Met this is Keisha glama from jersey also know as jersey mattress she had a baby for a (Edited) in Philly but she’s won’t say who. I heard she was introduced as babysitter for his kids…. Talk the tings dem…



  1. Me seh nutten no cuter dan than long mouth something yah. She have di biggest mouth and love hide and teck. Har sister no stop breed up fi Dan Dan son and him no stop swing di buddy statewide. She gone baby # 3 oh what a life.

    But dem seh Mrs Lady ya up top use to be Dan Dan Mrs. so what does that make the relation ? SIster Inlaw/Mother inLaw. Dwl. Dem Port Royal Tower hill combination is a nasty mess. All now di baby fada cah show muss less name cah menshan. And di baby shower was a hot mess and mixup ina one.

    1. Damn keish they got u too, who party coming up..cus Jersey kno y’all ya own publicist lol…on anotha note cliffy pickney dat

  2. The baby father is chalis he pay her to hide it smh low self-esteem. I here roger Mafia is not the final pick up, the big dogs aka fbi looking for chalis

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