Somebody please tell da likkle girl here sey she don’t look good. Girl stop run behind people and look hype offa people and get yourself together. Yuh nuh tyad fi wear the jordans now?? Or the man dem weh you send the naked picture dem too stop mine u??


mi nah lie, Maurice need fi stop f**king around. These two actually make a cute couple. him girl look nice deh though

ah weh she find dat deh bush deh from?? No baby it nuh mek it.


Ah who a stress she? All of a sudden she just a get fat suh. Its about time yuh stop wear the bull ring wid har likkle rat face. Hear sey a man stress why u a put on weight… a true???


She nuh realize a party she deh go?? My girl u couldn’t dress better than this??


… words for this one…..


0 thoughts on “PARTY LAYOUT

    1. man mascot Mariah stop try tek ppl man then talk shit when the man f**k u and leave you. No man don’t wanna wife u bc word on the street is a nuh likkle threesome an train run pan u. Ol Bronx freak

      AHHH BEEYYY dwl all the f***k and suck you do still couldn’t hold the man

  1. Purple you need more clothes you always repeating make QQ get some for you. Sleeping with all these Man U sleeping with and still can’t keep up you and ugly Lisa way f**k stinking Rico yuck

  2. is that purple :ngakak :najis :ngakak with her house keyssss :ngakak :ngakak so lisa still a sleeping wid bun off lip rico ewwwwwwww :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak (tashine if me see u inna dah wig dey dey one more time :batabig ) .u are not ugly or shape bad buy good clothes .and good hair put pon u head ,,,or u waiting on the taxxxxxxxxx money :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  3. Mariah why u nuh stop cuss the man weh u did a talk to weh day?? If the man f**k u few time an gone back to him girl why yuh nuh get over it. Why u a mek it stress u?? That’s why unno young girl need fi be carful a who unno dash out the pu**y pan….unless u nuh have no pride inna u pum pum

  4. Sadie bee every Man you fu$k left you when you going stop b get over it and move on he don’t wants you Sadie just a bar slut just like. Badass lucky

  5. That boy maurice get his ass beat sunday….i hate man who act tough and cant fight you wanna jump the boy with ur 20 friends cause him beat ur ass. U even have nerve to ask u friend beat him since u couldnt. Lol. Go take a self defense class.

    1. if a man violate me at a party you damn right my man and whoever he there with better do something about it. DEFEND YUH WOMAN YAH MAURICE.

  6. Mi say! Sadie mi hear ur mother dis up somebody that was on here n when the people dem write dem false truth she look dung pon di people dem gyal pickney. I hope she proud a u now! Yessss Suzie Sadie Mek di Pink Wall!! N what I am seeing is not something very nice so stop the foolishness in a real life!!

    N say hi to Barry for me!!

      1. Oh ok so a dis person di whole drama was about!!…Now I know but tell dat lady whey se dat se mi nuh figet nothing only what I choose to forget.What she is talking happened years ago and I remember because I had mountains of emails because of it . They came here and promise shoot up etc and I was wandering if someone a tell a lie pan u, u heard the ”lie” how u know who told it if is is a lie? When the pictures were sent the other day she said the same saying it was a lie but the post remained and I only removed a comment because she complained about work etc. In all fairness I removed it. You cannot deal with evil forces and expect that it will be well. She has gone around and made a whole circle of lies herself. When she was in her drama with Karen Office she called her friend saying Karen Office runs here because the story never reach here.Nothing is posted here without it sent in so if she wanted that drama here she could have sent it herself.She even called Jamaica because one of the advertisements here was from here and has sat down steadily plotting. People have written to me about it. A pastor sent me a message about this same person. So I am very aware of her vendettas but most importantly a Higher Power is also aware. The plan that God has set aside for her will not be understood for generations.I sat back and heard it all and have remained quiet because there is a God . People come on here and they see posts here but my persona here and elsewhere is never evil. That woman cannot say the same, I have heard many things, about the husband what she did to the woman etc. She has nothing to rejoice over here because whatever vengeance she is seeking she has set herself up for worse because of the things she has done in her PERSONAL LIFE.She asked for that post to be removed because sensitive material was there and I agreed until her daughter came and posted about shooting up then I decided to move slowly. Nothing posted here is personal and the day when I post something about someone because I dislike them is the day when I will decide to stop. Now I know it was her the other day and the other one on my Facebook.What God has given me NO MAN CAN TAKE!And what I did not steal cannot be stolen.. But for her I hope now she knows that I’ve been aware of it all ….Only one thing I will say. Not because God is still that means he is quiet.

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