1. :hammer … A stunt and dunce no raas
    As fi di printer man him just print whatever dem gi him…. No ” auto correct” :ngakak

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,peepers nd others…
    but it more luk like dem waan seh “Champion in action” more dan the “Champagne in action.” :nerd
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  3. Sender, there’s a real simple explanation for this..according to the definition of *Champaign* = a vast land or battle field, Jay decided to change si ting up and wanted the champagne splashing to be held at a vast land cause the club space too small fe dem ah slip and slide up pon dem one anedda..just take a look at his background pic; it is a vast piece of land…

  4. Gm all
    Can’t blame the flyer man. Him print exactly what them give him. Plus sent it to them before to proof before him print.

  5. Another day in the dunce and duncebat life and the dunceheads that follow these people and go to their Party for them to show off in their theift clothes from credit card scam.

  6. @Senda u really disgusting dwrl…who u say fi tell him say champagne spell wrong pon di flyer? bwahahahah!!!!!!!!
    If she know how champagne spell a swear mi woulda gi ar mi next paycheck lmao

  7. Happle and Jay are as dumb as a box of rocks but when ever I hire anyone for any service, all things involving that service should be discussed.
    Printer man is an eediat and should not be in the business, a notable mistake such as this should have been discussed with the client as to if this is what they want or would they like the spelling corrected.How very unprofessional of him/her!

  8. When you a printer you print what they give you on the paper end of story . how the printer person must know its champion they ment ? Its not like it was a wrong letter in the word its totally a different word so all who a blame printer is just as dumb as jay and apple

  9. I agree with @Anonymous it’s not the printer person fault. The person hiring him for the service should have their things in order, what you want to say on the flyer the picture or pictures you gon put pon it, all that the printer man doesn’t have to make sure it’s right, the printer person just need to make sure everything that was giving to him is on that flyer and it looks good. Now if they want him to proof read I would charge extra fi that, lol! This is a mistake of the person having the party. Once he got back the flyer he should of looked it over throughly and if he didn’t see any mistakes then that means whatever he put on that people he felt the spelling was correct! Maybe the man meant to put that but since people brought it to his attention he now think it was a good idea so mi blame it on the printer man! smdh…

    1. Maybe my reading of patwa is fuzzy! At the beginning of your post you say “it’s not the printer person fault” but then at the end of your post, you say “so mi blame it on the printer man”!
      I want to believe, since this is a learnt language for me……..that I am the confused one! :nohope

  10. he probably sent the flyer to one of those online print shops that get hundreds of flyers a day or even a small printer man with nuff work… You think them man have time to proof read every detail on every flyer.

  11. Me want to know why Hapfell fren dem a blame di printah..unu fi tell di people dem fi guh pick up a class, it nuh really mattah at dis point..anything them enroll innah would be a plus.

  12. Big up Jadion whey see mi Pretty fren and a look har a Brooklyn last week and when she nah look pon yuh yuh ago ask har if she nuh know who you are, lol please to tell me who you are exactly so mi caan tell har.

  13. A 1 new compound word dis??? Champion & Champagne. I guess he’s trying to say he is a champion that drinks a lot of champagne!! :malu2

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