Please tell Robbas say martini nuh drink outta wine glass. She so nuff an a gwaan like she is the Jones’….like she living the high life. But then again all she knows is bags, shoes and more bags. Sometimes dem flop dem own self an don’t even know it. If u go show off…..do it right cause what was the purpose of the damn picho.

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  1. Mi just give har 1 little stripe wid the Fantasia looking blue hair cause mi think it did look cute on her. Then she went and pulled this shit an mek me teck back mi good good stripe. Kmt. Robbas u nuh mek it. U can never be any of the Kardashians…….not even Rob. Kmt.

    1. True Cita, the blue hair is very cute on her..some people will say and do anything tuh prove ah point and they’re still not proving anything tuh anyone…oh well lol…

      1. Morning Yeppie :peluk True true. It fit her. But they never stop with the hyping andit just takes away from any little positive ppl have to say bout them. Kmt. Oh well. Lol.

  2. this is what happen when ppl act high class …but nah kno nuttin …..martinis are to be served in a martini glass not wine glass honey ….steuppssss….

  3. so why she drinking wine and calling it martini. I guess we suppose to be jealous since we don’t have a bartender Daphne to make us drinks

  4. I can’t stand this girl like the rest of uuno, but y’all every stop to wonder that she do things so y’all can put har up, met look into it wid mi NUh, and speak the truth, some of these shit dem sen in don’t need to be up here, everyday dem sen har in, why y’all think dem act like this, cause dem know ppl a guh talk, don’t put har for a month or two and see. Let’s just all pretend them and dem fren NUh exist. Wi know she ugly wi know she a scammer wi know she show off and we all know what happen to show off ppl, rite? She don’t want to show the wine glass she want to show th CC lamp, that’s on Alliexpress for about two bills

  5. This is why she’s gonna always thinks she’s the shit because every stupid thing she does y’all sent it in. Met if ever you limit posting things about her, she gonna feel like “wow, no ones talking about me?”. Stop call call up this bitch name because as it reach pink wall she call her friend den like ” lawd we gone up again!!”. This bitch is a nobody, stop hype this fool.

    1. Some people will say and do just about anything tuh be featured here on the pink wall…I have a guy friend who is ah *self proclaimed* rapper and he always says that people always ah dash him up pan di pink wall…yet still mi neva yet seem on here lol…

  6. you guys hate this girl so much. seems like some real jealously. I don’t know this girl; but her body looks way better than half of yall commenting. If she want bag and shoes how does that impact yall life. geezz…can someone live.

      1. Quena, yuh figet fi tell anon wha she fi siddung pan when she get ALLLLLLL the way to di back a di room :cool

  7. Did u just say her body look better than half of y’all who a comment???? Bitch bobby look like chicken without feather, what body u talking about, she’s not even slim thick, she just mawga and look like dry up thyme lmao. I told somebody the other day that she do breast and batty and dem say mi if stop tell lie Pon di girl. Bitch go sit down, u know what is body? Kmfbct

  8. damm how much did the brand pay u to have up dem logo in ur living room? smh……i feel like i am at the check out counter in the store….oh noooooooo idiots………

  9. Gwey who waan look like Bobby with har straight little girl shape like she nuh finish puberty yet.Bobby need some of my hips and thigh :kr Coca cola bottle shape ah it ah run di place :kr
    Yea she really feel important fi chue, she all running competition for who can post up on the pinkwall more she or Apple.

  10. Betta you did just make a Mimosa Bobby
    Yuh too nuff! That look nothing like an Apple Martini. Go learn the difference on glasses and utensils if you want to be about that life Honey :alay

  11. Oh god man, who eva send in the pic why u chop off the rest of what she say. She said she know daffy put it in a wine glass she well aware but she just a gwan enjoy di drink stillz. Mi nuh like di girl but some a unno too wicked! Dwl.

  12. @Goldrush, i love the way u speak fair…Im not a fan of the chick, juss as much as happle, but this is a BIT MUCH…WE AFFI AT LEAST TRY TO BE IMPARTIAL..LAWD MAN.

  13. All post are necessary for the wall.. caters to a wide spectrum of peepers, haters, laugh-seekers sad sally depress Debbie etc lol

  14. She did her bedroom ova and I still don’t care for it! I swear without Instagram Bobbette would drop dead cause this was nothin to post about. But when ppl nuh happy dem will try hard to convince ppl they are by posting everything

  15. @ anonymous 9:38 am DWFL!!!! So true this girl so ugly every time I see and hear about her it eels my nerves. Please stop sending in this HE/SHE thanks in advance. Lmao!!

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