Hello met how r u I have been following this girl I like her spirit but what is her job?she say get money and I have never seen her getting dress or saying going to work on the gram don’t tell me she is an escort too



    1. Because dem a idiot. Dem waan know what kind of job you do because dem waan know where you get the things dem. She doesn’t have to tell anybody what she does to get money

  1. That’s because, the way in which they like to show off, if they had a job they would be hash tagging it like they do everything else.

  2. Is which bobby dis? because if a bobiesha di sender know what she saying and mi have a little add-ment fi dash in aid something whey stink a street

    1. Why would she need to work? She has been screwing Kymani Marley since the video shoot (Get High) same night to. So she getting paid, not much though, as he is one of the least fav Marlys, so he aint loaded like let’s say Gong. She even been posting pics of their where about (rafting) etc etc wearing his shirts, showing his arm as a teaser I suppose. She even posted him the other day as her #mcw/#mcm but later took it down. I guess she got the directives to, as he’s still a dirty whoring married man.

  3. She same one Met, that Got back her visa a seh she do up her babyfada sunday and a chat how she will notify wife about him dealings and mi neva know a so much pickney him have. Anyways what a gyal fi hype up her dutty self like she neva memba sey Kid kurrupt shit up har oleeeeee. She and Nicky mek a dam perfect fren she need fi come of instagram and get a life monnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    1. ohhhhhhh a she…bobbiesha not working anywhere she n javana a plan fi tek ova di world ten stroke at a time

  4. Mek she move and gweh Met dem can only trick the licky licky gyal dem weh love follow the crowd but not this one here, yuh kno wthe twin dem weh use to par up a big shep Rennece well mi know fi a fact she did a f**k one a dem.

    1. But mi waa know if she n Javana fren now fi she tell Javana how fi suck Usain and suh? Remember Bobby tek har spin round groupieville

  5. Bobby weh hungry a kill d bobby weh a sell but nuh have no buyer..bobby come here member say every1 of u fren dem a laugh after u. Member say u tek all a d man dem in dancehall 2 times.she is an instagram liar her life is sad she pop down and nuh have shit.she need fi give up pon whoring bcuz nothing she nuh have to a try buss her pon d iinternational whoring but look like d shite old dutty man dem nuh like fi her size

      1. lol, but she working out now, how dem fi sey the girl hungry and she sey she lives in a three bedroom upstair house with helper, so how she fi hungry plus her mother always topping her up so wah yuh mean by that Tweety21. a weak these instagram liars

          1. Yuh know a long time bobbiesha a do dis lol one time she did a say how she have guards :ngakak

  6. My bad she did not take Kymani’s picture down, she just post so many that it got lost, lol. This girl is a good delusional Slut though, she ensures that her kid (God bless his sweet lil heart) is painted as being catered for and according to the rules that makes you a good ass whore. She has been like this for as long as I can remember though, always stressing out her poor sister, who was her gaurdian when she was living off waltham. She was destined to be a “DAWG HEAD” she’s been f%cking quite some time now so I reckon she is a Pro by now right?

  7. kymanni is so sexy – go Bobbi

    and as long is not your husband she tekking or begging you for money, why you ho’s so mad LOL

  8. Lol bitch no body not mad at bobby. Kymani not minding bobby and d whole of unno kno that.she stop hide from her landlord and beg yet.met u want see har fi her bday everybody lookbette than her nicky look better than bobby d way life hard pon bobby. Unno ut stop come pon yah come defend unno friends them an act like nothing a gwan fi dem.mi and unno kno bobby nuh hot again in her 2 bundle of hair that look like paris wear it before she give it to her.bobby need fi go retire every whore a upgrad all now she cant move from stage 1 of kymani a nuh catch member a only rita pickney dem did get any inheritance bcuz rita did cut every rass body out.bobby member say u did tek married man and think him did rich and all u ended up with is a baby so do mi ask u nuh rhype with this 1′

  9. Mad bitch r u crazy……just putting all of u delusional bitches on blast.poor unno bobby need a stimulus package and nobody and i will repeat nobody not sponsoring.when ppl talk about unno lowlife ways unno feel like anybody badmind unno.Everything bobby doing or claim she have basic ppl work and have easily in jamaica but bcuz the only skill unno have is to open unno tired and done front weh no more pink nuh left back inna . Its a sad rass day weh u take a group picha and paris look prettier than u bobby.mad bitch i am goin to sponsor u 3 new bundles a hair 1 mac foundation and powder so u can stop wear the drug store brands weh mek u tek picture u looklike ghost and a 2 lipstick so u can rest d pink 1 dat u wear everyday that mek u look like u lips have white instead of frontin humble your self and respond with what shade you wear in foundation so i can make the donation.after all the “ballers ” that have pass through u and u have never left the basic column bitch u need to go learn a skill bcuz all that f**king is not doing nothing for u

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