Hey Met,

Them took this likkle innocent pic of Warren Wier and a Drag him thru the muck of social media.Most ppl a sey a good cuz remember when him hype pon him ex and style her up bout fat and now showoff bring Disgrace.Gwaan pedal your bicycle for now maybe in the near future yuh will bounce bk fi hype again.

8 thoughts on “OH WARREN -_-

  1. What happened to him and the lovely girl that he was dating during London 2012 olympics? I think she lived in his house and was a student. I remember reading their story and bursting with pride that he had such a lovely BLACK girlfriend.

  2. Him park her for a life of revelling in Bolt’s what lefs and pass round donkey girls.Warren have to wait his turn too becuz Chris martin,bolt’s manager and Bolt’s Brother sampling them girls before him.

  3. He deserves it, the way him did hype offa the likkle bronze oh silver wadever it was sumn did haffi humble him. Him done the girl tru she ask if him still do tracks, truth huuuuurts. Memba u woman seh she cya deh wid man if dem nuh have money suh u betta bukkle down.

  4. So what’s Weir decision? Is it that he’s put down Track and Field for good or its temporary due to getting an education?

  5. Don’t worry about the ex….she happily married with her nice husband, working and travelling every minute. I wonder is is me alone realise seh from Warren did dis her everything for him keep going down, that hype him di have jus fade weh, nowadays Mi see him a tek picture, travel and have party…that’s why you must treat people good.

    1. He won’t be the first man to dash weh his perfectly decent girl when fame comes along. After they have had their fill of groupies and hoes, they THEN reflect on whether the woman they are with or the woman pursuing them really love them or their money. When in reality, the woman that was around when they were eating dumpling and butter is the one that probably REALLY loved them. Silly Warren. Carry on chasing Bolt’s dead left gyal dem. He is rich and with all that money will be rich for the rest of his life. He can buy woman and love but what will have?

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