4 thoughts on “OBAMA FULL A CLASS

  1. he’s probably saying to her “the democrats want to strip you of your citizenship when they retake power and send you back to slovenia for what your husband been doing, but they would be doing him a huge favour because everybody knows that’s what he wants, so I’ll give them a talk and urge them to desist and you just do your part when the stormi bomb drop” :ngakak

  2. @ ramjam – that is so funny… he maybe telling her “you smiling today, is it because the orange face man not presence ?

  3. That’s my president such a humble being,Mr.Phenomenal. She is going to get it when she goes home, Lawd.

  4. :ngakak @ Melon-Coly. Mi know how dah convo yah a go aready:

    Obama: Hey ahh, I taught they said you were deported.

    Melon-Coly: I was, my bastered husband deported me…but luckily They said I was the first lady so I made re-entry.

    Obama: Oh right, So has he ahh, found the oval office yet?

    Melon-Coly: No, he still hasn’t found the white house.

    Melon-Coly: Tell Michelle I said hello.

    Obama: Yeah ahh, she dosent like you from the time you stole her speech.

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