1. If me huh have on a body stocking mi could never jus call up man fi come touch mi like that pan my bare skin..that is classLESS..

  2. Evehough he is her manager, Joe did not have to he present at that show with ishawna..she no baby.. that’s why u have a road manger.. he shouldbve mourning the lost if his wife.

  3. Mi waa see if she on the interview mi need fi really have one question answered..Would she have done that if Latoya was alive?

  4. * Eventhough he is her manager, his presence was not necessary.. he should be mourning the lost of his wife and comforting his son..

  5. Pastor say dog ooman a get sex like dog….das what come to mi mind when mi watch it…doggy dog


  6. Gal like dem deh fi hold with newspaper….. Ole nasstiness….classless….dawgshit…..yuh hear har dutty mouth at the beginning bout she na dance with somebody cause dem gal wi beat dem….no whoreshawna him respect himself n him gal…. Cause u r the worst of the worse…… Mi see somebody write on a website say a should a one time when duppy a box ppl, cause currently yuh should have been unable to see outta yuh dry eye dem nasty gal…..

    1. From today mi a go call har Ms Legendary Hell cause a hell dis man a special hell. Bright and outa damn order

  7. Met thats a good question. ..man ah man but woman to woman… this is beyond disrespectful…this is going to be a downward spiral for ishawna career…

    1. U see how she whine ova herself pan stage ina di naked clothes…who really go pan stage with dem naked breast outa door suh…………….. Pastor seh dem a dog a live some dog life…December Blitz she hold her corner she never even brush near Joe because Toya was there n Joe big up Toya pan di mic..She settle herself with Skatta ..notice di walk..like she think she ina har kennel..Mek mi stop talk u know my mouth not nice and when I begin I can’t stop

  8. btu u knw it long time met bout studio mattress,,,,,,,,,man shi a look,,,,,,GN METTY/METTERS

    1. Mi get a piece a mixture yah fi mondeh mawnin…Pastor seh dem a KFC mek a go listen di likkle sermon and calm mi nerves
      night ooooo

  9. Ah wonda if him regret it….???? Waiting for that interview…. joe mek da THOT draw him out..

    1. Why she call up Joe mi dus want har tell me dat..could she grounds Joe december? no so why now………..
      Him mus regret it because it mek him look terrible

      1. Why she called up Joe? it’s likely they’re F**king behind the scenes

        Why are you shifting blame away from Joe to Ishawna? she didnt force him onstage

        1. Shifting blame because mi seh she wouldn’t call him up if Toya was alive? When Joe have a show him always back stage or on the stage to the back………………………….

          1. And in my opinion the show should have been cancelled in the event of Toya’s death.

          2. yes from the start You been shifting all the blame on Ishawna…Joe is way deeper in the wrong

          3. Don’t watch me watch your tv. In your opinion he is we dont share di same and mi sure when u see people a seh him fi blame I dont say a word so u low me to say what I want and dont watch me..im not your TV

          4. Also you dont know the pillow talk that was/is taking place between the two…she might have gotten the vibe that Joe is/was not deeply in love with Toya like that

          5. And u know it? Come offa dem pillow and mine dust mite damage u. No one cares about love or who in love ..Respect and empathy is the key factor here..grow up

          6. is not a matter of watching you…its just so obvious…I’m sure most of your bloggers observed the same but didnt say anything….For what ever reason

          7. My bloggers know I am entitled to my own opinion over the years u never grasp that? Don’t watch me as I said ..go watch your TV

          8. Whey day u claim u dont come ova yah from the month start is 16 days ina di month n mi sure a nuh today u sidung a read all MY comments..yet u run come bout mi a shift blame..whey she go draw out di man for? No event should have gone on fi nothing like dat gwaan but time must tell and will tell..God dont sleep

          9. haha…I dont know…I said might…it obvious they’ve been sexing each other…U & I dont know …but she likely know way more about him than us

          10. I didnt…I’ve been catching up since yesterday….reading your comments mostly

  10. Wow..i cant beleive his wife just pass away less than 2wks now…this is not a good look…and fe ishawna she,cant expect nutten less fr she

  11. I don’t normally comment…but wat the f*k* did she say she no bloodclawt care soo apparently she fully conscious of wat she was doing something is not right at all

    1. den u nuh see mi been a say that man? u know like u deh a u yard and u a run tings she a show up herself man

    1. :ngakak when him done STYLEEEE dem…a wudda love him STYLE dis one we wudda haffi run outa town when him done :ngakak

  12. She is such a dirty girl inside and out, she could of show the woman a little respect its like she couldn’t wait for the woman to dead to do these things. Come on now funeral not even keep yet wtf

  13. Met this behaviour from ishawna look to me as if she and Joe been a f**k so the fact that toys dead she jus ago come out with it now cause she no bloodclawt care as to what she say

      1. Like she a bring darkness to light and Joe neva know what to do it ketch him off guard ..Him have a blank not there look..and slap har side like a racehorse..Pastor seh dog!

  14. This make me so hurt , foota why you let go your crosses all over the place the studio mattress

  15. Evening MEt, Me would a never tek in ON STAGE TONIGHT cause there is no excuse on God’s earth for this behaviour Nonewhatsoever!!! It was all planned, she was looking for a man and she pass all the young men n draw fi d senior citizen?? Fuq outta here with that #1 Joe shouldnt de de cause a days since him wife pass him should a de 1 side a grieve n a consider now d son whe Toya dead lef gi him #2 Ishawna you have no heart n fi tink me did a cheer fi u me na lie me sorry but u see when ur time come I only hope u can tek it

    1. Hey girl dem seh whey day(last satdeh roun a suh… ) one a u EX man dem did a pudung one piece a laughing how u get pass round .It be looking a way :travel

  16. Out of all the man on the stage why a Joe she draw for she go directly to joe when other man where there standing on the side line no woman that have a conscience would never ever do that being that the man wife only die two days before and then u gonna state u don’t bloodclawt care if she was jus doing it out of fun or jus stage performance she wouldn’t make that remarks say she don’t care OK then wat u use to care about why u never use to wine on him before smfh

  17. Ishawna say by any means neccessary she affi buss n get d man, see it de a only hope she n d obeah man can keep him n get more dan whe Toya did get

      1. 10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

        11 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

  18. That’s y fooa use to beat r so ,that gal is a bitch long time with r fake body ,a long time Joe a slap her a pass round donkey ,merry go round ,bicycle

  19. Hear yah, mi never really did expect nuttn mo from “Ishalltekmifrenorwhoeverman and don’t giveadamn”,but mi really did not expect that from Joe B, Jah know, him look like him did all have him money ready fi do wah him a do. Him not even shouldah did deh deh, him look tipsy and all, no excuse, mi blame Joe more than how mi blame she, know why, caz a him did married to Toya, him fi show if a even a likkle bit a respect fi di maddah of him chile if nuttn else, no cyah how u look pan it, him wrang gone to bed, him nuh look like him did a greave, no sar dah nuh right. Him couldah did seh no, but him did hab him money in hand waiting to be called it look like…U wrang and double wrang Joe, that a wukliss drancrow move. She seh she nuh cyah and u seh mi nuh cyah eidah..dah rang till it can’t rang nuh mo..

  20. No International manager does this ,that’s y me haffi rate mumma Saw ,some gal too lose and careless ,desperate fi fame and will do anything fi money ,someday your son will get footage of these things and he won’t be proud Escape Hell Inna u Kentucky suit ,red gal ,red gal ,red gal a u mi a talk

  21. Remeber joe did condemned d-angel for her behavior on sting and he held her at a “high standard” bc his wife and her son attended the same school .. why not hold ishawna to such values … since your a man of such virtue… or “its jus for entertainment ” the hypocrisy in all this. .. d-angel has always been authentic to who she is… ishawna “gud girl gone bad” image no ready yet… toya and ishawna in the entertainment business … as women they have to fight 3x harder than the men, so legendary should kno betta…n do betta

  22. Pon a big woman levels wah mi really just see there was a video man and quiet a few other men and a joe she search for fi wine pon . I’m tell unu already and I say it again dog a just dog nuh matter how yu call them .mi nuh know but to me joe dis her neatly him push money down in her clothes so all him know say she is a pussy seller ,ishawana God nuh sleep and karma know everybody address and same how yu kill Toua leave her son remember yu have a son too

  23. Joe a move slow like him retarded or very burdened, watch di lizard gill under him throat/neck, ole buzzard

  24. Met stop posting things with this THOT
    There is something about her that I can’t stand
    Joe look like him drunk
    Ishawna and had space out fake breast need fi guy weh
    Somebody squash this big duty cockroach

  25. No public condolences from icewata, but we can see har a wine up pon de widower crotches in public…icewata nah nothing beyond slut skills.

    1. Foota did done talk it say she sleep with Joe and Skatta. This behavior just prove it. She soon call herself 1st,lady of Downsound.

  26. Putting in my 2 cents before I read all the comments.No man Ishawna why?.Joe is a big man and yes him should refuse but I think u left him with no choice cause u drape him to center stage.I can get why he was out probably just want to clear him head,drink something and nod 2 times to the music but misses grab di man and draw him.Little girl u need 2 slap cross u face wid a wet rag,u nuh see seh di man wife just passed away,weh mek u neva grab anodda man from di stage or crowd

  27. She said out of her own mouth she a look fi somebody right now, she nuh bloodclaat care. She move a yute out the way and draw for Joe.

  28. they think they living in heaven but their living in hell. imagine how many demons is in her, ishawna get your act together because this shit comes with karma. when you dig hole mek sure yuh dig 2. yuh have boy pitney. if a dis yuh a try get a bust off a. it don’t look good :thumbdown :thumbdown

  29. Morning met an metters
    Know fe days mi take weh mi self pon dis topic
    Cos it really meck mi cross

    I know off toya i dont know har
    Fe can call har pon de phone
    But enough dat mi can comment
    An sone ah ppl comments pis yuh off sometime

    First kemp@11:14 pm
    How yuh ago sey yuhtink met ah toya freind an if she woulda like how met ah duh up joe

    First mi back mi fren dem dead or alive gunshot knife chop
    Watever mi gully like dat
    Mi ah ole gringo
    An knowbody nuh know wah toya
    Disclose to met bout joe an she
    Have ah right fe seh weh she wan seh cause she know weh really did ah gwan wid de
    Dutty shribble up dog face man

    Suh met ah defend f**kin toya
    Star wahpen tuh dat

    Next some ppl ah seh de old she devil nuh force joe pon stage
    Dats not de point de point is principal star
    An joe nar dat Tasmanian devil
    Nuh have none.
    First him neva haffi deh ah blitz period send somebody
    Fe guh inna yuh place
    Ah manger nuh guh every event
    Wid him artist dats why yuh have road manager
    Road manger duh road an report
    To de manager

    How f**kin hurt can yuh be fe wine up unda ishawna suddy sour
    Smell bad cratchess
    An yuh wife dead de pussy neva look remorseful at all
    An she is ah real whore of Babylon always de pon stage wid har hand dem inna de air
    Like she tink gar career ago fly
    An she grounded like air rassclot Jamaica an all de
    Obeah weh she ah duh fe stay
    Pon top ah guh bury yuh
    Cos har career nah guh further
    Dan how it stay it ago get worse

    She nuh send out condolence to
    Toya not one time why because
    She glad she get weh she want
    Cos she know sey music nah guh
    Sustain har an she want toya spot
    Suh she can continue to live
    Har stinkin life at all cost

    Ishawna\iguanna dutty lizard when god ready fe yuh him ah come like ah teef in de night
    Nuh diabolical works nah can stop it good ova evil
    Toya dont pass of anything

    An joe is no good he could care
    Zero this was ah chance fe show
    Dat he has ah human side.
    An him jus as unscrupulous
    As iguanna

    An foota fe give mi star yuh tell de world seh we nuh know
    De dutty gyal an ah tru foota
    Did ah talk best ting happen tuh dah yute yah ah when she
    Come outta de man life

    Mi dun talk

  30. U know u a dog shit wen u go outta your way to be so slutty and yuh a beg man fi dance wid and nobody nah budge..this whore is so classless and have no self respect or shame..if I was here would clean up myact..my god d man wife just died and u soo thirty and thotish dat yuh can’t control yourself..very disgraceful. .da , an not even respect yuh cause he treated u like da dutty nasty slutbucket hoe u are and paid u for your service…mi shame anuh me …goes to show only can’t buy class it can buy yuh fast body parts and help yuh be a thot but not class..it bun mi fi da slutbucket yah essi and da man is a dirty classless old pervert who need fi use sum a him money and buy morals, integrity and standards ..I mean cum on yuh wife jus dead I don’t kno her personally but I sen them at party and mi never see her a skin out pon nuh man yet yes she bruk out but by herself..I don’t know her and I’m still mourning her death cause she seem like a nice fun person …met it saddens me to see your fren being disrespected like dis s.i.p. baby girl toya gone but will never he forgotten

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