Vybz Kartel and his three co-accused were granted leave to appeal their conviction and sentence in the Court of Appeal yesterday.

Kartel, given name Adidja Palmer; Kahira Jones; Andre St John; and entertainer Shawn “Shawn Storm” Campbell hope to have their sentences for murder overturned.

Thomas Tavares-Finson, attorney for Vybz Kartel, described the development as an “important step in the appeal process”.

In an interview with the Jamaica Observer, he added, “It’s the first but critical step in the appeal process. A single judge, Justice Frank Williams, has read all the papers from the trial and determined that there are grounds on which an appeal could be allowed, so he has given the green light to proceed. We will move on to a full appeal in September. It is a limited victory, but an important moral victory for my client, as it reinforces the notion in his mind that justice will be served and he will be acquitted.”

The four were given life sentences at the Home Circuit Court in Kingston in March 2014 for involvement in the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Kartel will be eligible for parole after 35 years. He is currently at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Facility in Kingston.

His co-accused St John will do 30 years before being considered for parole. Jones and Campbell are to serve 25 years before they are eligible for parole.

Miguel Lorne, who represented Campbell at the trial and is instructing Bert Samuels in the appeal, said being granted leave to appeal is a positive development.

“They stand a good chance of winning the appeal. He (the judge) also gave reasons and some of the reasons are fairly solid,” he said.

Samuels was optimistically cautious.

“Leave is granted for sentence and conviction; that is taken to be positive for the appellant. However, it does not mean the appeal will be successful. We still have to fight hard to convince three judges,” he said.

He outlined the timetable set by the court.

“The Registrar of Court has set out a timetable for grounds and skeletal arguments by June 5 and by July we must file our authority. The prosecution must file their response by July 17. Therefore, the appeal is likely to be heard by the Christmas period or the term commencing January.”


  1. I doe want him come out. Him unleash too much dunce people in the country. Look how him idiot followers tek set pon Lisa Hanna and now dem nah go let him out. How him set a followers so dunce I will never comprehend.

      1. A lot of people don’t realize how deep this goes. Kartel is too influential on a set of irrational people who have little or nothing to lose. He is a threat to our democracy. The government doesn’t trust him not to try and get the people to rebel and we might have it hard dung yah but in no way do we need a revolution.

        1. When mi see di big man dem a run behind Kartel and how dem talk it mek mi see seh part a we country gone Simone. It is deep. That man brought out so much in such a short time we cannot manage Kartel long term. If he comes out not will Jamaica be upside down, more and more people will die

  2. That man single handedly changed the face of Jamaica, he made bleaching ones skin acceptable, he made putting on blasphemous tattoos acceptable and yes he made beating up of women more widespread (gaza Kim)…
    And the introduction of devil worship for the youths.
    Not to even mention the poor ground lizard who only wanted to dance..

    1. Made sexual exposure the norm and homosexuality a staple. Jamaican man whey supposed to be leaders turn battey followers



    1. FYI, Kartel was making music before JLP came into power, stop the utter madness and stop spill your venom on a Party that just came into power, You are one of the problem in Jamaica, Alternative facts is some of you middle name, always looking to blame the party that is not feeding you and your family chicken back and turn Cornmeal.

  4. It sad that a man with such influence use it for wrongs. Him cudda seh “school”,the gazamites wuda dweet. Him cudda seh”put dung the guns,” and they wudda hav followed-instead the man preach all manner of evil. He is dangerous cuz his fan base is rabid and blindly devoted to him.

    1. Devoted because of his demonic influence. Him might get a wickidah beating this trial because the police have more bodies that they found in the phone. Mi want him see road and fret everyday say him nah go can walk pan it. To kill people with blatant disregard and put out woman a suck him , beat, sex woman and call in other men..He should never see the light of day

      1. Mi nuh know how dem seh him a gallis wen his actions shows a blatant diregard and hatred fi women. He must be closeted. Wicked,any how him see road him won’t last long.

  5. So why Kartel nuh change lawyer? ( Not that I want him to come out but it’s almost as if he has an obsession with Tom Tavares)

    1. Tavares mussy tell him this time he is in control. One next set a money him fi nyam from him that is all :ngakak

      1. Kartel deluded and act like him smarter than most people but some little things I see him do mek know know say him is a mad man.

    2. Because him frighten fi colour ……..him did de back a di grilll a port more a kill himself fi live pon di hill … him get a novice fi him case him nuh care cah dem red

  6. Idk who more dangerous kartel are Di ppl weh follow him, cuz mi si man a seh Lisa Hanna fi get rape an beheaded fi wah shi say, is only country weh run by dictators ppl die fi dem opinion kmft.

  7. he makes his decisions and dictates his lifestyle and that of his children he is not a leader of this country or told anyone hes a role model…so blaming him for persons dumb ass decisions…he was convicted of murder whether he did it or not if he feels he should appeal let him cause it is his right as a citizen …..meanwhile persons who are leaders and role models here stifling people with taxes and unfulfilled promises

  8. Unnu go raise unnu pickney and stop blame Kartel fi everything. Some a unnu along with the politicians looking a scape goat, so who to blame but Kartel. Gun song and hardcore sex song a sing long before Kartel, unnu too bias over yah!

    1. You obviously don’t understand what we mean when we say Kartel is negatively influencing the youths. Many slack songs are sung, yes, but how many of those singers of slack songs have a following like Vybz Kartel’s? How many of those followers defend those other artistes to the death and attack those who speak out against him? When Alkaline got arrested where was the uproar? Come on now. Kartel has a certain hold over his flock that is dangerous for every one in this country and out of it as well.

      1. :ngakak Simone? You cannot explain anything to Kartel followers, they are simply duncebats who has NO clue as to what this Mad man has done to our younger generations, Trust me, They are going to run in this post and type a lot of uneducated madness about THEIR world boss because His unethical songs are more accepted in their birdbrains hence they would KILL Lisa Hanna for speaking the truth. I hope for the country sake this man does not come out. Bout free world boss, Just giving him the name world boss alone let you understand these people mentality, Kartel is NOT the WORLD BOSS, The day these fools get it! HA!

    2. One of the illiterate fools that lacks moral compass and cannot see the influence that this vampire music had on the general populace. One of the dead body they found in his cell phone should have been your mumma or puppah that bring you here. He needs to rot in HELL where he belongs and never see the light a day, but you dancehall vagabons who took our culture and turned it into what it is today, from taking champagne and pouring it on your personal to the killings, the endless Single mothers, domestic abuse etc. I guess you would run come defend this DEBIL[Devil] it is such ignorance as yours why Our country has gone to the dogs. Back in the days, the VILLAGE use to raise OUR Kids, that WAS a part of our culture it is no more because WE have people out there like YOU who wants a killer out on the streets just so that he can do what exactly? NO BADDA ANSWER! DOGSHIT UNUH. Go to hell Kartel, you wicked bombohole you.

      1. Funny though, they want Kartel out not because he will make their lives better but because they want to hear music and turn up. It is not even that the music a go motivate them, it a tell dem fi skin out who and skin out what.And that is what they are in support of

    3. I agree that parents should play an active role in the upbringing of their children, however I can remember very vividly the first dirty song it was tek buddy by kartel I think I was in grade 4. No one really sing about things that graphic and then by the time my teenage years the whole suck cocky phenomenal came around, the extreme skin bleaching (which has always existed long before kartel), the rubbish bout mason and etc. I literally grew on his music but it doesn’t stick and you quickly forgot Kartel songs are they just song of the moment. After the whole lizard situation and hearing the voice notes mi lose respect affta him.

      1. I hold Buju accountable for the spreading of bleaching with women however Kartel mek di man dem forward wid di bleach and dont know if dem a male or female. Where as the women think that they can score more opportunities with bleaching, 90% of the men dont know why they are bleaching. Which is dangerous because it means they are following without reason..dat means dem lost. Men are supposed to be the head of the household and if u have a man whey dont know where he is headed…….How him a go lead di house literally or figuratively?

        1. Single parents house and peer group influence are two of the most dangerous things affecting Jamaican society I swear. Both parents need to be involved in their children lives ( look Asians and Africans successfully) and aside from that peer influence (Kartel music, trying to keep with trends and being popular, wanting to be rich quickly and fitting in with the plastic surgery culture ) is literally their life being young hard nuh bbc thank god fi my parents might a divorce 50 times but at least did always there to steer mi.

          1. You are correct. All Jamaican men into is to find the tightest vagina and they dont even think bout di small cock they have. Irresponsible sexing mash up the country and the lives of many. Africa has beautiful cultures and the parents are so loving it is sad that the descendants of Africans became this. Children all over , mothers chasing behind community cock and fathers running behind the ”hole”. Sometimes I wonder if a good 50% of Jamaicans capable of love. I mean you have a child for a community cock, then you support your son being a community cock or have a child for a murderer and steer that same child into murdering . Something has to give because Jamaica is suffering pretty badly

  9. A now ppl ago see seh di world dun…… just like how corrupt trump reach inna white house a farrin inna big united states weh di law well tun up… likkle jamaica sheg up yah now cause him a come out. him do longer dan mi tink still tink a woulda just 3 years inna di hole still…. di world boss a come out fi show end a year.

    1. Ah muss you name Met bout you a give direction on this site, why you and the other gaza fans don’t tell unno World Boss to get another lawyer? Don’t think he’s going far with that lawyer

  10. How can u talk bout music a rise up u kids really so mi ago listen a song a J’s go kill a man cause a badman song foolish if u cant grow u child sorry n u don’t know what mind set a child growing up is going to be if the mind evil from brith then wat can u do n wat listen ppl born with Dem density set already if that wasn’t the case there would be no evil if a man born fi kill him ago do it it just life mi know man wanted for murder fr he is 13 double to long b4 Kartel tink fi sing song u have ppl weh born with everything n still turn out evil 7 brother 7 different mind

  11. Me want him fi come out..And within days smaddy Tek him out and dash him inna gully like the raas animal him is. Kartel is a scumbag lower than dirt and prison too good fi him. I make no apologies for my comment.

      1. Dem seh worrrrrrle boss..teacher and den when u look u see some effeminate looking men..tight pants is a mus…maybe bleach out and or miss queen acting. In all my years of living I have never seen a real man a run behind a man headed nowhere and without a purpose. A so dem desperate fi a father figure? Society has failed Jamaican men

        1. Bounty fans is a next set but at least bounty stand for a few good things. Kartel stands for absolutely nothing yet u have grown ass men galloping behind him waiting for his direction.

          1. All who neva like dem buddy suck, want it suck and video because Kartel :nohope . If u notice ina some a di video dem wid di Jamaican men dem dont even know how fi respond to the sucking……..Is because they are not stimulated by that a follow dem a follow

  12. For those not in the know please note that Kartel himself stated emphatically that his kids are not allowed to listen to his music until they reach 18yp n so choose to do. You’re welcome to Google or YouTube that fact. .I watched it myself.

    It’s indicative that a artiste wouldn’t want his own kids to partake of his creativity. ..when asked why..Kartel spoke of his VALUES!!

    What I liken this to is there is a Rasta barber,who goes around telling ppl not to trim n embrace locks as part of the principles of being a Rasta.However he will Cut u n your kid’s hair to make a quick buck though.

    Anyone who will sell out his own principles for unprincipled things is extremely dangerous to humanity.

  13. In all fairness though,tell me how some a unno parents/ppl allow Kartel to corrupt unno n unno kids when Kartel safeguard/protect his own from him image n music??

    It would seem to me that some of unno were corruptible n impressionable long before n with no bearing on Kartel..shrugs.
    Says more about you than him..ijs

    1. Yardie I always agree with your posts but let’s be honest parents alone can not be held responsible for children. It really takes a village as adults it’s our responsibility to ensure that we protect all children like our own. Kartel has the resources to prevent his children from listening to his music. His children can ride to school in a family owned vehicle which doesn’t have to play his songs and I’m pretty sure they don’t live in a neighborhood which have big dance every night. Kartel has the means to protect his children from his music.

      Sadly, Maxine a strict widowed Pentecostal from down a Jungle can’t tell the area don to lock off the street dance because she doesnt want her children listening to slack lyrics while they’re studying to help her out of poverty. Maxine has no control over what they blast at 2 am at the dances. All Maxine can do is cover the eyes of her children as she walks them to school the next morning as her neighbors roll around on the floor and light their pum pum on fire. She grows her kids hoping that they’ll listen to her advice and stick to their morals and not let the environment shape them. Maxine can’t afford a private car so her children have to take taxi and minibus, where again she cannot dictate what music the owners play in their vehicles.
      To me, the only way a parent can 100% dictate the child’s life is if the parent has money to prevent outside influences by 1) homeschoolling the child 2) not letting the child go anywhere outside of the home 3) not allowing the child to have any typeof friends….etc

      While those actions can produce the “perfect” child, the child may have some socializing issues.
      We as a society need to do better, there are many Maxines out there that simply can’t do it on their own. As Jamaicans we’ve become too selfish, not sure if Kartel is to blame for that however as a society we are to be blamed for allowing Kartel to slip through.

  14. Tight pants a wear fr 80s bleaching a do long time b4 Kartel man a dead lol g b4 Kartel wen him deh a road him have business that employe ppl which artist do that n no tell mi nuti g bout buy no gun ting all Jamaican top artist buy gun cause Dem need backitive from the great grannet slik weh did a buy gun n it go off n hit the cylinder bun a p the house

    1. Yeah yeah. You heard something about Garnet but did not get the facts. Garnet did not buy a gun he sent for hired killers from Kingston to his home and their gun went off. So, next time get your facts together. Thank you.
      People nah go stop dead, bad man nah go stop influence. The law is there to minimize that thanks again.

  15. I agree with u Simone if him smart him will get a new lawyer. The next one that got off had a different lawyer, they said his testimony was different, he testified to not seeing lizard on that day while the other’s said differently, different lawyer different tactic

  16. Wats the difference n if it’s send fi killer best believe u haffi buy gun n shot n mi know fi a fact that a gun Garnett did a buy know that a no ask mi a ask tell mi a tell u music cannot influence no evil one is wat the heart desires

    1. There is devil in the details, so dont pretend you know the story because he didnt have to buy no gun. Also obtaining a gun does not say you are bad so you saying that even though you do NOT know the story doesn’t make any sense. Some people collect guns and never use them to shoot anyone. Garnet was into badness and there was no one who came to defend his ”innocence”. But, even Garnet sending fi bad man it was to protect his property and his songs were motivational so he and Kartel nuh ina no category . Kartel live by the gun he sings by he also abused many people.He got an opportunity to be rich and successful but he used it for evil.

  17. @ Simone: Kartel is not the only one negatively influencing the youth, if you want to put it that way!
    Cartoons, movies, parents and politicians all have the ability to negatively influence whomever want it to negatively influence them. As a child I witnessed my father doing things that he shouldn’t be doing and I didn’t follow in his footsteps, believe it or not, as an 8 year old I know that what he was doing was wrong.

    Some of unnu love chat bout Kartel fans them dunce, the amount a error in the crap that some of unnu type on here (even now on this topic), unnu really shouldn’t be here bashing nobody. Kartel brighter than nuff a unnu who a crucify him. As a Kartel fan with a distinction in english and a Bachelors Degree with Honours mi can tek it from real patios and ghetto to proper english, but it makes no sense arguing with nobody over here about Kartel, because unnu bias and blame the man for all of Jamaica’s ills, exactly what the politicians want you all to do, to remove the blame and focus from them.

    1. Kartel could not be the ONLY person influencing society because it was society that influenced him however Jamaica does not need any more contributing factors. We are a small nation with enough on our hands. If Kartel is bright to you, congratulations on whatever part of your intellect that sided with that.

      1. People hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see. Since is not Kartel alone singing and doing evil he should not be prosecuted. Okay then.

        1. Simone you know our people by now. If you kill the world they will cheer you on as long as u not killing anyone for them. Lizard was ok with Kartel’s doings and fi him time come and him spirit tek revenge :ngakak. Jamaicans will not take action unless it happens to them and even then they are on their own without support. Look pan di woman march? I see Lisa even said she a march fi di girl a burger king because her man own dem..She even forgot about the woman killed in the parish she represents… :nohope: . Maybe we haffi go start over we culture because we headed near doom.

  18. U still missing the point it’s not bout the money a the heart met no matter what Kartel would be a don dat was him heart desires jus like how u have Mek money n Flosss it n bruck tomorrow n if him get a next money sameting floss again is wat Ina u heart wen u get the money u full fill it so is not like him would do some ting else wid hm money some ppl desire house n business some don’t it’s life

    1. Being an area leader can be a good thing and it can be bad if you are bad ina u heart as u seh. Why he couldnt be the go to person for his area whey influence youths to be good and be good and keep the violence out? Why think to kill people around him that he grew up with? His heart’s desire was for evil and not only to lead. Look how he claims him send man or go round a Mavado and let out shot and he was on the phone talking to the man normal, that is a special kind of evil so lets separate the desire to lead from the evil deh o..

      1. Let me take back the area leader bit oo..There is no way to be a good area leader in Jamaica because if youre not treating people bad in Jamaica you dont get respect :nohope:

  19. Everyone deserves a fair trial, regardless of what everyone thinks about him, he did not get a fair trial. First thing was the fact that a cellphone that was in police custody was tampered with. (Phone credit was send from his phone to an officer,) plus the pictures were sent to their phones, regular civilians saw some of the footage. it should not have been used into evidence. That is wrong! Secondly, the juror that was “corrupt” and tried to sway other jurors to say not guilty, should have caused the court to dismiss all those jurors and pick new ones.
    I understand what he did or was accused of but we need to be fair. This is not a JLP or PNP thing. It is the law!
    Stop being bias because you dislike him…the police need to go about things the right way.

    1. Can you explain the way in which the police tampered with the phone and what changes were made because a di fus mi eva hear seh credit send unless I was sleeping at that point in the trial..Kartel slept too so he must have missed that as well? The corrupt juror did not change the outcome so it would be stupid to throw the case out based on that.

  20. I hate Kartel like poison but let’s be real the poor women in Jamaica keep having children they cant afford. Some of dem all fk da man when dem pickney inna d same one room and on top of that have men beating their children. Its not Kartel its poverty and desperation that is making our country crazy. Parents want to be young when dem ole all granny waah young. The kids are raising thereself.

    1. No one associated Kartel with poverty. He brought out a new norm to the culture that will forever remain a stain on the culture.

    2. Research has shown that many many countries MUCH POORER than Jamaica does not have the crime problem that we have. Please stop deflecting .

  21. Di corruption naw stop… mi hear nuff ppl seh a perilous times we inna yea… bible last days yea…. suh all ago happn a worst tings.. I can write a million things off topic reason for many of my beliefs. Mi see kartel an Usain inna di same ring, not because dem seh him kill lizards…. how mi nuh sure Usain nuh kill noting secretly but it cova up.

  22. I really hate how people are so biased when it comes to
    Kartel !

    He served his time .. he been in jail since 2011 and he
    Still making songs lmao so him coming out of jail not making
    A difference he can still send out hits from prison. I mean
    Kartel in jail and the crime more than ever a Jamaica lol
    I don’t see what influence he has on the country .
    Y’all could list a million things the country don’t need
    But it ain’t Kartel enforcing any of it. It’s the damn government lol
    The government corrupt Kartel to begin with and when dem see seh
    The devil dem create can’t tame dem wa put him weh lol PERFECT!

    Him a come a road this time just watch n see.

      1. Met, him aguh come out ! Fi dem Obeah stronger than ever this time Kartel wouldn’t be so dumb to pay Tavares again I doubt he paid him. Plus Kartel hasn’t been in any mix up really him kinda under the radar so him might have a chance.

        You might hate him met but u need to agree that the government is corrupted and not Kartel

        1. Di obeah shudda stop him from go in..Suh is a come out obeah him have not di stop from go in obeah? Mine di obeah man a work wid di government ooooooo cause it would seem like him have di way out from long time and a look a bigger money…Ransom obeah

          1. But Tavares a real bad man him is not a lady bad man..Him have links pan top a links so I would love for Kartel to try it with him money and mek we see who name badda dan :ngakak

          2. I hear that the jury was made up of mostly big people, not younger ones who could be struck by his stardom. Why Tom Tavares agreed to that jury? Was he not paying attention during jury selection or he was just confident they were going to beat the charge no matter what?

          3. Big people whey have standards. I think Tavares and Kartel laid out a set of plans they really thought would work. Remember they went as far fi all forge letter to the DPO and even di main witness aunt did in on everything. They thought it would work so dem neva did a watch that.

        2. What is government you?

          Corruption and murder a the same action?

          God know unu…

          Met! Say “uncle” and fone unless you wan dead from laughing at these comments :hammer

  23. Wat norm him bring from mi born gal a suck cocky first it was sketel now a freek nothing no new under the sun him a not the first



    1. You must have fell out of me when they stitched you and your mother in me, but they took too much care when you fell out because that should have been head first. :travel

  26. Ya some old ass hags I swear, please go change your diaper. Kartel is what bounty was in his day, what shabba was in his day. Obeah, guns, violence, all of that beeeeeeeeeeeeen in music before kartel. He has a huge following because di man is talented point blank and frigging period. You can only talk on his slack songs because that’s all you hear,and that’s all the DJS WANT TO PLAY, he is more than f**k songs, the man have songs that make ghetto people have a Lil hope and songs that everyone can relate to, that is why he is a global artist, get off the man name aND come wid facts when you talking about him. Yes I’m a fan aND I can back him up because we actually listen to his music, not just his f**k songs

    1. Kartel can never be half the man bounty is or was so dont even play yosef. Nothing Kartel has sung teaches anything and if anything he has sung has made you think you need to commit yosef. We do not care who is a fan or who Kartel’s fans are, this will not change our opinions of him.

  27. Please dear God, please don’t make this man ever be released into society again. He is a dangerous Pied Piper, leading the youth astray and promoting every kind of filthy nastiness.

  28. Pure bad mind f**kery people writing here. Kartel just sang about what was already PREVALENT in Jamaican society. Kartel never caused a bleaching epidemic nor a crime epidemic nor a domestic violence epidemic. You f**king idiots busy looking a scapegoat in the form of Kartel and then tek up unuh dutty selves go vote in the biggest criminal MPs election after election. Now the man is locked up and Jamaica is the same violent dirty country that it has always been so how again is Kartel the scapegoat for the society’s ills? Get the f**k out of here with your f**kery.

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