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Shane Williams acquitted
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10:1 guilty Palmer
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They are back
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A 10:1 verdict either way is acceptable for murder BUT only after jury has spent more than 2 hours out


  1. who is shane williams?

    why was he aquitted? mi memba di judge did mistakenly call him name inna him summation an seh he is no longer here. is dat moonie right name?

  2. shane williams lawyer seh him might sue di system, because him depressed and need psychological help.

    him seh, di ress a man dem ago tek dem case to a higher jurisdiction, that was expected

  3. If that one extra juror came today an said not guilty they could not have convict him. Why was the case allowed to go ahead with 11 jurors?

  4. Met they reported in the observer that one of the jury has been arrested, he tried to bribe the foreman and the foreman told on him.

  5. mi seh met mi almost cry god know mi happy fi know dis wicked man never get weh mi feel like mi win lotto thank you god for letting this man get weh him fi get :2thumbup :sorry

    1. Met should put that Happy video up for the rest of the week….Peace be with Lizard’s family tonight and always.

  6. the ppl dem really deh dung town a fling bottle nd stone dem hab nuh kine a sense or wah…smoke bomb out dem nastiness sick phuck’n stomach


    Amen… 12 pack a RED STRIPE in celebration :selamat

    Hey MET!

      1. Selah Met, selah.

        Thank you, for your conviction as well. You stayed on course. Tell you Links thanks as well. This case sets precedence for which we’ll see going forward.

      2. MET TO THE WORLD. from day one yuh lock the case me sista. Well done. I am extremely proud of you for what you are doing, Yuh neva ease up one bit, from him get arrested till now. keep up the good worh. A de progress for Jamaica a wha weh a defend. David (lizard) and Goalith( kartel)

  8. Singing_____ into my heart, into my heart, come eeeennnto my heart Lord jeeeeessus come in I pray, come in to stay, come eeeeeento my heart Lord Jesus. Hallelujah. God ah God. :bingung: :bingung:

  9. @ g according to the jury act, 11 member jury is considered a properly constituted jury to continue a capital charge 🙂

  10. @g and even if the 12th juror was present and the verdict was10-2, I believe the. Refit would still have been accepted because it would be considered a majority verdict.

  11. Fi all Kartel case dem fi give him 12 life sentences all battyman Shawn storm I hope I n him hug up n sleep tinite batty plug unnu meck man lead unnu straight to unnu dimise a don’t sorry fi none. JAMAICA NEED FI BRING BACK HANGING RIGHT NOW

  12. A years di ppl dem run een a gi we a glimpse a wha go dung n court come verify di ting n ppl a fling stone….. a di pits of ignorance dis

  13. You cannot be a DJ and a murderer. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, all he had to do was use his talent in a positive way as uplift meant for the youths. He must pay for his crimes. Let this be a lesson to others.

  14. I am very surprised that Kartel was found guilty–especially since the police as usual did a very poor job in falsifying evidence… As long as Kartel-ism still permeates society, it matters not if he is behind bars…

      1. Met there was foul play on the part of the police. However, that’s besides the point, Kartel is well deserving of the verdict. I just hope find a way to assist with the cleansing of society from now on. Thus far, he has been the worst thing to have ever happen to the entertainment fraternity… Di man mess up the minds of the youth and I think it is too late to redeem this generation…

        1. Again, Kartel was found guily by a overwhelming amount of evidence.

          Scratch the demonizing of the police. The crime was committed and de nit picking fi derail justice didn’t work. Dem so desperate dem all at the last hour attempted to buy de jury…tomorrow news dat.

  15. @met .. I want to know what was Latrell reaction when he heard the verdict.. Wish I was in court to see it.. The look in his face must be priceless

    1. Same thing I was thinking she next! MET Noble prize fi yuh u kept on course and I know media houses visit this site for info. JMG to.d world a weh Ace deh?

      1. Mi seh God str8 and God said it would be so and when the day a get late the spirit of God told me to prove him with psalm 22vs 4..Finson fi get him licensed removed ! a dat next

        1. Yes me friend…revoking a few law licenses is in order. Finson and de one who storm har hot ass out a de court along wid de one who wrote the letter. Natty fi go trim.

          Big Up SDP. J. TAYLOR!

  16. smadd can find out if ace dead or alive???

    did he slit his wrist yet?

    did he find th highest cliff an jump yet?

    ace ur worl boss tun prison ass yah now, how u feel?

      1. simply, ace affi go find a nex man fi luv cuz him man naah go eva can touch him pon him batty again dwl

        ace many odda “fish” inna di sea, jump in a pick one :ngakak

          1. jump inna di fish tank an pick a nex fish metty, cuz him California king fish gone far far away inna di back a di prison yah now.

  17. God see and know EVERYTING!!! What is kept in the dark will ALWAYS come to light cause God don’t like ugly. Amen!!! R.I.P young man; your murder did not go in vain

  18. Woiiieee Shirley a cry, him nuh cry yet. Hush ya Whirl (Twirl) Baas, go hug up Shawn Storm tinite n onoo comfat each odda

    Tenk u Metty…..u di besssssss

  19. smaddy guh see if ACE a heng from any tree deh plz, wi cant afford for him to not hear how many years him kartel getting,plz a beg unno guh save ACE dont mek him guh to waste b4 de judge rap up the last a dis race…cut mi yeye

  20. Right ya now mi a do mi happy dance and a sing bye and bye to dutty nasty kartel….kartel memba dis and know dis dat my God is real…him slow but him sure…yes dutty gaza slim yu did know weh yu a seh when yu seh ” a nuh weh man seh a weh God seh” well seeth deh now nuh more a kartel crayon book cocky in a yu mouth again,cause God naw sleep….how da germs deh fi cuss God and den unu a talk bout God,….unu guh tek back unu money from di obeah man cause a trick him trick unu…

  21. My heart, oh my heart, ina mi bashment granny voice, Farthell needs to take him chain wid him god of wood and stone hang himself tonight, now that him prove that ADONAI, is Lord in all the Universe, oh my heart! heh haaaaayyyyyyyy

  22. Boy mi nah rejoice ova no1 misfortune but at the end of the day u reap what you sew and base on the texts a nuh first dem a kill ppl.. this is a message fi the rest if the gunman and wicked ppl sey dem caan just a kill ppl like dem give life.. Shawn storm seems to be a yute weh get catch up inna badness.. but weh no dead no dash weh good can cum from behind the bars. God go wid dem dem get a second chance to mek it right with God.. RIP lizard.

  23. Jah know him fi prison still but not fi long even a 5 yrs cause at the end of the day a baddest Lizard did a do to and nobody know who lizard kill when him did alive so a jus the consequence wen u a do baddest Lizard should pick it up him wouldnt dead and Kartel shouldn’t kill him friend

  24. A di same blackberry bring him dung weh him love sing bout, kartel a u sey that’s y u love black berry

  25. :kr :selamat :selamat yess god not sleeping!!!!! kartel did kill mi fren Bone,then him send him boys dem fi try tek way Deva Bratt fi kill him few years back,on the back road n the police dem save him, now di pu##y going to prison!! God ah God!!!

  26. This verdict sends a very direct message to all the murders and entertainers/ gunmen in Jamaica that think they are above the law. If they could lock up the so called world boss who the hell they won’t lock up. If a music unno seh a music unno fe ge the people dem and not nuh violent lyrics fe incite war and murder in our little island. Enough is enough, the judicial system struck a deadly blow today, and as it is written in the bible, “strike the shepherd and you will scatter the sheep.” Alll of his little sheep’s that are running around saying free worl boss, very soon you shall look and see them no more.

    1. If dudus can go prison abroad WHO dah one yah think him is? lololol.

      I pray we youth dem shake de ghetto savior mentality and move on to improve dem life pon dem own steam and not that of a person with couple dollars…is slavery on a different level.

  27. Misfortune, what misfortune? Kartel was never forced to commit any of his misdeeds. We should only expect to reap from the seeds that we sow…

  28. Kartel try tun dancer inna badman an dis a di end result…..all yuh did affi duh is Lowe di yute make him gwaan dance….if yuh Neva geem gun him Wudnt have none fi miss-up, prison fi yuh….r.i.p lizard.

  29. @Anonymous, I so hope that the so-called sheep find a new and better shepherd–which they will. When it is all said and done, history will regard Kartel as an after though…

  30. My God is good all the time Corner Speng RIP mi Bredda. Bigs RIP. Prestin RIP and that’s just a few. This was a two fi one deal it sweet mi how Lizard dead bcuz him kill Nuff ppl fi Kartel but mi glad a fi him murder send Kartel a prison God not sleeping Waterford a clean up good.

  31. @anony 10;39,i soo agree with u because Lizard was one of the men who killed Bone n went after Deva Bratt n also set up deva…. GOD AH GOD!!! bless up mettttttt tre8888

  32. If this aint justice, i dont know what is!! Shirley a murderer long time and he deserves every OUNCE A DI 50YRS DEM AGO GIVE HIM..That ole anti-Christ..

  33. Di whole situation sad on both sides! Jamaica has lost a real good artist and a mother has lost her son smfh!!

  34. Gaza slim probably will seek Asylum over by goat Island since it’s now owned by the Chinese. She might even get lucky and find a husband and change her name to gaza CHIN.

  35. Marraanniinngg Met the story nu done yet Kartel have whole heap more charges fi gi face.Di cocaine trafficking charge nu put farward yet so mek di gazaites dem gwan talk bout appeal..Busta look like a flipping idiot fi smaddy weh did up deh and get lille shine.

  36. (KARTEL -Addi Truth) Remix

    Kartel inna d Court house
    Kartel inna d Court house….
    Kartel Walk out an a Cry
    Him seh D judge nah Gi him no Bligh….
    Dem seh a Baaay Evidence dem a find
    Cause him Chop up Lizard too Fine….
    Dis yah 1 yah D Rhyme
    Nw dem A plan fi Gi Addi more time
    Plead him Guilty an him nuh Committ nuh Crime
    Now inna shawty belly bare man ago whine


  37. F**KA!!! If zeeks and dudus can go a prison why dis killer BATTYMAN can’t go prison too. Me feel like seh me get a visa today…… But then again a prison we seh!!!!!! F**ka.

  38. No man.. How Ace nuh farward yet?!?!?! Weh di Gazamites dem deh?? Met mi happy yuh frigg!!! Cummin like mi win sumin!!!!

    Kudos to you and covering this story from every aspect!!!! Ratings to yuh mama… and big up yuh linky dem….

    1. ______________________________________________________________________ mi se ace eye dem look like dem kaint manij

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