0 thoughts on “ONSTAGE WITH SPICE

  1. Miracle today! Spice I like this. It have “edge” and I like the old school style of “ridding” the riddim…and me rarely like onu music.

    Next! yu have half NAKED man a embrace pon you and you FAIL fi tell you partner over dinners? Girl that’s deceptive and a cause fi piss off you partner that you say yu share things with regularly. P.S. Go mek up with you man if nothing no inna nothing…

  2. I don’t mean to be rude, but is there a reason this girl always look like she did not shower for years, she always look like she smell

  3. I HATE that lip ring. It just look awkward! She need to tek it out! I also think it’s a publicity stunt. Why di man don’t mek no other comment beside the comments about the pictures? :hoax2

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