Shana why you never put make up pon di mon face before you guh tek picture with the he she him look crawny n scarey like wah! Him finally look like a man,Shana dem seh you ah par wid di battey man dem because dem have di scamming pon lock! Bout him ah try shape out n push out him hip you nuh born wid a pokey suh u cannot bring nuh pitney mashley ughhhhhh you sick tomach! Batty man and sadimight ah di bestest friend caaah dem lick out batty and support the rainbow.You jump di case fi guh to Jamaica n open make up shop then start scam so you can get the expensive bags and designer clothing while living inna Jamaica. You can’t run from the law for long it will catch up wid yuh.


  1. Mi just did a guh ask a who d tranny pan d right, cauz mi nuh know who dem think dem a try fool eh nuh, mi spot that 1 from a mile away!!!

  2. Sharna man is also a refugee from canada to you know just get her file oooo he’s also a big scammer too oooo

  3. Is true bout the scamming a girl name Trudy xcellent or Polly work fi har man and no stop tell ppl say him rent place put her fi base that she can do the scam fi him all a talk how much money make a day..it serious bad but his rasta baby mom and Trudy r frens so how that work fi har matie which is his baby mother fren is his worker too much mix up..but the rasta never look good yet so a must dolledup a wife.

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