This is S*** d*** some 1 I use to mess around for couple of month didn’t realized all the lie he told me until one day I went to the doctor they told me I have a STD name HERPES I cry 4 day.when I finally get in touch with him asking if there anything he wanted to tell me cause I went to the doctor he told me NO..that when I get real mad an piss I told him he gave me a STD the only thing he could of say was sorry ..I was mad like my world came to a end it like he didn’t care if he gave me yes I now I was wrong to have sex with him without condom but I did like this guy he get me by given me oral sex n told me that am the first girl he go down on so I let him not use a condom little did I now I wasn’t the first one he give oral sex to r herpes to..I wonna share this story cause it a affected my like ..p.s want everyone he told this same story to go n get check cause he now he as it a going around given it to other females I already report him to the health department n the case is open
*******People in order to expose these men you will have to submit your photo also and name, and send a copy of the medical record. I cannot post that someone has given you something without full confirmation********

0 thoughts on “ORAL S*X GAVE WAY TO HER-PES

  1. Sorry about the STD.
    Girl in ths day and age u having unprotected sex with someone because u like them, what kind of logic is that? And how mi soppose to kno who him be with no pic?

  2. Having unprotected sex in 2014 in unheard of. I can’t trust myself how can I trust a next person. Puh-lease. Sorry to hear that you’re ill with a lifelong illness but a suh it go when you play Russian roulette with your life.

  3. You are never the first! Don’t meck dese men gas you up wid dat foolishness. You paying a heavy price for liking someone. Millions of ppl lving with herpes and many go on to have solid relationships, marriages and have children. Herpes is not a death sentence, life goes on. Teck your medz, eat right, and stay healthy to reduce flare ups and when the right person comes along he will still love you and stay with you even after learning you have herpes.
    Good thing you reported him.

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