Met the person who send in pelpa and his babymother that’s all bullshit the picture they send in was dainty sister people need to stop they bullshit and get a life, my girl who send in that u want pelpa


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103 thoughts on “OH MY…………………PELPA PART 3

  1. MORNING MET&METTERS, BWOY MET THE WOK HAVE MI AWEY, CANT GET FI VISIT LIKE I WANT TO ANYMORE, but anyway who ARE these ppl, and wat is their claim 2 the WALL?. so from wat i gather pelpa whom ever he is, baby madda a old foot, and him side a young gyal, can some1 come just give me the short up story pls, me kinda sloooow…..me off 2day and have all day fi play catch up……

    1. morning..dem claim go way back..when flippa mek him first appearance outa state after being locked up a fi dem baby shower him did guh :nerd

  2. Dainty u shoulda name Dummy gwaan meck him fool u, u no see say every second person say him disown you n how this person know him personal business so cho gwaan ignorance is bliss

    1. He is not fooling Dainty, she is looking to fool the world and save face. She is denying catching him with the young lady as she mentioned above under her post. What lengths people go…….Dainty honey I want to believe your young man didn’t do this to you, please ‘splain the text messages too

      Buenos Dias Metty Y Cucarachas.

      1. LOLLLLLLL YESSSSSSSSS GAWDDDDDDDD mi nah go inna it today enuh but a nuff morning mi see she hail the ppl dem so but true mi no speaky Spanish it didn’t even move me. Lmaooooooo Obara morning plsss ease her up she know not wat she done lol

        1. Mi se to rass,h I put it in Bing translate and it meant cockroaches?, a mi Chuet? or mi a si wrong cause she couldn’t mean that a rass, kmt continue reading

      2. @quena spanish ppl& cocroches go hand in hand..
        Where they r(spanish) roches r always there..& dnt
        4get unno(spanish) breed every 5sec like roches#runtelldatbitch.

      3. :cd: lawd I had to let out a big dutty laff quena calling the bloggers cockroaches
        :hammer bway quena love give herself trouble

  3. Come on u or who ever, u just a respond to what was posted .look how long the young gyal talk the tings them and dun unuh. The gyal talk the truth so try again bout happier than ever.

  4. Quena yuh really outta awda, how yuh mean fi ah style the bloggers as cock roaches….yuh stink nuh baxide!!!

    dem people yah ah romp wid yuh, and Met very patient!!!

    1. Good LORD CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK @OBARA……It is in Jest, whomever that does not consider themselves as a CUCARACHA, OVERLOOK MY SALUTATIONS PLEASE!!!!!!! I MEAN NO DISCORD I have been peeping the past few days and like in full Quena form I decided to come on with my usual bang thats all!

      Buenos Dias Obara Y Metters!!!!! Life is not as serious as we try to make it…blog on!

      1. If i neva mention cucaracha in that thread would you be making this comment today? Don’t get vex at the people. I are here.

        1. Me too pretty has I stated I didn’t even stop to think about it until now u notice I rarely verbally attack the bloggers I came here n saw because I just don’t think its right so mi deh ya too

    2. Me say ok quena iz back…let’s b nice and move forward…obara wen me read da comment me say nah man da b yah nah tek nuh teachins.
      Never hav I felt such disdain, than I feel for dis pretend mmystery” blogger.
      Met really av patients…dats y ME tell r wey me tell R an me nah tek it back!!!!!!!

  5. I don’t know what to believe because people really can fake a page and set up them phone fi look like them a get message. At the same time look how much people come forward and ah seh ah nuff time pelpa dash out message inna dem inbox pon facebook and always denying his babaymother…. Too much story and possibilities between this story and the one weh senda send in. Weather this whole Pelpa saga is true or not….. The story line tun up!!!! lol

      1. Same thing mi pick up pon.. Why the convo’s don;t have any date… But then again Metty.. We really don’t know.. Im not ruling anything out because woman and man bad ah like!

        You know us women can turn into FBI… CIA… Photoshop Queen… Private Eye… F**k wid us and we shall be all of the above. So maybe the yong girl really hurt or all of this is true. I’ll tell you one thing, if that likkle dry eye girl mek the whooooooooole ting up.. Mi gi har nuff ratings cause that take tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

        1. BBC if she mek up dat den may her path be slippery…mi wudda haffi see har walking and ask for God fi tek mi because she would be a liar ina singular category..dat wudden normal

  6. Rite bck@yah!!!!
    Queen of all cockroaches…..facety an brite.
    U c dat met, u ain’t a cockroach too….FOH! :bola :bola

    Jmg, jmg crew, bloggers, peepers an all…dunn r again!!!! Work. Ah call me! :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown

  7. Dwl dem tek people fi ediat like them. There is only one Sean Ambitious Pelpa on FB when you search so the fake profile story is BS!!

  8. Include met doa exclude r!!!!! We ah cockroach she ah cockroach too!!!!!!!!
    Betta u nuh bl**d cl**t say nuttin.

  9. Give you a break???,,,Quena de man come hype yuh de odda day an mek yuh tink mi ah tek set pon yuh!!!…go read over all mi comments dem to you, mi never rude to yuh yet, mi nuh rude to people!!!…I AM A VERY LOVING PERSON, BUT LOOK PON YUH COMMENT!!…SO MET AH HUMAN BEING AN DE BLOGGERS DEM AH COCK ROACH!!…This was no way in jest, dis ah yuh M/O….AH MORE DAN ONE TIME YUH DWEET!!..yuh full ah hate an spite and love drop wud, and when people ansa yuh yuh sey ah joke!!….YOUR COMMENT WAS VERY DISRESPECTFUL THIS MORNING, roach ah good name???? Anytime an argument happen on here with you and anyone, yuh go missing an come back ah class people!!!

    If de duttie smaddy hype yuh up de odda day, plz hype down, mi neva dis yuh yet, AND YOU DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN!!!…..Quena yuh fi stop!!

    1. Morning everyone, obara well said!!!!!!!!!!!, me just love when you post and put up knowledge fe all learn, especially that post the other day about race :kiss

      For respect to Metty and others that come here just to read, learn and have fun, I will do as my Husband says and Nah toe to toe you today…….MY APOLOGIES TO ANYONE THAT WAS OFFENDED BY MY SALUTATIONS!!!! Anyone that has been on your daily knows the day after or days after a disagreement with someone here I come on and say my salutations in this manner but continuing a thing does not make it right so again ANY OFFENDED BLOGGERS, I APOLOGIZE!!!

      1. P.S.S. @Obara…….nobody hype’s Quena, I am hyped off of my own!!! 🙂 If you noticed when he came on I tried to make light of things because to me we (you and I) had no problem, just discussion. I just wanna blog today Sistren, no war!

      2. GM Quena, I personally would like to say to you that had I been less intelligent I would think that this apology is true, however, it is clear as mud that it is filled with cynicism and disrespect, who do you know in their right mind would like to be saluted as a “cockroach”? Your tone is filled with subtle sarcasm and to me sumtime mi si dem a dun yuh pan yah an mi jus smh, d oda day Obara spoke her mind and moved on an mi nuh si she disrespect u, u mus do better, ppl anuh eediat

    3. GM Ms Metters and the good good up Metters. Nah look Nah look again mi Nah look :maho
      Obara we are a family here even though we are dysfunctional at times, but none the less we a JMG family. Suh if yuh diss one yuh diss all. Thanks for pointing out what some of us overlooked and again mi nah look pan some a dem :alay :maho

      Dainty honey boo yuh man is phucking behind yuh back and he will say anything to stay on your payroll. Ms Chanel sucking puxxy is the norm now fi every man choo, but yuh must also talk up sey yuh suck him koki also. Causen sey if yuh anuh him woman and him suck your puxxy the first time unu phuck, yuh also suck him koki. Mi notice how you left out that part

  10. Bwoyyyyyyyyyy dis sticky bad! Gal mek fake FB page AND fake iphone text message?????????? All to discredit & blackmail you??????? Ah HOW MUCH money him have so fi mek gal go thru dem lengths here to ‘black mail’ you????

  11. Met I don’t believe Di gyal mi a Sean use talk few years ago Unessly off the back him mek it clear him have him woman which wasn’t even him bm yet but it was that same pretty dainty girl met mi a 34 now mi live a jamaica Sean a the first and only likkle bwoy mi ever sleep wid at the time him was 20 or 21 mi Naw pick up fi him trust mi him a history but him cool to me.Sean is a person like this him young but have a grown man mentally most of the times to me him have flex and bwoy full chat mouth sweet like sugar him very intelligent also bwoy get A+ inna the bed room so any gyal will fall fi him if yuh nuh strong mi a assume sey him might f**k her or something she see the flex and want him fi herself I don’t know the story but the Sean I meet was kool ppl

    1. someone sent me a different set a message whey pelpa send a different girl…on his facebook he has SINGLE so even if him claim him nah deny him woman why does he have single on his facebook if him se she and she se him?

  12. I read nowhere that they are blaming dainty sister… The sender said the person that sent in the story used dainty sister pic.. Dem Neva even a dainty sister that.. Dem send in fake story, them finda pic with pelpa and any girl. But it bbackfire cause d sender Neva know ah dainty sister that..

  13. Mawnin chuety, mi did haffi sey supen, it happen too often, and dats not nice, if she quarrel wid people on here, things happen, look how much people on here, yuh aguh call people cock roach??…she sey if smaddy tink sey dem ah roach dem ah dem she ah tawk, who really would consider dem self roach?, she made a blanket statement and that is just not nice…mi nah follow it up, caws I am not quarrelsome but mi sey wha mi fi set already an mi done!!

    1. I agree Obara. First time I saw her use the term it reminded me of the song “La Cucaracha” and I said to myself “isn’t that cockroach” but I just read and let it past

  14. Woiiiiieeeeeeeeeee some gal wud go any lengths fi keep a man. Dis real serious Danity fi seh it nah go suh and it go suh!!!!!!!!!!!! :matabelo No man mi haffi ride out pon dis yah :tkp

  15. Met the pussy a sey all the phone text and the MSG is all fake smfh , suck pussy clean up n swallow long tongue boy you can’t come convince know one on here with your flipping Lies, your brain is way too small for that , the old women that you with you is her last stop because know man in them right mine is not going to take her up and wife are up at 40 and with 5kids so a shame you a try take out you and are eye so stop your bullshit and go take a seat talking about fake page pussy you are
    Iike a Bitch with a long tongue love cuscus like a pussy you have under your foot

  16. Met I don’t think Pelpa ave nuh apartment a philly I think they ave a house together met u nuh member the girl sey she was at him apartment and dainty come in and she brat dainty I don’t believe the gyal story Naw add up

  17. Pelpa and nothing about you is not Dainty the damage is already done , you go and drink and think hard about this one here to come and TRY and convince us about the previous blog is a lie , pussy more than one girl come here and talk the thing them so go and truck off because you walk and Suck Pussy and eat out gal batty like DOG.

  18. Morning Met n Metters, mi ignorant fi Dainty n mi don’t know har ,next thing, Quena needs to stop cause she well n know what she doing n it’s not cute, ah long time mi see but this morning never call for.

  19. @no sah bless up yuh self, you will meet me one day, I am sure…@quens yuh nuh haffi p s s me, caws action speak louder than words I myself do not have a problem with anyone here, I am here because JMG is nice, I enjoy it and to be honest mi love de bloggers dem not to menshan Met…we all have difference of opinions at time yes, but dat don’t mean we cannot move on, but fi ah call everybody a disgusting insect, no man ooman yuh rudeeeee..badly…mi tek offense caws dese people nuh dis yuh YET!!…MI NUH SI WHEY NO BLOGGER DIS YUH WICKED YET, DEM MAY CUSS BUT YUH NUH GET NO WIKID DIS, JAMAICANS PERFECT DE ART OF WICKED DIS, CHRUSS ME!!…WHEN YUH GET DIS PON HERE YOU WILL KNOW, an ah respek dem have fi Met and de site mek dem ah cool…yuh aplolgise, an I hope you mean it aldoe I sincerely doubt it…HAVE A GOOD DAY QUENA, ONE LOVE AND PEACE TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!

  20. Leave Quena to her narcissism. She isn’t the first non Jamaican/Jamaican background female to get a hype offa being with a Jamaican and having a couple pieces of jerk chicken. She rates herself too much (out of control ego) to be coming on a Jamaican Blog and being so dry yeye! Don’t know about you, but it’s the damn near Southern Belle wide eyed astonishment that cheeses me off anytime she gets called out for her chupidness. For all the Jamaican she claims to be familiar with, she never seems to pick up nuh rake. The insight she has on some of these dancehall peggies that are prevelant on this blog is starting to be outweighed by her faux naivete. I hope a suh shi do up har Panish people dem when har mind lose its discipline (as it seems to often do when she visits this blog). Quena , nuh badda wid di show off ting, its tiring and disingenuous!

    1. how are we even certain that she is indeed spanish? why would a PR or any other kind of spanish person know sooooo much about dabcehall from the 90’s come straight to 2013?????? i call BS on her identity. #IJS

      1. Please there are so many people from America and other country that love Jamaica and everything about Jamaica as we do. Forget the 90’s they can go back to the 70’s and 80’s. I love the fact that people love and appreciate our culture.

  21. Hold up wait a minute. Did Phelpa sey him and Dainty deh for 7 years now? Word is he is 23 years old. Suh dem dey from he was 16 (23-7). And she is 38 now, suh shi deh wid him from she was 31(38-7). Ok suh him was 16 and she was 31 when dem start talk? Suh shi tek him right outta di stroller wid breast milk still deh pan him breathe. Isn’t that RAPEEEE????? Maybe mi calculations dem off :nerd :bingung

    1. I overlooked that part, but in any case 16 is the consenting age in most states……I believe.
      He cannot be 23, can you believe being 16 and taking up a Woman with 3 children, wow!


    The insight she has on some of these dancehall peggies that are prevelant on this blog is starting to be outweighed by her faux naivete.

      1. @Quena you see how cockroaches hard fi say you rotten teeth them no hurt you when you a try say it?? Me really want to know

      2. Same thing me a seh too quena, I saw ur comment at the end and I have it the side eye , BUT CAN WE MOVE ON OBARA… Seems like u a the leader for the gang, pelpa ting we dealing with now … I picture u has some1 that always ready to jump down people throat… Quena wrong and move on… Or if u wanna add more get u quena wrong blog going.. Unnu can eat me up now :nerd :travel

  23. Pelpa you and dainty plan dah story yah good eeee no wonder why you did quite for so long. Met duty foot Pelpa LOOK ANYBODY Best Believe That so me not butting it pass him !



  25. Here we go again with the Puerto Rican ..
    Sheesh! I think she gets a thrill out of it!

    Y’all just look past it & her.

  26. Quena…..mi a read…u wrong. U first salutations fi di mawnin. Years mi den yah an anytime u greet u always she ..Metty and Mettters. Di ppl Dem have a right fi feel upset by it. You has a normal blogger come do dat…what should we expect from someone who as a problem with the site and the othe bloggers.. you wrong u wrong. If u still upset u could have just said Mawnin Met and ignore the other loyal bloggers. But u know what u doing carryon.

  27. There’s only one Sean ambitious pelpa pon Facebook so stop lie crack head Sean. Your busted juss admit you got caught red handed. Dainty tell ya man stay outta my inbox pon Facebook cause I’m not interested thanks in advance.

  28. Lawd Quena… How much time yuh ah go hear seh yuh did wrong? Since we are all speaking on the topic that really isn’t the topic.. As a regular blogger I really did not see any harm or malice in Quena’s GM post… Then again I did not read up on earlier post with others etc.

    She apologized (whether it was sincere or not, she could have said unnu fi go suck out whatsit not, but she gave an apology) my goodness! Can we give it a break now… I saw the post as playful.. Of course no one thinks of themselves as a roach but it was a word used among her daily Metters and I’ve seen it posted before I always thought that was her way of greeting everyone.

    I done talk! Blog on

  29. Morning Met, and the decent self respecting Bloggers, Quena a full time u guh look Panish site fi guh talk u trash and leave we alone, who but you on here is a roach, remember so a man think, so is he, so if you believe there is a roach here, while pointing your finger, look where the big finger is pointing, At yuh my girl, yuh need fi understand yuh self, cause yuh same clueless to where you are. I am a born Jamaican, and you up and ina every Jamaican business more than even we the real deal, trust me my girl don’t know, or do I care to know any of your kind, the only one I can say I am familiar with is Jennifer Lopez, yuh need fi guh tek a walk and disappear from wi sight. Me personally will not put up with u roach shit, you too f**king feisty and liberty taking, a u moscot Jamaican man a di roach.

  30. Gd met an mettaz! yuh know sey mi still like quena even doe shi talk bout di roach ting mi know sey di mettaz feel upset but life too short I cannot waste time to be upset because of words I dont think quena meant to hurt anybody feeling met dont like these things between har mettaz she like peace all of you guys are very funny nd smart I love JMG ah long time mi dey yah fram di birth of JMG big up yuh self met love always!

  31. @quena..your kind(spanish) & cockroaches goes hand in hand
    Where u c 1 di other is right behind..& dnt 4get unno breed every
    2sec just like roaches..#runtelldatbi#!h

  32. good day met,metters,peepers nd others

    a every bloodclaat other day unno plan fe cum pon dis wid unno bloodclaat phuckery…mi deh yah want a laff nd dis chead about tuh turn into if quena have jamiaca dirt grain inna har blood nd not only inna har pus-c from phuckings luk ere dont bloodclaat dweet luk frm wen Met tell unno cut unno bloodclaat yeye past de phuckery….sick a unno nd dis back nd fourth :marah :marah

  33. nd mi jus a c all de roach comment mi nuh knw if a de wan yuh deh wid discharge awf couple egg well inna yuh nd yuh feel hatchy but nuh cum yah wid …everybloodclaat other yuh start up yuh phuckery a wah really does yuh quena,y yuh lub de phuckery suh yuh ting a everybody ago keep dem finger bent tight nd not type yuh out..yuh fe build more time from wah day Met warn yuh nd yuh knw she nah guh BAN yuh but yah bloodclaat OD nung

    1. Awrite mi wi tek it fram yuh cuh yuh str88888888t up but yuh kno dead ass ah was just joke and my regeelah BS……meant no harm what so ever today yooooooooooo but since mi insense your peeps I will stop the extra ‘ish from today. I like it here and mi nah nowhere fi go so, real ting it will stop with me!

      1. nd yuh reply everytime is you will stop then by saturday nite into sundeh sex yuh start agen de lease yuh can duh a respeck weh de admin ask a yuh cuz she nuh ask much yuh deh yah too long nung fe de whole bloggerz dem boot yuh out

  34. Di first time dem have di Quena scuffle ova here…it miss me an by di time mi reach….di smoke did clear…..suh mi go address it one time an dunn. Quena…..put dis ina yuh bloodclaat pipe an smoke it……( I’m gonna assume you are a spic….even tho we know better) Di only Jamiacan weh frighten fi yuh….is yuh bloodclaat husband. Yuh is no betta dan di res a dem who deh wid drug dealer man. Dats what you are…A Hustlers’ Wife…..Yes ma’am. Jamaican man pick yuh up an yuh tink a special yuh special mek him walk pass him own an tek yuh up…don’t? Well…..yuh eva stop fi tink say a tru yuh licky licky an will do anyting fi him mek him deh wid yuh. Den di years pass an him feel obligated an turn yuh ina wife cause God forbid him get bite….yuh can hold him down while him do him time. Tings ina uuh name cause it easier dat way…Belly get ketch an him just decide fi call it a family. Di propertiessssss weh yuh claim unuu have….a jus fi hide weh di real money a come from. Yuh know every batty man, dancehall peggy, drug dealer and crook ina di dancehall community….yet you expect us to believe ur just an ordinary girl. Every bun yuh get is wid a Jamiacan girl….cause nuh matta weh dem deh an who dem deh wid…dem naw leff we out. No timeeeeeeee….I know ur kind Miss Quena. Him nuh maried yuh cause him see yuh an fall in love….him marry yuh cause is di ride or die who will do any a EVERY ting. Just goes to show how much you have to do to keep a J’can man….all we haffi do a just look pan dem an batt we eyes two time. See Quena…there is just something about us……Yes…us JAMAICAN WOMEN. Soooo….yuh can talk all yuh want but just memba say yuh can never be us NOOOOO DAY OR NIGHT. Notice mi neva ask yuh a ting….suh yuh nuh haffi come ansa cause a dun mi dun wid yuh. A brite yuh fukkin brite….but anyting hot mus coool.

    1. Rass_____________________________________________ I respect your creativity @ Cita yuh ah lang time blahga so no disrespect and really mi dunn war those days are over…….you got day pass because I put myself in a bad light coming back from already a dark corner…….lhow the arguement with me tho, I’m eager to get back to Pelpa and Dainty I really wanna know if she and him started when he was at 16!

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