0 thoughts on “OUR DJ’S BACK IN THE DAY

  1. Bwoy how times and tings change..mi po’ po’ Buju. U know seh Killah all ketch some looks ovah di years…dwl. Beenie..same way.

  2. Thanks for posting this Metty. Good memories….Buju B please tuh hurry an come outta di people dem prison. Mi hab mi quattie put dung fi buy yuh fus 3 album, and enough fi show up ah yuh fus show :kiss

  3. Killa a mi dj ……Big up Buju and Beenie man…..intelligence dis wen mi hear some ppl a talk bout some dj intelligent …….mi glad fi know seh mi did know dancehall wen it was dancehall ………..

    1. Big up me sista REAAAAAAl :kiss
      Gone are the days of juggling, moggling and bubbling. Dancehall has gone to the DOGS which we find in the form of sodomites and faggots :sup2:

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