Paris please change your lock or report the incident. The man whey do di video figet say him did a stay ina di same place

0 thoughts on “PARIS GIVE IT TO DEM

  1. bwoy sabrina de hair and nose had me at :ngakak adda dan dat yuh went innnnnnnnnnnnnn nd him phuck’n rude fi dat


  3. Nastiness shut di f**k up and guh learn fi keep yu place clean, yu shuda a f**kn shame yu come a mek video like yu think people a idiot…why yu neva talk bout moving yesterday ..all when people a move dem kitchen and bathroom nuh dutty suh..yu seh bathroom want fix suh yu want fi tell mi seh di kitchen want fix to mek suh much dutty plate in a di sink and kitchen nasty…roach must draw weh yu nasty raas any weh yu live, bout yu a icon….yu need fi do less chatting and start to more clean dam idle nasty f**ker yu

  4. Met, we all fall for the underdog. sabrina is not an ugly girl but i have to say noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. she has to be lying. If someone is in the process of moving they dont have bere dutty things all bout. before a person move them want to make sure everything clean before they take it to dem new place. pl who are in the process mek sure dem kids clothes and kids things are well pack up.
    if its true she’s about 36 and she say she have one man for 20 years, then how old she really be???????????
    sabrina please focus pon your two beautiful boys and lowe the chat up fukery a woman’s home should be spotless. Now that you move and leff all the nastiness behind……you get a fresh start.

  5. UGLY on the inside til her good looks is being over shadowed. Wat a gyal dunce n dark fi a big woman. No mon. Mi shame

  6. She angry. Til her mouth a froth . Hahaha. She is no icon nor have no money. Money n live ina dutty apartment?o plz

  7. Keep man fi twenty years. So why baby father one and baby father #two flee. Brina yuh too lie. Gal don’t even know Jr real name and have a child for him. This girl don’t know it’s time to hit the chill button. God watch over her kids.

  8. Just clean the damn house that’s all !! What’s all that for ? The time she took to scream all that she coulda been cleaning no damn excuse !!

  9. Dutty Paris stop come on ya bawl out jr jr he dis u for a another woman and yu tek it to heart and everyday yu get up Pon the ppl dem name good god have mercy on u cuz it’s very sad how a woman can bring down dem self for a man like my girl love yu kids and move on cuz man thing is not for u maybe yu need fi try woman maybe that would work out for u

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