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October 17, 2013

State Police and DEA Take Down International Drug Ring in “Operation Next Day Air”

West Trenton, N.J. – The New Jersey State Police Crime Suppression South Unit and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) arrested nine people in connection with an international drug ring that was based in Jamaica and operated in New Jersey and California, supplying drugs across the United States. Members of this international drug trafficking organization and its leader, Andrew Davis, have been arrested and the organization dismantled by this multi-agency coordinated effort.

The investigation, dubbed “Operation Next Day Air,” began in March of 2011 and targeted the shipment of large quantities of cocaine through public delivery services. The joint investigation focused on the alleged drug distribution operation of Andrew Davis, 34, of Kingston, Jamaica. The US Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force arrested Davis in Los Angeles, California on Monday, September 16, 2013. He was extradited to New Jersey on Tuesday, October 8. Davis allegedly directed his organization’s drug operations from various locations in Jamaica, California, and New Jersey. He is also a well-known Jamaican dancehall artist who goes by the name “Flippa Mafia.”

Investigators determined that after Andrew Davis returned to Jamaica in 2012, Andrew Davis’ brother, Kemar Davis, 22, of Hollywood, California took over the transcontinental shipping operation and sent large quantities of drugs from California to New Jersey, in close consultation with Andrew Davis and Marsha Bernard, 28 of Cherry Hill. Once the drugs arrived in New Jersey, Marsha Bernard, and others, received the shipments of cocaine for further distribution to other drug traffickers throughout New Jersey. Bernard, under the direction of the Davis brothers, primarily dealt with the customers, most of whom purchased kilogram quantities from the Davis Organization, and collected the money from the buyers. Bernard would then handle the drug proceeds as they were sent back to Andrew Davis in Jamaica and to Kemar Davis in California.

The investigation began in March of 2011, when detectives and agents from the Camden High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force along with the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office seized two packages from a mail facility in Marlton, New Jersey, allegedly destined for Andrew Davis and Marsha Bernard. Each package contained four kilograms of cocaine.

In a coordinated effort between the New Jersey State Police and the DEA, over the course of this investigation, detectives documented meetings involving the transfer of multiple kilograms of cocaine among Shelly Ann Brown, 34, of Trenton, Marsha Bernard, Sidonie McLeod, 28, of Cherry Hill, and James McBride, 40.

On March 11, 2013 Angel Rivera, 35, and Juan Cortez 41, both of Vineland, were arrested after investigators observed Marsha Bernard deliver a package containing approximately one kilogram of cocaine to them in Cherry Hill, which they thereafter secreted in a hidden compartment in Rivera’s vehicle. A stolen handgun was later recovered from Rivera’s residence.

On March 15, 2013 State Police detectives and DEA agents coordinated the initial arrests in Operation Next Day Air as a significant shipment of cocaine arrived from California. The execution of multiple search and arrest warrants in Cherry Hill and Mt. Laurel resulted in the arrests of Marsha Bernard, Shelly Ann Brown, Sidonie McLeod, and James McBride, all in connection with an additional three kilograms of cocaine seized immediately following its distribution by McLeod to McBride. That same day, DEA agents arrested Kemar Davis in Los Angeles, California. Hioka Myrie, 33, of Philadelphia, subsequently turned herself in to detectives on May 14, 2013.

In total, detectives recovered more than 26 kilograms of cocaine, worth approximately $780,000, two handguns, and more than $600,000 in cash. Although significant seizures on their own, this investigation has revealed that these seizures are but a small percentage of the total amount of cocaine brought into New Jersey by Andrew Davis’ drug trafficking organization. The case will be prosecuted by the Division of Criminal Justice under the Office of the Attorney General.

“These international cocaine traffickers were using major parcel shippers to put their poison on the streets of New Jersey, where it fueled all of the secondary crimes and violence that are inextricably linked to drug dealing,” said New Jersey Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman. “With this outstanding multi-agency investigation, we have ‘stopped shipment’ on this drug syndicate and made our communities safer.”

“This investigation gradually uncovered a complicated puzzle of money and drugs, and locked up the people responsible for injecting large drug shipments into our communities,” said Colonel Rick Fuentes, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. “I want to commend all of the law enforcement agencies involved for their ability to stop this intricate drug network that threatened the quality of life for the citizens of New Jersey.”

“Law Enforcement at all levels have joined forces to assist in the dismantling of this drug trafficking organization,” said Carl J. Kotowski, Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration, New Jersey Division. “It is this continued cooperation that led to these drug traffickers being taken off the street.”

The agencies that participated in Operation Next Day Air are:

New Jersey State Police
Drug Enforcement Administration
United States Marshal’s Service
United States Postal Inspection Service
Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office
Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office
Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office
Cherry Hill Police Department
Los Angeles Police Department
Division of Criminal Justice

Below is a list of those arrested during the operation. Each was lodged in the Camden County Jail:
Bail Charges

Andrew Davis, 34
Kingston, Jamaica $500k Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network
Distribution of Cocaine
Money Laundering

Kemar Davis, 22
Hollywood, CA $500k Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network
Distribution of Cocaine
Money Laundering

Marsha Bernard, 28
Cherry Hill $500k Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network
Distribution of Cocaine
Money Laundering

James McBride, 40
Mt. Laurel $400k Distribution of Cocaine
Money Laundering

Angel Rivera, 35
Vineland $350k Possession with Intent to Distribute

Juan Cortez, 41
Vineland $350k Possession with Intent to Distribute

Shelly Ann Brown, 34
Trenton $250k Distribution of Cocaine

Sidonie McLeod, 28
Cherry Hill $250k Distribution of Cocaine

Hioka Myrie, 33
Philadelphia ROR Conspiracy

Charges are mere accusations. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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      1. When you a deal coke there is no lyrics to sing but a funeral song. Wid weed you may chirp but wid coke there is NO SINGING.

  2. Met it more than serious. All weh lef a di Lifetime movie fi mek. Who is going to take care of the kids? This is so sad. Nah pass no judgment but you gotta know when to quit the game. Difference between hungry and greedy. Jah go wid dem.

          1. Ah dat mi dawta tells mi everyday cause all she nuh tap laugh aafa mi day in/ day out lol… YES QUENA MI SI YUH :nerd… Let us all laugh together and stop the back n’ forth bickering…agreed?? Ok, good! :thanks2

  3. jah know me not go lie me feel it fe flippa im gawn with im antic but this sticky pon im why im come back hear for

  4. But how come dem big big investigators yah cyaa get Hioka ting right. One news source say she a 35 one say she a 33. A wha really a gwan offa deh so? Jersey ago nyam dem food like warf dog.

    1. @Glammity…I feel the same way. How and why was she released on ROR for conspiracy? I wonder if she got held before and became the mole.
      Good Evening Metttyyyy

      1. You being in association wid flippa could easily fall into that. There’s proof that she a him woman and she was present in Jamaica when he wasn’t in the US. It’s easy to associate her with conspiracy by association.

        She may have even brought him money and clothes when she went to Jamaica and all have her name on Western Union slips or she was a middle person in verbal transactions…easy fi catch a conspiracy charge all if you have an attitude and withholding information.

      2. A man known fi a fling money out a bag, wear expensive clothes and no form a legal enterprise inna him name along…don’t need a mole.

        Glad his ass got busted. ANY harm to my country is harm to me.

  5. hmmm, yes this is what flossing bring. Mi caan rejoice in people downfall but every action have a reaction, there is consequences for everything. All di street pharmacists need to take note- know when to hold them, fold them, walk away or run! Red bottoms and champagne are now a thing of the past smh…

  6. good nite met and jmg now me knw why masha always look stress out and worry in the party she always worry the feds or police maybe closing in

      1. because she did know she aguh get catch she just didnt know it would be so soon. They probably had a plan map out fi run weh where the sun sets and never got caught but she was so much involved in it, i guess she finally feeling the wrath but all i know is they were heavy not no play play money.

    1. no but if u a di boss u back supposed to broad because a two lane..death or jail..she mus did prepare so y di tears? Im so mad she did involved ina dis greedy garbage smh

          1. Greedy gal dat man wid no damn ounce of values. How the f!ck she and the ooman yuh babyfada a f!ck and breed end up in a jail?

          2. idiot demmmmmmmmm clown dem bout she a send down money to flippa..a straight a gambling house him did go.but i believe he came up to face his charges .him neva come fi work

          3. And that is what I’ve always wondered with these hustlers…why would you involve your ooman in a dem tingz deh??? Dem deh kinda dealings cyaaaahhhh come nuh weh near my home, my kids nor me…this is a prime example of ( NEVER mix business with pleasure)..

      1. She is lucky that it was the police that came knocking at the door. I know one chick that got shot five times, played dead and lived when the robbers showed up at her apartment. for the drugs and money. They think this business is child’s play?

        The interesting part is where they said she was observed delivering 1 Kilo to the spanish dude. Hmmm…She is one brave soul. I brethren of mine and went to deliver the stuff and the the boys shot him dead inside the apartment complex in broad daylight and took the stuff without paying a dime. Marsha was playing in a big man’s game and these fools seemed quite inexperience to me. They are lucky they are alive today. Prison is the best thing that could happen to them.

          1. Metty, Marsha reminds me of the Columbian boss lady, Griselda Blanco…she was nutten to be played with ( Cocaine Clwboys)

      2. Fi true met…anybody who get dem self inna illegal activity should be prepared for the worst just in case dem get caught …dem hav fi grow a thick skin

          1. She should be somewhere far away enjoying the fruits of Flippa’s labor instead of being involved. Take a page out of the Mavis’s book, wives are not involved. And there are men selling from where dem live with wife/woman and kids. I’m sorry for the kids, no mommy and daddy. Sidoney baby must be asking when is mommy coming home.

  7. Damn flippa look stress! No wata, no champagne,no bills to make it rain??!! I hope dem sen him home quick, jail is no place for flossing……

    1. Forget to sign in:

      When Marsha di get lock up flip pander a yaad partying an a floss all of di vanity accquired from di drugs money an act like him kno Marsha when him an di head of di drug ring

    1. look it not every thing the news put out go so ,, mi nuh rate him fi get him baby mother inna this ,,, and some time you hear the DEA talk yuh affi wonder if a u if a the right case all the best ppl!

  8. thats y when mi see ppl wit dem tings mi eye dont red fi it.from i born mi neva see dem send nobody go prison bcuz dem too hardworking.i dnt have no pity for them only the kids that have to suffer bcuz of their parents stupidity.sidonie did have her job a ja so she neva in no need more than nobody but bcuz dem live above them means this reach har .hioka wasnt she the 1 who came to jamaica since yr come party wit flippa when u have man an u see dem a do f**k*ry u mustnt fraid fi leave dem bcuz it no worth ur kids live or ur freedom.

    1. :shakehand2 ain’t noting wrong with hard work! All this greed jus fi go dance /Jamaica go floss pan dem dancehall pears.

      1. ________________________________________________________________ yuh bad enuh Met!

        (Simplicity soon sign in)

  9. Wow and king pin status at that for the top 3, i don’t think you get deported soon with that……looks like double digit sentence. good to see Hokey was released on ROR, she stands to make out for the better especially being she turned her self in!

  10. I am so embarrassed for this man. He not gunna see another ace of spades bottle for another 20 odd yrs. btw is dat his woman marsha dem have up deh?

  11. All this Feds write up come een like a Seen from breaking bad.

    met, some people was saying the other day on here that Marsha get bail, a true?

  12. NJ get excited over things like dis. Suh they are having a field day. Won’t be surprised if this makes it to fugitive task force for Flippa.That’s Governor Christie’s state oooooo suh unless dem give up other people the sentencing will be in the double digits. Buju got 8 years and that’s Florida, so can you imagine how much they are facing. And the Hispanics may turn state witness. It sticky bad.

  13. is hioka breeding or is she not??? because i saw her ass in jamaica drinking with flippa so is a rumor or what????? im very confused with what she is about because i mean if u breedin the man lock up u pikny fatherless and u r now money less if u even did a get no money anyways cuz doesnt seem like it to me… just hype n show u face wid flip thats all so i want to hear her side what she 4?

  14. met this one look like a serious thing this time pon dozer a us marshall go fe im it looks sticky. the way how me a pre this thing it look like flipa baby mother who get

  15. mi say met last yr when di dolphin made is arrival on d island in him red bottoms he made an attempt fi lure mi but through from i come pon dis earth mi see mi parents a work i jus stay wide bcuz nothing weh mi see dem wit nuh strike mi eye.dis is a lesson to all d dh ppl dem mi say mi neva see police a lock up nobody bcuz dem too hard to d woman dem weh a mix wit dem it no worth it.if u kno him bfore him start do that kinda bizness trust an believe that is not the same man that weh u did meet.tek weh urself.Met is long time him and sidonie in a bizness ohhh who remember the last party weh sidonie did have a ja who was there showering her in champagne.mi say mi wi clean street or go clean toilet bcuz mi caan manage jail.

  16. The only victims in this situation are the innocent children who didn’t choose them parents. And they need to go to a Jamaican consulate and get a copy of Marsha birth certificate cause she not 28

    1. Marsha people need fi deliver that when ICE decide fi send her home…consulate we finalize clearance for “return to sender”….lol Maybe in the next life time.

      I don’t see dem 3 de going anywhere for a long time.


    1. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!________________________________________ Onu ALWAYS A LOOK SOMEBODY FI BLAME. DE NIGGA WAS BEING WATCHED!

      You REALLY THINK the Drug Enforcement Agency don’t do due diligence? Stop trying to paint bullseye pon de B. This was a JOINT operation and not only de feds/DEA/Marshalls and local police jurisdiction…the ROR granted by which ever local she turn har self into.

  18. You see though Marsha get the shitty end of the stick because when flippa run go Jamaican he saw it coming and lef Marsha Ina the dirty waters.. Marsha is no Griggs boss she do what flippa tell har fi do.. I’m not sorry for her at all.. None a dem mi nuh sorry fa.. A years dem a do it..

    1. De way it look SHE was NEVER going to miss a charge. She was 3rd in de ranks and can all get more time dan flippa cause she de yah a facilitate things and laudering money as well.

  19. Me say if this yah no go right with proper representation kemar, flippa and marsha could get life. oh what a stress and ano me. me feel it fi dem rasta

  20. All now me cah believe Iwhorka was also a transporterrrrrrr.
    She neva even have a good bed inna har room and seh she a Flipp a Wah???
    Who teck ppl man fi only be a transporter and baby carrier no sah.. Dem seh woman tunn fool afta dark and Iwhorka prove dem right. YOu notice how Marsha always humble afta each war wid har.. Cause Flippa tell Marsha seh she a add to them retirement funds. lmao

    Mi juss a wonda why di story a buss out ina di media now when dem get suck off long time. something more is brewing. hmmmmm :ngacir2 :berduka

    1. hioka did hav a tan bedroom set a weh yu deh…..dem did run cum yah seh matey get bedroom set n bare tings n tings :hammer

  21. @yeppi…no u can’t compare Marsha to Griselda Blanco Marsha is like a restaurant bus boy in the drugs business….Griselda was the head of the cartel, she order hits, down to the baby one breast! Marsha’s short stint as drug runner did not reach that stage.

    1. Ok, but for some reason, Marsha brought her to mind…and is it just me or does Flippa’s nose resemble that of Two Can Sam on the Kellogg’s Froot Loop Cereal box?? :bingung

  22. Dolphin dem a guh waa back di Porsche crash are not….guh si how yuh fowl up now a shake yuh head an a seh if yuh did know lol

  23. And people stand everyday inna dance and a celebrate blood money. Lock up dem rass. society don’t need this. We can’t celebrate dese tings and then we own children grow up and buck up inna the poison that they distribute. Half a dem whe pose wid dem frighten unexposed Neva see come see ca read self, sell poison or benefit from the proceeds of poison and that is not ok, even if is we fren dem.

    1. I wonder how much involvement dat rat had in crimes in Jamaica along wid de guns him help fi contribute to the crime wave we been having?

      :2thumbup BIG UP whomever inform on his ass! although him help…lol.

      “Show off bring disgrace” ALL THE TIME! :alay


  24. @too much;totally agree wit you blud money fi true,it is what it is ,lock up dem rass yes!!! an throw away the key. All my sorry’s fi all ah deh poor children dem,fi dem legacy deh pan youtube an facebook smdh. Always a cliche but from mi bawn mi mummah always drill me seh “all dat glitters is not gold” ah so u see it . For all shine eye sorry ass fools out there who cant wait fi tek up where flippa an im dutty bungle left ah de same red bottoms ah go kick yuh bloodclaaat.

  25. Met, you got this one GOOD! Betta dan de snatch wig news.

    Me poor people see how onu put this rat pon pedestal and all a cheer on him money flinging antics? Me heart cry fi all who bowed to him. Onu fi nu mek people things, shoes and car frighten onu eye and heart.

    That said….flippa nah fi worry bout man problems a prison…ugly little fellow and ongle shelly look decent. BTW…I thought Hioka was indian mix??? boi dem weave and dancehall pictures play tricks on the eyes.

  26. Met I feel away me only know filppa while watching tv, and Marsha seems very humble, I feel it for their children! a when marsha a go come out? met dem say him get 25 to life.. flippa too hype him should a just stay a Jamaica wid the little weh him have and go flip it.

  27. I hope fillpa just tek the blame fi marsha fi all she go thru with him.. and mek she go tek care of his children dem

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