Confirmed: Photos – Members of the Christian, Muslim and Rastafarian communities are now at a rally in Half-Way-Tree where they have voiced their disapproval of the removal of the buggery laws in Jamaica. The rally which was started by the lobby group “Jamaica CAUSE” began from the UWI, Mona campus, and culminated in a march in Half-Way-Tree.


  1. Good morning Metti, well its about time the people came out in unison to
    Protest. Jamaica is on a moral slide to decay. Tolerance is one thing, but this bullying to accept what the majority of the population knows is wrong is not acceptable. More people need to protest, perhaps if Portia and the gay community wake up to see a half million people standing up for what we believe in. Then they will realize we will no longer will intimidation be tolerated.

  2. Why can’t they all be thus viligant about crimes and other causes afecting jamaica? I dount condone thus gay lifestyle, but the churches in jamaica only play a role when it had to do gays. They all neef to protest for a bettet hamaica….100, 000 ummm

    1. this was a very big violation , crimes is minute right now to the extent of the disrespect, I am very happy they demonstrated, how can you teach kids with booklets not approved by the government??NO NO this is huge and they are very much correct to nip this

      1. The goverment is responsible for implementing measures to control crime, citizens are to be encouraged to report crime..this will bring crime down. What the JFJ did is no small thing. How can a non profit agency step over the government and teach public school and public fed children what they want when those children are not even a apart of their agency’s care nor is sex education a part of JFJ’s M.O? Honey if it happened in America all kinds of heads would roll..Dem a try do what America did with their sex ed program, they did bring an agency in to teach children about this but it was a Family planning agency

        1. Mi jus type one long comment and dis damn computer delete it sigh..
          The JFJ seems to be operating and carrying out work for JFLAG.

          1. Met, I agree with you on the booklet, it was very sneeky of Gomes. She went after the vulnerable kids…but it would be nice to see the citizens stand up like this for other causes. Jamaica is going to cave in in one of these days….u watch an see.

          2. It has to begin with the government. Because Lisa took this up people felt comfortable to march..People even fraid fi report crimes because dem think people a go kill dem , maybe this march will bring out more people to march for other things but it is a good start

          3. Not only is Gomes sneaky but the JFJ itself needs to be revised/closed. They are an agency for human rights so how dem get ina education business? I feel JFLAG has given the JFJ its agenda to carry out since they tried to air a few commercials about tolerance and was refused by both T.V stations they have decided to carry out the tolerance baton regardless. Now, tolerance does not work one way, it means that we should respect each other but gay people will not even be tolerant of someone’s religious views or freedom so what kind of tolerance are they really seeking? The society needs to evolve on its on because u cant teach someone to be tolerant of another person, it will create a facade of tolerance and end up much worse than what happened with racism

        2. I do believe when it comes to homosexual its the parent (s) job to discuss the issue with their children/or child, the government nor a non profit agency should not take on that position.

  3. +100. same suh wi fi march wen govt gwaan wid fukry. Like Kern Spencer walking 100‰ free after 5 years no explanationand, x6 shooter and cash plus hill granted bail amongst other things. Its a good look. Numbers don’t lie prime minister. The ppl have spoken so

  4. you know this i critical. the increase in ba#yman power actually a boost dm guy deh fi drive run , grab and rape man. if a dis a di tip a di ice berg, if a soh di nastyness start, jus judge wha u a go do wid u pikney and peopledem lata on. one poor man couldnt tek it an kill himself an no baddy nah talk bout dat.
    buggery mus not only b illegal, but sex between two woman mus outlawed as well. di aim mus be to stop the slide into the nastyness
    THIS was a good first strike

  5. You know this is critical.
    The increase in ba#yman power actually a boost dem guy deh fi drive run , an grab and rape MAN. If a dis a di tip a di ice berg, if a soh di nastyness start, den jus judge wha dem a go do wid u pikney and people dem lata on!
    Membah! One poor man couldnt tek it an kill himself an no baddy nah talk bout dat.
    Buggery mus not only remain illegal, but sex between two ooman mus be outlawed as well. Di aim mus be to STOP the slide into the nastyness. Di homosexual dem muss’n have no agenda eena JAMAICA! (Bout dem waan adopt pikney too.)
    THIS was a good first strike. But much more is needed, and di Jamaican dem overseas mussn fraid fi stan up. Dat is di one dem whe dem no turn already. My ex-wife cousin dem a seh bout as long as it dont affec me. Well look pon Jamaica an tek sleep mark death. Dem waan educate YOUR pikney – even if dem have parents r dem a orphan. Dem waan rights and gwaaney gwaaney eena public spaces. dem waan hol down an rape! an if you open you mout, dem a fiyah you fom you good good job. An maark you, no justice no deh.
    All police fraid fi lock dem up when dem ketch dem red handed because Inspector a go get a call fi transfer di officer out a woey woey bush, and cut im pay.
    Is time we tek back Jamaica.

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