1. They absolutely did not say that

    They specifically said sports legend & free bird

    Don’t put words in observer mouth MET

  2. Maybe she’s trying to convince the people she’s a lawyer or in the legal profession so she don’t look like just another groupie against all the other women pictured because they have professional careers.

  3. Why dem nuh put unemployed!!! Cuz we all know Kasi nuh wik nuh wey and don’t have no ambition beyond being Usain door mat

    1. Is Kasi telling the lie or is the Observer lying for her to make her look good?
      The Jamaican media are trying to portray them as Barack and Michelle because the Observer is not the only page deleting comments from people who talk about Usain’s cheating or comment against Kasi. Skkanme and Tropix are deleting comments too.

  4. Check her Instagram page… she is managing director for elevate marketing house and founder for project kase. So kasi u not a legal eagle anymore ? Why u never tell observer say u not an attorney? Damn poppy show

  5. Mi go goolge beenie man woman.. What a smart gal.. She a get the tings dem and gwaan like she nah get nothing. She say student loan paid off. And new 2016 audi paid off. All by herself.. We know it is a lie a nuh you alone pay it off. We know beenie love audi, bennie man I am so proud that you have came to your senses and find the courage to leave Dangel alone.. Dat girl I don’t know her personally but she look easy going and simple.. Mi neva think you could get over Dangel but you did. Angel a work so hard and this little young girl just layed back a get the tingggsss dem dwl.. Met beenie divorce like hot patty? No sah you husband slippery like wet road..

  6. Bwoy Beenie man eva a get tie wid him belly. Bounty say a mutton D’angel use and Carlene did use stew peas. Now u see him with the host of “Nyammings” unnu nuh see supn inna supn.

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