Dj Damion who a badmind you sir?? Like really wey U have Fi ppl badmind you over??? A Cyah the 8yrs rship yah talk bout cuz that deh rship a str8 f**ckry yuh apartment belly wife don’t even wear her ring Wey Canada cuz she Affi hide say she married Inna her parents house a only pon if she affi own up that!!! Wey U have Fi ppl bid mind U over Not one thing cause yuh still a wear the same set a clothes them from me meet you inna 2011 and now it’s 2015 and yuh have wife live a Canada dude do better stop use the lil money Wey no mannaz a send you from her lil pay check a McDonald’s and do fu**kry put it to good use and take care of yuh six kids cause me stay all the way a Canada and hear say you locking in that department yah hype up gal cuz yuh a get her things yuh is a lucky lucky boy cuz to how me hear say she diss up yuh baby Wey born wAh day and yuh baby mom affi do her up bad cuz yuh nuh do shit bout it you should a f**king shame!!! Thank god Fi dah black shirt deh Wey she inna cuz is her best f**king pic yet Wey a hide her belly Only reason why this fake of a rship lasted so long 1) her parents don’t know what’s going on 2) she don’t live a Jamaican 3) if she was confident with high self esteem she would a home long Rass time!!! Cause there is no way I’m a stay with a man Fi so long and out of that 8yrs rship him breed 5 different girls and I only meet him with one!!!!!!!! Kmrct everything yuh dash inna the gal face and Mek everybody a Canada a laugh at you that’s why I don’t blame no mannaz Fi a f**k down Canada so dweet n nuh rass care yah!!!

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  1. IMO, the person who wrote this has a very ugly personality.The horrible grammar aside,(lacking, not locking and so many more…) you are showing your obsession with these two. My dear, I don’t know you in real life, but you are telling on yourself, because yuh vex and don’t know what vex yuh! It was funny the first few times, but you are still on this and it’s boring now Jah kno!

    1. U know I’m agree this person nahhhh leggo but sweetie my advise to u is let it goooooo let it goooo if u were with him n it don’t work out say bye count u blessings n leave it to the Lord in prayer smh y when UNNU FI walk whey from the public buddy dem unnu haffi get on so bad? Di bwoy is a scunt boi so just GWANNNNNNN no dread all mi Guyanese hogcent HAFFI chip een kmft

      1. Madhead Cheut…hailings!

        This stalker again!

        MET! Please to put up the that animation song “Let it go” along with this posting. Many post come bout from trouble mekkas but this one here no have no rhyme or reason but spite.

        Gal leave the man and him women dem life a lone, if you a play pon the babymother team chances are you a look position fi yu self, lolol

  2. You know what I notice, each time a black Jamaican man date outside his nationality/race is always a fat unwanted white woman. But when a Jamaican women do is always a white man with money lmfaoo unno Jamaican man need fi start tek notes

  3. This is clearly a papers and screw for “I need some jeans and sneakers” relationship. No matter what, Yard man still go after dem Yardie pussy.

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