The man see mi with mi chain and like it so I said to him that it a sell and him give me a down payment on it and I give it to him.. went back to new York and him order a set of jewellery from mi that’s includes earnings, chain, watch, belt & perfume… the man a do road road inna mi things them and naw answer my calls or messages so mi a put it out there fi the whole a philly know.



  1. Maybe you shoulda got your full payment for the chain first BEFORE you gave him additional things on layaway….

    Sometimes you live & you learn….

  2. Sender you sound stupid if he didn’t pay you for chain how u end up giving him other stuff without payment

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      and it no done pay fah :hammer

      Cho rass! Missa man pay fi the things or you ago small claims court fi Shrek pendant! Damn clown

  3. Sender why you decided to provide this man with additional items he hadn’t giving you additional down payment from the initial chain deal? Is it because he swear he won’t theft you and his not like that so you believe this man bag a stories and now you can’t get your items nor your money… That little bastard is a con artist and if you have any information on his whereabouts call the police right away if not then chuck it up as a lost and lesson learn… Get your money upfront before providing the merchandise..

  4. it look like a sikes di mate a draw..him left him wife and go breed Tracey now Tracey baby bawn 1 month now. Him and Tracey engage fi be married so him nah come back. senda what is the real story??

  5. Lol I say the big fat cow Candice mash just post up her $30 dress these bitch in party and act like they nice in $30 dress and yes the slimmas wear it better than you cow… And someone tell batty boy twin white to get out a woman business. Candice you body wah fix up all the dick you and your sister them tek go so uno stay bad body

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