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Hello Met,

Just curious and wanted to know if any of the Metters have any late info on Davina Burns.

Did she have her baby yet ?
Hopefully by now she has since dropped that loser Pedophile boyfriend of hers.

I don’t know why I see more potential in this girl than she see for herself. Her voice is soo powerful , she could be the next Whitney Houston. Why limit yourself and settle for scrums when the pie is so big and waiting to be devoured? That boyfriend is the only obstacle in her way. Seeing Tessanne sing last night reminded me of her.

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  1. admin yuh knw yuh head’n av mi a way…yuh nuh c yuh ansa weh dem a ask mi belly no man a u bad not even a question sign mumz :ngakak

  2. mi neva recognize AR…di likkle gal go spoil up di one ting weh shi have di little neat bady ……fi di bredda weh fava figurine ……mi cah imagine how him disappear and gone fi wah nex toddler

  3. Mi feel a way for her still cause she is a young girl…… and anyone with eyes could have seen this coming. Glad to see she kept her child. Wish her all the best! Let it be a lesson to the other young girls a run round with them old time loser yah. cause that big stinking man keep on a talk bout she a him artist….oh well, she just need to keep her head up.

  4. Den wait deh likkle mi see she send greetings to her baby farter whey day so how unnu mean di peel out head top man still a say just him “artiste”

  5. Oh God man she need an intervention baddddd. I guess her parents are showing har tough love since she wouldn’t leave dat skirmage alone. I pray that she bounce back quick and not become just another backup/studio singer because of her circumstances.Where is that bubbly girl that was so confident while lieing to the public Onstage. sad. and very hurtful to see her like this.

  6. She have a nice likkle baby however mi memba when her and dutty mucks gone pon onstage and a chat f**kery bout dem never ah f**ck but yet she have him pickney. Dat bredda a big time pedophile. I think that’s why she inna New York cause har family did see it from long time

  7. you know what us jamaicans can be the worst to each other. despite of whats going on in her life or what have gone wrong in her life, we as fellow jamaicans seeing this girl with so many talents should be uplifting her and advise her to go through with her god given talent but no unu a fast inna har personal life, she nuh spoil up her life at all she is still young, i went on you tube and listen this girl , she is amazingggg, even the song mith macka diamond, i heard it so many times but didn’t really know who she was..,
    look at tessane all of a sudden everybody a seh tessane but when she did deh a jamaica a sing har but off a only few people like my self was always raving for her, all unu want listen to a cartel and movada, dats why she haffi look other outlet that can exposed her more,
    i am jamaican and sometime mi feel shame a me own damn people

  8. Baby born yes and look just like him daddy.

    Feel very sad for her too, she had great potential. The Samantha J girl from Ochi weh sing bout tight up skirt who a tour down USA claat coulda been Devina if she did only listen when people who was trying to push her career did tell her left the drama outta the spotlight. Unfortunately a nuh talent alone mek it inna da industry deh, haffi have di attitude and personality for it too. Dev mek her infatuation wid di olboy overshadow everything else. See now Samantha J a pose up wit Macka when is Devena was Macka junior sidekick a while back.

    she de ny because if she go a jamaica who ago tek care of she and the baby?

    She better go look a job a NBC or Digicel and gaan mek sure River have food fi eat.

  9. I am not sorry for her, when gal want buddy they jeopardize dem own future fi it. Stop comparing her to Tessanne and Whitney unnuh too wikid fi a stretch har talent so far it nah reach o.

  10. bwoy………

    glad for the baby , baby sweet and look dead stamp of kurrupt

    happy him get a yute cause for a while dem did seh him infertile

    wonder if having a child of his own will motivate him to stop being such a loser ??

    kurrup been a freak , been doing drugs and been exploiting girls for sex and money for yearssssssssssssssssssssssss and always a cuss bout him a get a “fight”

    baby dont stop nothing so there is hope for davina yet

    as long as she step out of worskipping kurrup

    better she stay in ny

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