Good afternoon, writing to you as it relates to a big fraud issue that was committed against over 200 people..
This company that called them selves linquist consultant on old hope road run by Shawna kay deans and her assistants Stacy and 2 more…
They falsely advertised that they are conducting work and travel program overseas for hb2 visa and the program cost $112,000 plus embassy fee of $30,000 for each person.. she told us to expedite police records and bring in our passport/birth certificate along with other documents to start the process to leave by late November 2021..through out the process she rarely emails or contact us and when we called it’s a different story…when she said we must come in for an embassy interview we did it at her office back in November about 50 of us throughout the day and all she did was copy an paste and collect we money….
Long after we kept calling she sent us some emails that was supposed to be contracts for the company overseas but it didn’t contain any company name after that In January she told us that the books was accepted by embassy and now being process for the visas..
One of the persons on the program got tired of waiting being she already has her travel Visa but wanted the work one so she could work too..she and her husband who’s a police went to the office Tuesday for her passport and the assistant said they weren’t there..the girl and her husband force they way in the office where the find all 200 books that was supposed to be at embassy in the office gathering dust..the husband called the police where a raid took place at the office and the police took all the books and computers… they let go the assistant saying them a small fish th need the big head which is shawnakay deans who’s no where to be found or contacted…we have reported the issue to the police and the fraud team but honestly that’s a block cause if a no scamma from money them no care..
We created a what’s app group for all the persons that got scammed.. persons are crying cause the borrow people money looking for a better life and some spend the last savings…person are even depress and a call it them last day…some of us got our passport from halfway tree police station while some gave to wait to get it…please please help cause me need back the money since the process was started and a bare attitude them a give and we each any $142,000 each….we just need we money back that’s all cause people really going through it 


  1. Omggg people wicked eno mighty God! 34mil that eno smh. That money ago make she torment too much eye water on it! How can you be so heartless man Kmt.

  2. But year after year things like these always a happen. Smfh the ministry of labor says they’re the only ones that do oversea programs,plus to get visas u have to go in person. And nobody’s supposed to have u passport but u,supposed unuh never get it back? Come on ppl stop behaving so gullible to go farrin,in terms of recovering the money all the best she goodly gone abroad with.

  3. I bet that they weren’t on the list that the Ministry of Labour provided with companies that are registered to do work and travel.

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