Kmt😒😒 mi affi laugh… they say SHOW ME YOUR COMPANY AND I’LL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE!!! Suh unuh nuh see who r leader is??? Kmft a dat Lisacas train them fi do, so mi nuh expect no better from non a dem…. Lisa addi biggest dancehall whore mi knw bout… and she will never stop well it all start from r mada still weh a tek the young taxi bwoy fi idiot Then come Lisa weh buck up pon Flabba but dem say wen woman get fool fi use them ago use them…. Lisa tek Flabba fi one big piece a gyal ediot all when Flabba reach 70 Lisa ago still f**k pon him cause that’s what hood rats do… bwoy Flabba Dabba yuh heart strong fi still waah deh uppa a Jackson town after all Lisa put you through inna dancehall…. chanae pon the other hand she deserves every bit of what she’s getting… she is nothing but a slut she and English doll a run fi the title “CAS BIGGEST SLUT” I wouldn’t book cas girls not even if the lord dream mi a tell mi fi book them all a them reputations are extremely low and you knw the worst part of it most of them are mothers and the kids gonna grow up thinking the slutty life of their parent is cool…. and somebody please tell Elisa cas say don’t open her mouth cause dem space teeth ugly af ….anyways am out

2 thoughts on “OUCHEA

  1. Met a sikes the sender a use tomorrow is her cookout don’t mek dem trick yuh Aunty Met…unnu good ehhhh

  2. Dwrcl
    Mi cyant badda. But di madda is a bitch eno she live wid har baby fada and the taxi youth in the picha always deh a dem yawd.
    Flabba him fool cyant done

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