Simone you a promote ur cream dem but tell your clients is a damn mess!
Gina never see the boogu pon har face before she upload pics? Simone you ah try show Ppl up?! Mi see yuh pon jamaica Ave your inflated batty look very disgusting unno dancehall duppies stay bad inna real life!all Gina eyebrow did want pencil out no sah

0 thoughts on “NO SHAME WHITE

  1. Gina, you look HORRIBLE as ah white lady!! :hoax2..but senda, all nung mi still can’t locate di boogu pan Gina face, weh it deh??…

  2. It looks like she took the top pic with low light and the bottom pic with high light. Either way Self Hate is disgusting and should not be promoted this Black History Month. :cool

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