The Frankfield police are probing the death of a one-year-old toddler who was found at her home with a stab wound to her chest on Tuesday, March 17.

She has been identified as Jay Nelson of Lesterfield district in Clarendon.

Information received is that about 6:00 pm, relatives found the toddler in an outside kitchen lying on her back in a pool of blood. The police were summoned and the body removed to the morgue.


  1. Morning , this is a call for jamaica to get back a mental institute in Jamaica, this is telling me that this lady suffer from post Partum depression.
    i notice that mental illness is affect a lot of our young generations in Jamaica and the USA, the help is here in the usa but there is not much in jamaica if they sick in jamaica they take them to the dr all he does is give them an injection and say watch them no counseling provide for these mental patients and a lot of family does not know how to go about handle mental family members.

    1. There was a time that no matter what was happening in the US it never touched out shores. It’s so sad now that every evil we brush off by saying it happens in the US too as though that is supposed to make everything right. I know you probably made that statement because TT said he/she would never return home, but I am so tired of “it happens in the US too” rhetoric. But we deserve it, we had our quiet little simple island and we always looking fi Americanize and anything dem had or did wi haffi have and do it to, now dung to dem depravity and jaw-dropping crimes are commonplace among us. We wanted it, and we got it all!

  2. Post partum depression me bumbo. Me no care wah a mother a go through, looking at your child should change that. Them gal ya tek out them man problem pon the kids cause the man run lef them. Them no need no institution them need a 2 × 4 cross them face.

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