Police are investigating a shooting in the Bronx that left a woman dead early Tuesday morning.

The New York Police Department said officers responded to a call of a person shot inside 1570 Bogart Ave. shortly before 4 a.m.

Upon arrival, cops found 28-year-old Shoshane Rattigan, unconscious and unresponsive, with a gunshot wound to the head inside her apartment.

Rattigan was pronounced dead at the scene by EMS.

Police found the 7-year-old son of the victim inside the apartment. He was taken to children’s services at Jacobi Hospital and said to be in stable condition.

No arrests have been made at this time.

The main suspect is Rattigan’s ex-boyfriend, who is also the 7-year-old’s father. Neighbors said there was always trouble in the home and possible domestic abuse.

The investigation is ongoing.

36 thoughts on “OMG 28 YO WOMAN SHOT AND KILLED

  1. damn man

    why these men wont just kill themself and leave people alone

    nice young girl

    its like i see myself in her

    now her poor son – mother gone, father murderer

    1. I think she wanted to leave, but he had other plans. There is no way a woman leaves an abuser and he is in her apartment 4 in the morning. Either way, this is sad and I hope the killer is caught before he kills again.

  2. oh hell NO !!! me just realize a who dis !!!

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG me cant believe this girl is dead !!!! she always link me on twitter to hang out back in the day but i never met up with her we use to text yowwwwwwww me nuh believe dis! she use to be humble and wasnt known then all of a sudden she did get real hype WOW ! me dont believe this ah swear !

    she did always full a vybz ah man

      1. nuh really seh hype but she did start pick up certain life because a who she did a par wid . bu may her soul RIP sad situation :kiss

  3. It was so hard to hear you were gone, when I got the news my heart fell into my stomach. The world stood still. We were just getting to know each other, it was a pleasure. May you sleep in peace.

  4. Damn Sonny why you had to kill the girl? She left your abusive ass went bac to nursing school got her LPN n you end her life, she even went as moving to philly,

  5. Met i was in a abusive relationship and couldn’t get out because all abusers are great manipulators a when him almost kill mi the courts and the justice system help me to get out

    1. Its hard to get out but there is so much support here…Women need fi get rid a di call police stigma…call the cops….they are there to help

  6. Some germs bwoy need fi drink cyanide mix wid bleach and gweh :marah Why him guh kill di ooman pickney and now di poor likkle boy nuh hav nuh madda. Mi despise dem weak spineless man deh weh gwaan like fi dem hood too good fi ooman lef. Prison too good fi him.

  7. Met she went to Golden Grove All Age in St. Ann. Remember the young man who killed his twins, grandfather and himself about three weeks ago in Florida? They were classmates at the same school. Even as a young girl she was the life of the party: a social butterfly. I pray her soul rests in peace.

  8. I remember her from MySpace she always talk to me she and that boy go through hell nuff beatings and tracing, police calling, woman inna hat face ,she move weh, bare things.
    She came off as lost to me very very impressionable girl. But she Kew what she wanted she wanted to be a nurse then all of a sudden she got pregnant for this fool we treat her very bad. She was very gorgeous may God bless your soul Shoshane and protect your son. He now has no parents

  9. She did not went to no school in st Ann’s if your not sure of this person don’t speak on it, Sash come from Clarendon Met her granny raised her she went to Garvey Maceo , was such a lovely young lady , bubbly and full of life, it was all about her son and her career ! It’s sad she had to go this way and so soon RIP my classmate

  10. I know her she was like a sister to ,me at on point she was living me with me when she was pregnant . That nigga sonny i will leave u to god u took my friend /sister away from me but ur time is coming very soon. Sash u were a good woman a loving mom ty is going to miss you so much . But as you can see the day he kill u u gave us us a shower of blessing. Rip sis we miss you and love u … i cry all day Tuesday but im going to stay stron… rip baby girl love uu

  11. To get out of abusive relationship u the abuser have to for smart to make ur get away. I once knew a girl who waited until the guy went to work and move all her things to her family home and left on the first out that day to Trinidad. She stayed there for a year and months.the family never told him nothing and she never call womens smart up and think with ur head and trust who can keep your safe place a secret

  12. @Anon 8:17 she went to Golden Grove All Age. That’s a fact! She was there for about two or three years. She was living with Beatrice Rattigan. She used to live in Claremont. Nah ask yuh. Mi a tell yuh!

  13. She used to tell me like how My mom not here work hard for what I need.Sash We all love you and miss you baby you were like the big sister I never had wish love could bring you back you took care of tyty so know your in my heart forever gonna try and stay strong

  14. Met her when she came to Glenmuir High as a transfer student in 4th form. She was loved by all. I was to meet up with her when she was working at Sears back in 07 or so and I didn’t get a chance and was even thinking maybe she didn’t want to meet up with me and so I didn’t go. I have been following her on social media so knew she moved out of town to PA. Didn’t know her story with the abuse but now I feel as though if I could have helped her being that I have known her for so long, I would have loved to do so. Only God knows why though. We will all miss you Sash. Anyone knows any info about her funeral, connect me via text at 914 760-7316. I have been thinking about her since the incident occurred 4 days ago. I really hope they get that miserable son of a bitch who did the crime. It’s so sad.

  15. Funeral service on Bronxwood and 224th I heard Friday 5:30. They also found the guy dead last night in his van on Bau chester Ave Bronx

  16. Rest in Peace Sasha! And may God continue to watch over your precious son and help him and the rest of your family to heal. Why is it that there was a 20 year old man in the house and he didn’t call the cops as soon as he heard the arguing? Why? And the neighbors why didn’t they do something to help her get away from him? They could have taken her and her child in one of their apartments and help her get to a safer place like a Domestic Violence shelter or a shelter for battered women. Why why why? Her life could have been saved !!!!

  17. Puertoriquenia She never left the relationship. Most likely she has been trying to get out and she wasn’t successful at escaping . she needed to let others help herbut there were no signs for others to see unless you were living next door and heard what was going on and she didn’t reach out to many people about it. She was a very reserved and private person. I wish she would have told me when we used to work together I would have done all I could to help her get out of the relationship and away from that man for good and get somewhere safe.

  18. when i was 4 years old you and mom would tell me how cute i was with my Chinese eyes and black skin you called me your favorite little china doll dad is gone now and moms never home things changed a lot and not 4 a good reason its been a long time and i wish you were back my birthday is in 8 days and mom is still not back

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