One-armed man accused of assaulting woman after she refused to follow him home

A man with one arm appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week following allegations that he punched and kicked a woman after she rejected his sexual advances.

Leford Morgan, a 61-year-old private investigator, was, however, offered $30,000 bail after he pleaded not guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm on Tuesday.

According to allegations, on January 24, about 11:28 in the night, the 30-year-old complainant went to a shop in the Kingston CSO area to buy juice and saw Morgan and another man whom she knew.

Morgan reportedly asked the complainant to buy him sum rum and she refused.


Allegations are that Morgan then asked the complainant to follow him home and asked her if she knew where he lived. But she told him that she was not interested.
Morgan reportedly insisted and told the complainant that he could give her some money.

The complainant reportedly told Morgan that his money could not buy every woman and he told her that she was feisty.

A dispute reportedly developed in which Morgan allegedly hit the complainant in her face and kicked her in her belly.

The matter was reported and he was arrested.

Morgan is to return to court on August 18.


  1. Lmao @ yardielovethug and needleye101’s comments. Well, I strongly believed that he hit, kicked, and verbally abused her when she turned down his advances. It’s only a pity the Police dem never treat him and him one arm self, fe de real friggin animal that he is! Because, if de Police dem did deal wid de matter proper, him woulda never have de adda arm fe beat up a next ooman again!

    1. I strongly believe dat he’s a low self-esteem always get rejected-piece of dung that needs man handling by a 6 ft 350lb prisoner who’s doing life and hasn’t had a man in two years.

  2. Hiya sweet Ladies!I see we all have our varying beliefs.One thing for sure we all agree on is that he couldn’t hit,kick,tell her bout her cloth..all at the sametime right?!!

    Hiya PP mi smell ur sweet spinners dumpling pon fire all the way ova ya suh mmmmmhhh delicioso!!

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