Apple nuh stop Mek talk seh Robbas ah sweat her. Every ting she see Apple do she run back ah follow! All at Damion party Apple tell ppl she avoid tek picture wid Bobbette cause she tired of her stalking her style. Nuttin more for Bobbette do now but move ah Bronx cause every ting else she done follow
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  1. Sad but true! This the same exact outfit she wear at Daffy all blk now bobbette come wear it. Not the only outfit she copy off rotten Apple neither. I feel she’s obsessed

  2. Apple stop hang or tek picture wid her fr lately dats why Bobbette start walk wid Yankee Michelle hard. Dem tired of her cause all she do is force up herself fi look hype and copy dem style not one fren she have that she know over 2yrs she walk an beg fren too much

  3. I hope she notice the shade fr Damion party the other nite cause everybody notice it. She needs to stop be follow fashion and be herself. U don’t know these girls fr no where so stop push up to fren dem. Go push up pon Tricia and other Rush girls u grew up with at least ah dem fi chat u not Apple who u don’t know fr no where. She needs a real fren fi hold ah meds wit her to tell her the truth

  4. Happle, happle, happle..what style..u young girls so hype over nothing..what style..me never See u pan the cover of any fashion magazine..a so if the girl want to emulate u..u are all of the same class, do the same shit and tell the same liard stories..bye

  5. Now she wanna put up pic with the gal 3days lata dwrcl Apple stop try cover up the truth cause u woulda been post di pics u just put up on Instagram with her longtime jus tru the story bust u run go put up pics with Bobbette u luddy. Robbas stop give di gal gift cards cause all she ah do is use u and chat u wit her Bx ppl dem

  6. I peep that the other day. Robbas do copy Apple even down to the trips she and Jay take, it sad……. Apple post pics of her house the other day then Robbas come post pics of hers. :malu2

  7. When will BOBBETTE get it that these chicks don’t like her? :bingung :bingung at least you were better off with tricia. Stop trying to be others and be yourself which is “horse face ugly Bobbette ” :ngakak :batabig :ngakak so sad!! be a leader and stop following and imitating f**kery

  8. Apple always look cheap even if she have on a expensive outfit apple have that cheap look and r skin ugly baddddd why should anyone want to look like apple smh dum ass bitches

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