3 thoughts on “ONSTAGE

  1. Foota need to cut out da pocket-watching supm de. Why’s he trying to tell Joe how to spend his money? Ease off a dat yute! It no look good.

  2. Now I see why ishawna leff foota how can he say that he have no problem with Marvin n the madness..that is not dancehall..it look like foota need to watch some 80’s n 90’s dance..Marvin just making Jamaica n jamaican look stupid to the world

  3. Foota still a si aliens or wah…ignorance .him sound like a crackhead Foota need fi stay outa danchall him nah wave di jamaican flag .wah him a talk bout wah Marvin a do nah affect dancehall. when odda people si dem a do dem f**y wah dem a guh tink.yuh think people wah just a si dat inna dancehal nah guh run from it dat a run wah people. Would immigration give marvin a visa afta look long him video dem a jump pon woman…

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