A 22 year old man was on Monday freed of quadruple murder charges in the St. Elizabeth Circuit Court after the main witness failed to appear.

Jevaughn Flemming was accused of killing 21 year old Theodore Tennant, 20 year old Romario Drummond, 16 year old Demar Doeman and 14 year old Shawn Clayton, all of Old Road in Withorn, Westmoreland, three years ago.

The case was dismissed after the court was told that the main witness decided not to go to court out of fear for her life.

A nolle prosequi, or a formal notice that the prosecution was abandoning the case, was then entered by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

In disposing of the case, High Court Judge Justice Glen Brown warned Mr. Flemming that it was in his best interest that the witness remains alive.

Justice Brown said, if anything should happen to the witness, the case would be brought back before the court and her statement read into evidence.

About 4:30 on the afternoon of July 12, 2015, several persons were at a shop in Withorn when men, armed with guns, approached and opened gunfire.

Four patrons at the shop were hit and were later pronounced dead.


  1. Why wasn’t the witness placed on witness protection? Only certain cases get this type of privilege.. Ahh well, another day in Jamaica

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