11 thoughts on “NUTRI MILK

  1. I remember this stoosh gyal go pon facebook n a diss up the bun n milk bout she went to prep school n one bag a crap. Before the Day coulda done she had to delete her page the way them drag her. Ppl from all Germany n Sweden did a dun her smh.

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSS. I would love to see that truck right now. The bun, bulla, juice & milk can get it right NOW.

  3. Why uno nuh just congrat the young lady for doing a good job at rio ?? something Wey uno cannot duh.Instead uno a try tuh take her for a popishow. I can’t stand uno jamaican. The girl run win and was excited how the f..k milk and bun come in. Uno silly Billy’s. Uno need fi guh nam some jackass,corn and stinking toe. F..king idiot who send in this post. Grow the f…k up.

  4. @ Real chat go nam shit an gweh ,where were you when Met put up her pic congratulating her on her wins eeeh…f**g parasite u chat too damn much man a waan stuff u mouth wid an overnite pad.

    1. Bbc TPC sweetie!!hahahaha!! Honestly I think the person totally misunderstood n fail to realize the intent of the post is not meant to bash anyone. It is actually celebrating a very good feeling that many poor Jamaicans can relate to!

  5. God! I loved me some nutri bun & milk, especially the cherry milk. I was the epitome of helpfulness at school during the issuing of bun & milk because it meant I got extra.

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