Subject: Neisha in Virginia Beach

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It’s about time someone said something about dutty gal . Since she get use and refuse by har baby fada dem, one being Killa Khan from Love People Sound, this bitch been f***king everything walking an tink she so sneaky like everybaddi stupid. Har baddi thick but har hole well loose and f**k out. She force harself pon man an dem always lef har afta di first f**k. Den she have nerve fi get close to people so she can scandalize dem name. She talk bout everybaddi inna di dancehall scene in DMV, especially Peaches because everbaddi waa f**k Peaches an she jealous. She love talk bout DJ Sniper woman cause she jealous seh no man waa fi be seen wid har. She even badmout Randy, di owna fi Montego Caribbean cause she claim seh him ***k Peaches. She even jealous a har madda who always come a dance looking fly as hell. She post di worse pitcha of har madda pon Instagram. Mi cyan go on and on, but unnu get di point. Stay away from dis jealous, hateful, tyad whore who
look old as hell wen she not even 35 yet.

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