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      1. Me can’t tell by the middle picture at all. If a female then me unda stand why she a pay to play :hammer

        It hard when all you name masculine 😀

  1. Yes curiosity.. It is Perry daughter michelle…She owns Dpanish Town skateland and perry’s hotels….she was engaged and lived with Glamour Wayne for many years before he move to the US permanent.She has a lot of money but she is not a pretty girl….she does look better than that picture in person…so sender why would you want her to stop pay the rent? Met this is entertaining..lol

  2. Jesus Christ a ya so nice a da big ugly man ya she go pick up weh a work a margan funeral home in Spanish town n the man marry big marry man no mek no body see with the ppl them marry man ppl she know say him marry the wife come three time a Jamaica n she wait till the wife gone she tek him ppl unuh a go see she love that ugly man the man embalm her she can’t go no where left that ugly man dwl

  3. Mikey dump her an she go pick up the pretty boasy boy the one weh full a tattoo. .seems like she cah hold no man..she gone low now she turn to funeral parlor man..she fe stp mind man an keep her money in a her pocket..me live a walks road we use to attend the same school an me ago name out the man the man them weh me know. .she use to chat to the police one name mogela ,glama Wayne ,Ranking ,Norristown Grant ,Mikey an then the pretty boy wid the tattoo then the man a the dead house..your getting old now do better than that an stop mind the man them,,wen u cah do enough them ago left u..fine someone to love u as u are an go change out u closet ..these things ago reach u cause u gwaan like u better than people..cah go further later…kmt smh

  4. Bouy Michelle u gone to the dead now..so listen now a round a prince Avenue round weh Morgan use to lay him dead Michelle yuh heart good fi lay down deh so ehh …listen mi no have nothing more to say cause yuh category low….:)

  5. Yes Michelle the time come for u now on this page!half a Spanish town don’t like u and Cumberland road nuh like yuh. I migrate to England. Michelle man mi na look fi u go dey so wid da ugly man dey yuh a top gal in a dis town ya. Mi WI see wid u wid d next ugly man we drive lexus . This a social media is not a nice thing any body put u up if a d man wife u need to corporate cause it dnt look good!

  6. No man an nuh Perry daughter wey drive d white benz. Yuh gone way low to the bottom mi see u get mawga mi pass u a young street a doctor a cross road . So babe it nuh look good pan u funeral home man. Michelle mi know that man dey him live in na d house pan Prince Avenue wey Morgan keep d dead them! A ca that man dey u ppl say u a f**k with. So listen now a must bawm him bawm u is a walking dead. Yuh gwan like u a saith. Them buss u yuh everybody a laugh at u a Spanish town.

  7. Old gal Michelle u a 48 and u ma mada a 81 d two a u no a jezebel . U no siding an wash yno mouth pan ppl picked . U no evil that’s y d hotel pap dung uno too evil that mash up. All a chat but ppl the if u van a u and d ugly man theif d van uno a wicked but uno GA church. U an yuh muma love chat ppl business. U a fight against the woman wey own d shop but everybody a rejoice fi wa happen fi u . All Sunday night mi out dey park up a laugh at u. Welcome to the club Michelle

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