1. manin mi fambily wah gwaan….Lady saw everytime u go bak to john john u sound cousin. ….mi nuh know weh da accident come from ……………..everybody a seh dem possess bout dem have two side to unu

  2. Den a how di DJ girl lay dung tek Shebada? A wonda ef it are a TREESUM? DJ, yu need fi run weh, cause di whole a unnu deh pon Borderline!!
    Baby madda nuh feel nuh way cause a di in ting fi woman fkuc battyman. See Gwen Stafani a fkuc Boy George ex…..a ded to raas!! Lime tess mi seh.

  3. Mi nuh know wah fi say bout shebada mi just nuh know cause da baby deh supposed to shit up …. always love saw as a artist.. Tommy Lee choose a demonic character fi feed the youths and a that Mi neva like bout. Him

  4. Whats going on with Lady Saw’s breast and her accent? Shibby a look attention, he dount really care about the deat ghetto of Cho Cho. Uts still painfull listening to Tammy Lee speak, dude have the worst tatts ever.

  5. Me love lady Saw, it look like she get a new set a twins. Dem shine and Siddung Pon platter. Shebreeda a gwaan like testosterone inna him body. If it’s true him breed DJ woman, har hole shit up and sell by date expired.

  6. Evening everyone …. on a diff note. Saw a couple pics of mumma saw recently and she look pregnant. Anyone else notice ?

  7. I don’t know if it’s only me but I just can’t stand someone doing interview in dark glasses honestly it’s like there hiding behind something honestly yow

  8. lady saw new boobs tun up girl na gain not one year…love u mumma saw all when you dash out dem still affi respect u

  9. Shebadda a look hype fi Bashment Granny 3, Lady Saw I will always have mad respect for her and Tommy lee with his sexy ass just gwaan prepare for Sting boo I’ll be watching. LOL

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