1. a dis happen wen him have pickney all bout …u cah dede fi di whole a dem so some suffer….and dem man yah a real BABY FADA …becaw aftaa di pickney dem a nuh baby again …..dem gone …dem aa only fada wen their is a baby around…………….

    1. Him same one. Mi surprise caz a how dem talk bout fi dem father and how him did deh deh fi dem. Suh how him tun round a miss out pan fi him pickney dem life.
      You hardly see or hear nuttn bout him and him private life suh it look like di woman and har cup runneth ovah. Lord if u nuh busy and is tru, just touch Mr Morgan pan one a him locks deh, and or maybe touch Lisa and tell har fi tell him..

  2. They had a house where I live. One bunch a picney, like dem huh believe in condons or contraceptives. Beautiful set of black children with locks in the pioneer valley. I can’t believe this, smh

  3. Goodnight Met..everyting she seh a true,know her personally.Her kids r very beautiful,talented and excel well in school.Continue to do the wonderful job u r doing,the Almighty we deal him.Dem seh everyting takes time

  4. How dem man yah dweet? Jus go abt dem daily bizniz as if dem nuh have nuh pckney & responsibility. No conscience because even if u nuh have the finances di love & concern u suppose to have fi u offspring shouldn’t keep u at bey

  5. What a gwan Met?
    1st ting, di brothers of them are mean & I’m glad my girlfriend had properly secured her womb & not beed for the other brother cuz him did mean like starapple I tell yuh.
    Secondly a nuh likkle try Pashon try fi get him fi involve himself inna di pickney dem life, but Petah jus wuklis cuz if him did jus meet har half way shi wudden haffi scandalize him suh.
    She on the other hand I think is still reeling from the fact that 1 a Morgan Heritage bwoy dem cudda really lef har stranded like this afta how dem like gwan like dem shit can mek patty.
    She brought court action against him before because anytime shi used to travel it was an issue cuz he’s listed as their father & since then he hasn’t amended his dutty ways so she needs to focus on her girls & stop giving him her energy. She must not bad mouth him to the girls, but she’s not to lie for him either. Children are not fools, they usually figure things out for themselves. I know she’s hurt for her children, but she should leave him to time an mek prayers an eye wata deal wid him.

  6. Worthless man that he need to take care of his kids . these men have it too easy as u can see the mother take care of them by herself and ppl probably did a think he help . put him on blast yes dutty worthless fashion dread

  7. The lady leave him to time 8 years now nothing wrong with her letting ppl know he is a dead beat. Man like this must dead wicked

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