DLANCO McFarlane had been ill for the last six months.
Her relatives tried everything to get her better after she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. But, despite repeated trips to the hospital and ‘prayer warriors’ converging on her mother’s home in Red Hills, St Andrew, her condition worsened.
“The doctors couldn’t find out what wrong with her. From dem give her a family planning injection her foot dem just swell and wouldn’t go down. Wi try everything,” her mother, Winsome McDonald, said.
The last resort was to take the 23-year-old to Pastor Maurice Perrier at the Fire Anointed Healing and Deliverance Ministry on Retirement Road, yesterday, to see if he could heal her.
Sadly, before Perrier could arrive at his ministry, McFarlane died in the arms of her child’s father on the compound.
When the Jamaica Observer arrived at the scene her limp body was stretched out on a table and her child’s father, identified only as ‘Wayne’, was a picture of grief.
He hollered loudly as he wondered how he would live without her and blamed himself for her demise. “Oh God, me blame meself,” he said as he writhed in agony.
The dead woman’s mother, meanwhile, claimed that her daughter was taken to an obeahman who gave her something to drink that caused her condition to worsen.
The woman said that, on Monday, her daughter called and told her to come for her as she felt that she was going to die. She did as instructed and carried her daughter home.
Pastor Perrier, who arrived at the scene during an argument between McDonald and Wayne, said they had taken too long to bring her to him for prayers.
“Unnu carry her go obeahman? That’s why she dead. Mi pick up say unnu carry her go at least two obeahmen,” said the churchman.
Perrier took the opportunity to warn persons present that taking their ill loved ones to practitioners of obeah was not the answer, as only Jesus Christ had the power to heal.
The St Andrew Central police are investigating the death of the woman.
– Karyl Walker


  1. Morning Met and Meters, not a obeah, the woman had a bad reaction from the family planning injections, some women are allergic to this method, it make some ppl bleed. So wet down there, foot swollen is associated with the injection for years, but through them believe in a obeah, them carry go men the obeah mand mixup all kind garbage give and it poison her and kill her. When will some ppl learn. Smdh.

      1. Same thing mi deh ya a say to met , cause that sound to me like a blood cloth ,a lot of women don’t read as much information as possible on what make up the birth control method we use . I for one a trained midwife never know say the coil is the first , etp an that’s my choice of bc , sad tho that people still believe in this obeah Maliki

        1. *Malarkey
          I agree with you though that in this day and age people’s should stop believing and dealing in the Obeah nonsense.

    1. It’s sad, I too believe that the obeah man mix up poison and kill th poor lady. I had a friend, Her mother was sick and they took the mother to one of these “evil” The man mix up all kind a ish, The mother said when she go fi drink it, It Smell like COW Poop, she said she took the mix and dash it way. People need to be educated on this in Jamaica, because it sad to know that peole out there actually believe in this. Can you imagine what they mixing up to give to people? SMH

  2. Some Jamaican ppl a di worst, a same soh when my family have cancer and him get real skinny, then him have stroke and couldn’t talk, before di ediot dem carry him go doctor dem run go reader man first, mek him tell dem bout one brown man do him someting and dem fi come back wit how much money.

  3. That’s soo true what should be our first line of defence usually become our last resort, and don’t even mention the crippling health service that the poor is subjected to.

  4. Poor fools, when I come on Jmg I see the incredible and the impossible. Lol Met big up you self. :peluk :2thumbup :2thumbup

    1. :peluk funny enough since late last year there have been a few postpartum mothers who have died in Jamaica…something is going on

      1. The doctors are not doing follow up with the mothers and dome mothers don’t turn up for their followup after giving birth. This going Lady died because of reaction to the birth control and possibly the mixture given by the obeah man made it worse

      2. I strongly feel so too Met, both mothers and babies. Some form of investigation needs to be done. Answers need to be giveing, cause ppl curious!
        Dem up top just down right stupid fi carry the girl to obeah man. yuh see believe kill and believe cure, as somn duh some a dem ppl yah dem say a ppl a duh dem somn. Dem need fi repent and seek jesus, and guh pray!

  5. My question is : Is anything to much to ask of Christ? Is he not the Alpha and Omega? Is he not able to cure the sick? Bwoy some people just have to learn the hard way. Why send her to an obeah man and not a pastor or a person of God who can Heal/Pray for her?
    Ephesians 6 states 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.
    14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place,
    People People People when will they learn? Poor girl and she so young at that

  6. This is so unfortunate, my heart goes out the deceased family, but mi cant believe seh inna this day and age, ppl still have belief and confidence inna obeah man. As Bam seh maybe she just had an allergic reaction to the family planning injection, alot of woman experiences this, it causes heavy bleeding, swelling, or have an adverse effect on the heart, and many other ailments, but because of the poor state of our health system they did not do the requisite checks/test and properly diagnose this woman. As the article states, the doctors couldnt find out whats wrong with her; mi hope a never dung a KPH dem carry d lady guh eh nuh, cuz dem slack dung desso so till, tru d free health care thing, and dem have an influx of ppl utilizing this system dem nah follow protocol and spend the quality time fi administer proper care to ppl. If yuh in desperate need of assistance and guh dung deh, dem a chat bout guh to nearest health centre, not even a prescription after dem have yuh dung deh a wait fi hours. A friend of mine fainted, and ws rushed to KPH because she had just given birth and had a history of low blood pressure, her pressure was so low not even the machine could pick up a reading, and d doctor was please to tell d woman seh, a mussi just wake up she just wake up, a that cause d dizziness so she must guh home guh drink some sweet sugar and water…….. from I birth out a my mother womb mi never hear a doctor a tell a patient suh yet!!!! the same night she collapsed and this time was rushed to UWI hospital where they discovered that she got a minor stroke. I dont know where medical help was sought for that young lady but maybe if she was properly dagnosed, then she would have received the necessary help to save her life. My condolences to her family.

  7. Sorry to hear, my condolences but please. c’mon now Obeah? not at all. could be other underlying issues prior to the injection and then coupled with the injection she just had an adverse reaction.

  8. I had blood clots while pregnant and its brought on by hormone levels, after having the baby I was to take the same blood thinners for 6 months, dem love obeah too damn much.

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