Rayyyyyy go Deh no mannaz model pon yuh husband baby mother yes woiiiiii but wait to clat nuh just wAh day a the baby mother bday too n yuh same husband n her spent it together a wonder if a dah flex deh yuh see and get jealous N fly in Fi yours too??? A Cyah Badda!!!! Boy met yuh Affi Tek bad things Mek joke all me know dah boy yah a gyalis cause as soon as she gone back a Canada a Damion and him baby mother that again and the white gal know but yuh see when yah man clown you will know shit and affi hold that!!! Jaime no mannaz how you feel paying for your own bday dinner?? Sad!!!





  1. Onu gwan bother the girl till papers cancel out…senda mind yu damn business! If white girl a man clown, so is the baby mother. Again, stfu, mind yu business and send in better gossip….such as your reason for being all up in dis threesome.

    MORNING MET, hope you feeling lighter in spirit today.

  2. That me say too the babymother is jus as a clown cuz why u only get him part time when the wife not around. An clearly that’s his page he posted the pics on. The whole all of might as well jus live together an done. Cuz Latoya u hype an promise beating yet the man still not leaving the woman. I can’t with you females. No self worth.

  3. Pon top a dat PP it come een like she obsess wid dem causen seh she no stop sen een tory afta tory bout dis yah sed man n him wife n baby madda. Low di ppl dem n mek dem live dem life.

  4. Toya Pink u paranoid Damion a mad u . Met u fi start disclose sender when u see say the story is out of envy cause Toya pink need fi get show up she too rass nuff why she nuh go finish clean up dance-hall bout she a settle down wid people man lol

  5. I like the title Met lol. U know I always like to hear about hud, especially purportedly special hud dwl.

    But on a serious note I had to come here when I heard about Toya, because is like if I didn’t see it here I couldn’t believe it. It was just last year during the Ishawna episode I asked you what was happening with her smh. Poor girl, her poor son. Just sad overall.

    1. Cindy I am devastated di way mi news source not reporting no correct info either..from left to right mekking up dem own story..they dont even know whey she dead and a put place of death and cause of death..adding more devastation but….God is God and our mourning will be turned into dancing again one day..Bless up Cindy

  6. Yeah I realize that because 2 different news houses reported 2 different causes of death. I couldn’t care less about the cause, I care about the fact that a child is left without his mom, because that could very well be my son & is one of my fears. My condolence to all who loved & knew her.

    1. That was hers day and night because I know she must have gotten tired of being sick..remember mi ina mi grieving stage so anything fi dash likkle anger mi find it so the reports mek mi feel like pull every hair u know dem way hurt everything hurt fi everyone whey did round her at this point lol……She n her son was so close I know her spirit a cry same way fi leave him here but it must also be relieved at the same time..pain and sickness smh

  7. Sender please go wash yu Baggie them . If the wife a man clown the baby Madda a men clown she willing go breed fi a next woman husband and yu still have the nerves fi a class the wife ? And it even worse if a did fi her baby father first before him marry a next woman . Yu and the baby mother go buy a bottle a j wray and nephew rum and chase it with spit and go drown unu sorrows cause unu sad like baby funeral .

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