1. Sad but so True. Most times men do not understand the value of a good woman, and will come around when it is too late. R Kelly’s words ” when a woman’s fed up, it ain’t nothing you can do about it”.

  2. Omg this is so true, while they’re behaving badly wer’e losing respect for them. Eventually the heart follows and love disappears. Love and respect go hand in hand. Plus it drains you.

  3. Love this post or article . Thank you MET these men take good woman for granted & sometime the love we have for them we lost & can’t replace enough . Yep he’s not the one anymore sad it’s over .

  4. Trust and believe. We may not leave at the same time the disrespect is taking place but we are calculating every move. For those of us who respect ourselves, we already know what to do.

  5. By the time they’re ready to do everything right! You’ve already fallen out of love with them, or your mind just turn from them, or you’ve already moved on!

    Been there!

    1. I was telling someone the same thing yesterday!

      After years and years of bad treatment and bun, you end up hating them silently, so when they FINALLY decide to settle down, feelings lost

    1. I guess you didnt read where she said he was finally doing everything right so it seems money dashing out MORE than before. Yall stay deh thing money can buy feelings.

    2. Or when them find a new man that dashing out more money them come wid da excuse deh. All when u no bun dem, as soon as them buk a richer man them draw fi dah excuse ya

  6. I remember my mom telling me the first time she had seen my dad in years after they broke up, he just seemed like a stranger, she felt absolutely nothing and she could not believe this was someone she once had a life with.

  7. Yuppppppppzzz…very true. When you leave and them start act crazy you realize it’s a thin line between love, falling outta of love and hating that man. When that love turns to hate not even a glass of water you can get from that woman. In her heart and mind she left long before she packed.

  8. Puhleeze…..nothing new here. Men are faced with a similar situation. We a buss wi ass a work fi mek life comfortable for the woman and she “feel neglected and need more attention.” Suh she guh tek up wan iglah wid nuff time pon him unemployed hands whe him a rub out all day. When good man move on, dem nuh stop bawl fi come back cause hard life reach and Mr Wukless a look a money from har….lol.
    Mi tiyad fi preach it ere “Punny stock market crash!”
    If all she brings to the table is Remmy and Punny, run har!!!!

  9. Surely y’all can see how cold,calculating n wicked this is because a man doesn’t have the heart or wherewithal to pull off this deep shyt!yall gonna leave the man just when he needed u most,when he’s doing his very BEST??

    Jah know Rasta,this reminds me of some shyt Celeste pull on Stefano on days of our lives…dastardly heartless act!

    1. Where have u been anon? The entire jamaica was waking up at 6am n 3/4 of us had to watch the reruns at 12:30 miggle Day. Majority of women would lap them frocktails pon the sidewalks,even the neighbors ova fence would be talking abt Bo n Hope. Coleen never romp to come call mi mother fi tell her what Celeste up too,she was my alarm clock to wake up n get ready for school.

        1. Marie,I forgot to mention Billy(who was actually a woman!)She was the 1st who made that Big lip thingy sexy long b4 angelina jolie.Always a 3rd wheel poor Billy cuz a mawga so suh jawbone face Hope was the one the whole Jamaica want Bo sekkle dung with.

          1. yardeeeee memba wen di duppy di inna Marlena? those were the happiest days of my life, I was in high school and in the love, mi first real love. lol. Ps. mi have a fren who sound like Marlena an nuh duppy nuh inna har, to dis day dem call dat girl marlena

  10. Met the problem with men is that they want to do as they please and you should sit and wait for them until they are ready for you. By the time they realise what they have, it is usually too late. By that time, we are already out of love and have realised that we deserve more. They do shit and we forgive them over and over until we finally reach our limit. It’s not that we don’t forgive, we do but when you give an inch, men take a mile and by the time they fish the mile, they have already pushed us so far away that we no longer want what we wanted from them and what they are finally ready to give.

  11. my2cents you are sooo right on the nail with this one. Been there done that and will forever throw stone behind me not to go back.

  12. HHHmmmm, it s 50/50 and depends on the people and the situation. Many times the problem start from the beginning unnu tek up man weh unnu know nuh ready, nuh compatible or complement unnu but tru eye get starry and clit jumpy unnu tek up wid the bwoy. All the dis him a diss unnu, unnu tek it bout a true u love him when u truly in denial.

    Pon the other hand unnu dweet to some truly good man to. U n him a come from far circumstances and him f**k up as all men do, we f**k up yea but we decide fi brush off we self and rebuild the trust and the relationship. NO! unnu say it done and this and that n terra what not and the fact of the matter is when u weight good vs bad, good out weight it but true unnu waah go tek up Mr. Sweetmouth Iglah as Willy say unnu fling stone pon the 1 bad and mek it out weight the good.

    If u really want that solid committed relationship, unnu affi go wuk and wuk hard pan it bcuz it nuh just happen. U wudnt feel that way if u did a communicate to the man say u vibes a bruk and a bcuz a wah him do u nuh get ova it. Nuff time quality communication is key. Nuff time unnu feel that way and being given the chance to express how u truly feel can lift that weight of u heart. Unnu affi start evaluate unnu man if him worthy of u staying not based pon feelings or money but a more rounded perspective does the good out weigh the bad? Does he truly have my feelings and interest at heart? Do i really want to be in a committed relationship at all? Am i into this bcuz mi a goody 2 shoe and have to be in a committed relationship even if a just sex mi want? Communication and Honesty with a will to make things work can overcome great troubles.

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