwaan like clown.

    Well I guess Vegas gal clown saga is never ending.

    1. U see u, no man u worse dan me all mi did waan is an interview wid her pumplex, but u waan detailed pic, and the name of the tightening cream. lawd, woieee, nuh mi dem deh to.

  15. Love you my darlin metty and jmg bloggers. But di man say him wih kill come on now a whey him ago kill fah? Cliffy like di problem an him si say him nawve no luck cho man.


  16. A suh di man did a warn barkey an him take it for joke till di man end up a kill him…..Vegas wi nuh want lose nuh more a wi artis dem way deh suh be carefull.

  17. 30,000e fi gih Cliffy fi leave carline and look how much hungry belly ppl deh a JA woulda do good inna di Season yah including mi self, a man yah want a lick wid a good ducchi. Yes simply Cliffy fi tek dease ting serus cuz dese ppl are sick dem kill fi less Dan dat. Cuz look how di man a gwaan star. Real pu$$y.


  18. It’s very funny to hear a man ah beg anneda man fe lef dem ooman. But Vegas better use sleep and mark death, because more than once Rohan send death threat.

  19. De man say “Do not take my quietness for a weak link” yo no pusC nuh worth dying ova Vegas betta run weh dah gyal deh. Caws some man ah pusC claffy

  20. Unno stay deh ah worry bout vegas it’s da girl dat should be caution for her life man like dat will try kill u b4 u leff them domestic violence is no joke

  21. some man a one burna,and you see when dem little one burna deh feel like say smaddie a treat to dem,all logic fly through the window.a said way the little man use to warn barkey and him laff inna the man face.duppy bat vegas it look like u wha go do colab wid captain barkey.all ways know say gunshot no have no name.

  22. vegas better not take this lightly cuz if the man willing to pay him off 30k euros just to leave o’ sweet caroline then if vegas refuses then you can just imagine what he would pay a hungry belly yardie sniper to get rid of his competition…………………….30K EUROS IS NOT MONKEY MONEY AND THIS MAN SOUNDS LIKE A PSYHOPATH!…..HE SAID IT BEST ” I WILL DIE FOR CAROLINE”……………….is a very dangerous ‘LOVE’ that him have,,,,GIVES ME THE CHILLS :nohope :takut :takut :takut :takut :takut :takut :takut :takut :takut :takut :takut

  23. Vegas my to you, is that you take very, very, serious, make police reports, I see another Captain Barkey in the making, some people will commit murder and kill them self, you hear the man say him cannot live without Caroline, do not take these threat for a joke.

  24. him go from offering to pay him fi leave har to threaten vegas fi kill him…dis is not summen fi tek light fi real..him betta open him eyes

      1. met u know mi go mi bed lass night a kill miself wid laff!!!

        deh post yah mek mi sleep good lass night

        as bugu once said “sum woulda give dem heart, dem mind, dem soul, an everyting….an a nex man deh wid him ting” :kr :ngakak :ngakak

  25. yu kno i doan waa laff eno :hammer cuz is a sick mister rohan yu need help bad bad oooooooo

    love love love fi yu go si a therapist n talk wid jesus yu sick mad sick

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