0 thoughts on “P SQUARED

    1. Suh mi seh too, him need a pair a orange gloves fi complete di look and fi covah di hand caz it nuh reach eidah. Oh and some sticking plastah ovah him lips caz and a skyaff fi im neck

  1. Monkey Cleo’s. Him just want to be in limelight.poor thing what up with these men. It don’t look good.

  2. To how him bleach out, him fava one dead a lay dung ina casket. Dem gal deh a Jamaica really meck dem man yah lay dung wid dem?? this is not fashion, It’s called coming out the closet..

  3. Always like cleo swag! have a lot of dh tapes with him jus because him style dem is one of a kind that does not make him g.. boi Jamaican ppl eww!!!

  4. Him socks and slippers fava him get “foot” and bandage it…:ngakak Den is stubborn him ears and hand stubborn suh, or di bleach jus nuh trang enough :ngakak

  5. Everytime I see this man I wonder why he continues to bleach because it’s not working he must of been dark complicated or he smoke a lot because his lips are too much and plus it doesn’t look good with his bleach skin… he always looking like he need some help.. do he have a women she needs to tell him babe let me dress you please and thanks! lol

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