1. :ngakak my Friday has been made, Met u know mi agguh lowe out jmg doah a wah kinda slackness dis hey Macka yuh win da roun yah shabby message nuh hot suh

  2. Macka dun di two a dem. Mi think Shibby would come stronger. But you see when the truth comes out, nothing “he/she or the old lady” says that will prevail. First order of things, had Matterhorn not mentioned Macka’s name bout she old and the hair on her front grey, all this would not have happened. I wish people would just wise up and stop supporting Matterhorn with is uneducated self. No one hates him for afterdark. As far as I can see, everyone a celebrity on IG. If people a nuh makeup artist, dem a singer, model, dancer, etc. This whole IG thing is a facade and Matterhorn fail to realize that. No one respects him but the unintelligent mucks that he has following him on IG. MACKA dun both Shibby and Matterhorn!

    1. mi rerse nay ready when mi open di email and BAM….. mi haffi tek it to di floor rite away I was dead do di kyahpit laughing

  3. Met dis kick dem ova cuz everything weh dem a come wid a wah ppl hear already……chatterhorn him shuda jus bill an low dis alone

    1. mussy true bounty ina di war ooo….matterhorn know how dem a style him but because him love it not even dat him remember him so glad fi a pawdy ina di war…a now dem gwine hand it to him

  4. macka a look hype the karma song flop so she a look hype off tony but nobody no realise she have no strenght for shebadda who done her yesterday

    1. Be fair split justice and dont tell lie when di truth a stare unno ina di face..Macaka neva trouble nobody, Mattey say him never call har name ina careless argument he did..She run n say she was offended she never style Mattey..Now she call shibby name and him gi har two how di music come in when she never start it? Stop it man

    2. Whatever!!! Dutty kratches Matterhorn start it…him too damn nuff…I wish somebody woulda gi him one a di box weh dem gi foota cause him chat too much!!!!!!!

  5. But Macka nuh beter than Matterhorn. Matterhorn call har name inna careless argument and she was upset. Instead of handling the matter with Matterhorn, she run guh call shiby name. So she and him a di same dam ting!!

  6. A which part the funeral fi Matty an Shibby a keep, Dovecote or Meadowrest. Macula star the movie, it name kill dem all and come back alone. Me flatline when me see dis. Dwrcl

  7. Matteron is a batty boy no real man get up everyday and cuss suh he love talk bout woman a bore and he just breed the biggest hore in the united states /Jamaica tony remember before the gal from Bronx breed for you Garey sherlock piss in her mouth?

  8. When is it OK fi two batty man INA jamaican dancehall cuss a woman bout her age,tonia and shibbie fi gwey from yasso and GU INA gully wid di gully queen dem!!

  9. I don’t kno maka frm no where but it greeve mi fi hear 2 a jamaican dancehall gully queen a style r su wid dem deep ole nasy tony wid yu batty ole deep nu bloodclath and shibby wey cockey shift yu teeth left da big gap deh INA di front,as old as maka she is a real woman and ur not!!


  11. Both a dem wish they where women that’s why dem a cuss Macka fi har Punny. Why shibby and Tonnyann no gwan go get sex change and lowe the woman? It bun unuh how a batty unuh use and want the woman kratches. Lowe har man. Jeezzzeeee. Macka dun dem.

  12. What tony matterhorn and shibby fail to understand macka diamond is all woman.. that those two men will never be as long as them living.. dem two man deh a go gwaan an gwaan till smaddy wap wap and box box dem up real good…

  13. Dis is di bess come back EVA! Macka nuh haffi see dem again, she slayed and some.
    Mattahawn wid him big blowjobs lips and Shebada wid feem tretch weh one are a match made in fag heaven.

  14. Macka da one ya sell off..shibby sound like idiot mi nuh kno a wah kind a tracing dat…a suh him and dutty toniesha luv gwaan like dem can done everybody..all now mi still a laugh…big up yuself macka

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