Let me say this …with the utmost respect for my fellow Jamaicans and my culture and I really mean that I respect my people but Im gonna state one fact before I proceed…

In Jamaica……..if youre from the ghetto………..or from uptown…..we come from a sell p—sy culture …Not that its a bad thing or a good thing but it is what many households thrive from or thrived from in Jamaica..We sell it in our own way…if it means we a go tek 2-3 man or one man for the money…selling is selling..uptown people call it marrying into families..ghetto people call it ”nah f— fi nothing” ..I kinda understand why XXX accepted that part of her …its not a real taboo in Jamaican culture to collect..

XXTENTACION in his video about his mom he said she was not what he would say was a whore..but what would make a 6yo bite out a man’s flesh and stab him? What had he seen before he got to 6? ……XXXTENTACION’S mother lived with a man allegedly was her PIMP..this is why he hesitated in describing her and what she did for a living and it is the reason he could not live with her. It was never because she could not afford it, the environment was not safe and he went through hell. She was a stripper for many years after she left his father who was never in his life. Because PATRA/PETRA was busy stripping he was left in different places…days at a time with different people and as you see in this person’s post…He didnt really know her name (We dont want to blow up ppl pages so the name has been removed)

-The father caught a case in 2008 that he settled in 2009 and he was held in prison until 2015 then he was deported..The charges were conspiracy to distribute ganja and money laundering. With all the money he had he did not support his son but had no qualms about boasting about his son’s achievements

Him mother, father, sister

After Patra left di alleged live-in PIMP and went to another man who people in certain circles called a PIMP..When the post was dropped here in 2014….It was said that the baby father which is her second son…live with his baby mother Marsha…and had Letiesh Flawless on this side and when the wife was not home he brought Letiesh and Petra home to do di tings dem…..At the time, of the post I doubted the sender UNTIL I saw Letiesh making certain moves and then what was sent made sense…This man had money so again…Petra could have afforded to keep her son if she wanted to keep him home…he bought flawless a Benz so money was no object…Because of the nature of the comments…Adrian had a lawyer send me a letter and being empathetic I privated the post…(I do not delete anything here…because of occasions like these)… The post talked about the way he got his status etc…but it alluded to the fact that he was allegedly their pimp…During this time (2014) Petra was still stripping.

his name on ig had jazzy in it like hers and at the time flawless used a similar monikier

Everyone that knows her said Jahseh was troubled because of the lifestyle she lived ..Shawna star also ran in quickly for piece of the action because Adrian…the baby father was loaded but she left the situation quickly because of Letiesh and Petra were like sister-wives…Letiesh eventually left and Petra/Patra has seemingly moved on and XXXTENTACION’s money made her move away from stripping.

And it was all about the bling for her on ig…the son she left for days with multiple people.

The violence he showed towards his baby mother somehow makes me feel like he has a certain hate for women…stemming from the mishaps with his mother and her live-in ALLEGED PIMP

121 thoughts on “PATRA/PETRA FULL FILE…

  1. When Marsha couldnt get patra out she just join her and then all start party like a big happy family . Adrian is a drug dealer not a pimp and all those young girls draw to patra to f**k Adrian but they don’t know he not giving nobody no money unless him breed them . Patra was a stripper but stop strip long long time after the rich white man tel her off the pole . X just put down 1.5 million pon big house a parkland and she well move in cause she was living in rent house i she was not broke to the point she Couldnf raise her child . Adrian keep her on lock and key

  2. All the sister in the picture next to him lived in the house withmthrm and har friend the next whoring stripper uku talk seh she and the butch f**k and she only latch on to patra cause she want f**k Adrian cause Adrian was first f**ing Shauna . All these bitches only go befriend her to borrow money and borrow bag and boot and borrow Adrian .

    God don’t make mistake they would of run that kid dry financially cause nobody works and Adrian drug money dry up him not as loaded as he used to be . Marsha f**k Adrian bestfriend so they status is unknown but it’s a nasty bunch

    1. talk all di tings demmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bout him run come send me lawyer letter …a dus cause di people dem did touch pan certain things why mi neva even ansa..

  3. If uno a sell uno body…and dat a uno career mi nah knock it but your kids do not have to know…boys really cant handle it

    1. A mother like that don’t care what a child is exposed to. Their main concern is getting the money. The well been of the child is the furthest thing from her mind.

      1. How she even manage to post his pic since he died is mind blowing to me..I would be hooked up to some machine in a hospital somewhere on life support

        1. I dunno…i guess we all react to tragedy differently. I guess it back to the street for her because he’s not here to support her anymore.

  4. What a set of dirty worthless parents. This bitch had her son roaming from house to house, without seeing him for days, just so she can be different men and sell her wonder her son was abusive to women and treat them with no respect.poor child! He sees women as hoes, because that’s what his mother was. His father selling drugs and having multiple women was his day job,while his son act out against his peers in school.

  5. Know wonder he looked troubled in so many of his picture. I read a list of the crime he’s accused of committing, and you have to understand why.

  6. Two different people said she left him with them for days and im sure she never told them thanks for helping her raise her son

  7. His Mom told him there are 3 warning when it comes to hitting and fighting females, She practically gives him the OK to murder females with licks hence he beat up his Girlfriend meanwhile I told my Son never to hit a woman and walk away from them. That dirty woman was/is garbage, Look at his Baby Picture? He has bags under his eyes at that age, at 6yrs old he stabbed a man for her? No wonder his songs were so depressing. What a wicked mumma and a piece a shit puppah. Dropping your child off at someone house for days, maybe he was molested who knows. The only pain that she is going through it the fact that her money factory is no more, I hope she rots in hell and for the Jail bud him go sit in a corner Jancrow.

  8. He could not live with her cause a di ”pimp” I could not chose that over my son im sorry….I would rather die than not be there for my kid once im alive

  9. This is why I looooove Ms Meth. I have no questions. You covered everything from start to finish and I agree with you a 100%. “He would get into trouble at school just so she could yell at him”. SMH. This is why I encourage mothers (and I also live by the same rules)….. no matter how much you think your children aren’t listening and no matter how disobedient they get at times ……never stop talking to them ……never stop yelling at them when they are out of line…..never stop correcting them when they’re wrong …….never stop being mad at them for doing the wrong thing. Children know what real, true love from a parent is supposed to feel like and no matter how much you scold them….they will always be able to feel the love and true care and affection behind every ass whooping or behind every act of tough love. He clung to every word she said and took every advice she gave him. I could understand if she sent him away to his grandmother to shield him from the life she was living…..but still played a major role in his life. But it seems as if he was just a distraction. Smh. She could have still been a great mother even though he didn’t live under the same roof as her. Many children were raised by grandparents because Mommy was off trying to make a better life for them. All he wanted was his mother’s love because at the end of the day …..there is nothing like a mother’s love. Smh. RIP young man. This makes my heart hurt like nothing I’ve felt for a stranger in a long time.

    P.S. Mommy ….. I am not blaming you for his death, so please do not misunderstand what I am saying. As a mother I don’t like to point fingers but I can honestly tell you that you made a few wrong moves in his life. Apparently you have other children, so you still have time to shower them with the unconditional love that your deceased son did not get. Good Luck

    1. No Mamacita, we not blaming her for his death. Regardless of how he was raised, she’s his mother, and her belly bottom have to be paining her.

        1. It pains to hear him in the interview searching for the words to describe his mother’s short comings but loving her regardless

    2. Don’t know how she would yell at him because she either no Dede she high or a sleep … allegedly

  10. Omg RIP Jahseh. If u could forgive your mother and understand her situation, then no one else have a right to
    Judge. She do post things on ig, but she always say har son buy it for her. She is jus a proud mother. I don’t know her younger years but mi den pon har ig since around 2012 and she look like she have her money from them time. The same house she took pictures in then was the same house she take pic in now. She didn’t live with jahseh or in that house. Him say him granny raise him. Nuff Jamaican raise by granny. U can see she love her son. My condolences cleo.

    1. She have money since 2012? I never mention bout no house but she lives in a million dollar home now in parkland

    2. Buying her love and wanting her to love him hence he spoke about her! says nothing about him FORGIVING the instagram whore. I knew one of you worthless mumma would run in on the post come defend the whore, I can judge because of what I see and from listening to his depressing music. FOH A lot of Jamaicans raised by granny does not give us the right to be bad parents, SHE DID NOT LOVE HER SON, SHE LOVED HIS MONEY, If XXX was not famous she would have STILL not wanting him being around HER. Unuh too good rasta, most a you worthless mumma is cut from the same cloth, You did not read where Met stated she was a stripper and was always whoring? No one depute she had money, what we are saying, with all the money she had she was not a good mother dropping off the little boy at peoples house and disappeared for days. UNUH GWEY NUH. She did not live with Jahseh because she did not want him to live with her, she kicked him out at 14, unuh too good mon.

  11. Poor child had seen a lot of men and women coming out of his mothers bedroom. If a child have defend his mother at 6 yrs old, you know a whole lot of shit was going on in that house. And he still tried to love her regardless.

  12. Not every child is resilient enough to overcome this. I think he wanted to die from a long time ago. He sang about suicide a lot. I hope he wasn’t molested. Is it wrong for me to think God called him home? His death seemed quick and easy, it doesn’t seem like he suffered at all. RIP X. Heard he was doing a song with Kartel soon.

  13. No met Adrian is not a pimp he just freaky and love gal ! He just always had pretty f**k party on yatch etc

    Patra was a stripper before meeting Adrian and a rich white man did tek har up and start mine her but indeed she was still selling vagina

    Patra never have the kid because he was a reminder of her past and when she got with Adrian and breed Adrian son aiden became her world she took great care of Adrian but was under constant security him watch her vagina but they indeed all live as sister wife she was his favorite and the one known as his women

    Marsha find out about Adrian when he went to jail Adrian is a drug dealer and him start work wid police and the connect get lock up cause he was looking at heavy time . Patra did not want nothing to do with x he was homeless and sometimes go sleep hungry and took up drug addiction , him and the girl him breed was going from pillow to post .

    This boy been on his own in deep side from bout. 13 and the only thing she was doing was buying chanel bags and throwing sex parties and the kid was suffering

    Not even lawyer she hire for him not even court dates she showed up too not at all …. but while in jail and his look at me single take off she start post him and change Bio and include x as her son

    She open the page now at 28k and now almost 100k. .. my son could not dead and me have the strength to post at all !

  14. She don’t live in the same house she moved in to his parkland crest ranch house me nah ask you I’m telling you . And tags been around money longer that 2010 she was not broke but she convince the kid she had nothing why he can’t stay with her she was living a normal at home freaky mother life cause she have a 7 years old child that she live with and took care of . She love her son offcourse but when your son was stuck in jail with bond you never bond him they boy come out the Monday and the Wednesday she on a chanel a buy new bag

    She have a gwagon and the Saturday after the chanel bag him but her Benz just cause . Now you tell me nothing wrong with your kid spoiling you but not when him was sleeping on other parents sofa while she was living the best life

    Her friend Chrissy son live d in the parkland rental and her son yet to was thieving and robbing from Tampa to Orlando .

    Him seh him used to give trouble just for his mom to come to the school and see her you tell me we fi bawl fi that mother !

    So how aiden always with her and she with money man then so why not x??

    Nobody never said she broke she tell har son that we in Florida New better . She chose money and freaky sex over his well-being …

    Why make your son buy you a Lamborghini? You have two new car you don’t think she wasn’t as a mother wasting his money ?

    Him buy one car for himself and buy two house for both his grandmothers and buy Manson for his self and she moved in with him with Chrissy the bestfriend and her son .

    He told people he want to die he felt like a bank he felt no love he felt like a meal ticket everyone needed money and open businesses her women friend dem wanted to come around to try f**k him the kid was being used in every way possible

        1. I’m talking about XXX I saw pics of a girl with black and blue eyes on the net. Claiming yo be his ex. People are saying he beat her up real bad

    1. This is the most disturbing thing that I have read. The young man was simply being used as a pawn in their chess game. Thank God him gone home to God and rest, worse would have happened to him if he had lived. God knows why he had to go home, it is awful the manner in which he lost his life, but he is free from the demons, blood suckers and the emotional vampires here on earth.

  15. Tears, I have no words! I feel it for this young man so much, he was exposed to everything that he shouldn’t have known about, maybe he was molested who knows, because she left him all over the place like puss kitten. This is too sad what he had to endure as a child, well it all ends here, now miss ting, u know the road, u have to go back guh scale, crawl, and whine up pan the pole or good sell u front again, 1.4 million dollar house worth of debt u going to have to pay for, because you certainly didn’t earn or deserved it,

  16. An article from a Miami paper about xxx and the house. Doesn’t sound to me like the mother lived in parkland…

    The corner house on a rich but unremarkable street in Parkland, about four miles from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, belongs to a scrawny 20-year-old with a tree tattoo in the middle of his forehead. He stands about five feet six inches tall and weighs 125 pounds with shoes on. The kid bought the house in November, moved in shortly after, and made the place his own, decorating in the sparse, halfhearted way you’d expect from a teen homeowner but with occasional high-end touches, like an industry-grade recording studio on the first floor.

    Today two cars — a black BMW and a colossal van — are parked out front in one of those circular driveways that are popular in the suburbs. A team of landscapers dots the edges of the property, ensuring the shrubs stay pruned. There are a half-dozen Wi-Fi networks to choose from, all named variants of “Theworldwithin.”

    The $1.4 million Tuscan-style home has no doorbell, but a rotating cast of kids routinely answers knocks on the door. Around noon on a recent Thursday, it’s a blond boy with a peach-fuzz mustache and a cursive face tattoo. When the owner is requested, Peach Fuzz grumbles something inaudible and disappears behind the wooden door. He returns trailing his five-foot-six friend, who is shirtless, barefoot, and a little angry.

    In real life, the homeowner is strikingly pretty, with huge irises and a jolt of blue hair pulled into two french braids. He’s covered in tattoos: Most prominent are an elephant head on his throat, “17” on his temple, and “Cleopatra,” his mother’s name, scrawled on his chest. He is charismatic, quick to laugh, and slightly condescending. When a visitor, who found the place from a stray speeding ticket, says she’s surprised he came outside, he says, “The word would be ‘dumbfounded.'”

    In the past six months, this guy has rarely left his house. That’s partly because he was working on an album that, when it dropped this past March 16, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. But it’s mostly due to the fact he’s on what his lawyer calls “modified house arrest” while awaiting trial for a disturbing list of criminal charges, including domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and aggravated battery of a pregnant woman.

  17. Talk up fi di ting dem, Florida peeps roll out, this ya gal ya is bitch, nuh wonder the poor youth gone rest early, this vampire of a muma was just using him. Bout love, that’s not love, no mother moves in with a man that has money and neglects her child, I don’t want to hear it. Bout her belly pain her, you mean her head a hurt her now, cause she a think bout how the pole cold, and she haffi guh whine pan it again, cause her meal ticket gone.

  18. What a fckn disgraceful trashy set. Worshipping worthless things dat cannot bring true joy. The boy did not stand a damn chance at all.

  19. Yow and this girl was so nice with all the wrong priorities… mi cah believe se somadi jus born and come dead so ….. when any a unu come across a child make sure unu last words kind

      1. Yowwwww mi se …… Jahse but which Jah ?? A same so him mada behave like him .. same kinda like nice and humble …but

        1. tricks and trades and matches box ina whole heap a business.. bay trick…his name means what the most high he had to be great

  20. Him live in parklandand she lives there Adrian have his own house in parkland too him and Marsha had one house and para had another around the corner him sleep with Marsha 3 days and patrra 4 days Marsha more of a home body who wash cook clean and patra wake up after 12pm a day time . Yes they have a lot of people pickney women hang out it’s a party almost every weekend and the strippers from the office and g5 used to come dance in the live no room them have a nasty life jus like them big friend crystal and porky . X is finally free free free from everybody who wanted or need something my heart is with his grandmothers as they tried with him ……… he loved his mom so much he would die for her and this boy was not robbed someone put a hit on him it was a set up and if him have big life insurance we will see who benefit “ witnesss are talking they went directly for him at that stop sign blocked him in and shoot … adrean into all kind of snitching and drugs who the hell knows who all involve look how the man weh hijmused to work with he deported after him snitch and they kill him

  21. Exactly every show she reach when she never reach to bail him while him lock up she was ar dream weekend and a throw sex party !! This bitch had him buy her Lamborghini you tell me !! She saw him as a meal ticket where she didn’t have to use her pussy no more mek she gwey bout two post bout him how can you breathe or type and your pickney dead

  22. Everything she says sound so sweet and genuine … but one day mi hear how dem a talk to him an him about three .. days y ppl nuffi lef dem pickney wid ppl

    1. uno can done people neatly hee :ngakak lol mi do try but today im so upset about this I cant move the cursor

  23. I believe that child was raped or traumatized badly !! He was dark and hurting all signs he wanted suicide so bad it’s either somebody set him up or he set it up to end his own life sorry too say . He was trapped in his own mind….patra going throw big funeral cause age want all the celebs to come and the stripper and sell pussy crew around her can make new rich clients Florida finest going come out for that history funeral ok !! I wonder if salt hole Shauna f**k him and cause him death every man she f**k dead or jail

  24. Met Broward County says he died instantly got shot in his neck died immediately he went limp immediately after the shot he didn’t suffer .

  25. Exactly it was a hit the car block him in at the stop sign him drive a bmw i8 the door have to come up why would he wind down his window or lift up the door no shot in the car you tell me ? That robbery so call don’t add up even the wicked mother said somebody set out to kill him . Adrean was very controlling and she ain’t need him anymore when x blow up so me a wonder if a inside job ? With these people anything is possible for money

    Met check email I found the article with the sister wives

          1. The one you “unprivate”. The prior article on Patra, where the lawyer sent you a message or maybe I’m misunderstanding the whole thing….

  26. What a bangarang and a dutty nasty gal who calls herself a mom if tht b**tch was infront of me right now I’d smack the hell out of her. Worthless cunt.

  27. Not a robbery. HIT!!! pon the youngman. RIP cutie pie, what a sweetfaced youngman behind the tattoos.

    1. How she even post that pic only God knows but people do strange things in times of grief…I would be in the hospital or in his room unable to move

  28. Wow. The best thing to happen to him was death really. Because even though he made it out his past continued to haunt him, he said he felt like a bank, jah know no wonder he was sooo depressed. 20 yr old and full a stress. When people dont f**k with their parents do t judge them because only them alone know what they have been through, and its true that the worthless parents always have children that tends up taking care of them when they cant survive on their own anymore. Sleep peacefully yah man. The girl him beat up said she is broken because at the end pf the day he lost his life and she didnt.

  29. Met check the Instagram dm me just send you the witness account and it weak fishy not a robbery x never even realize what was going on

  30. Met stay pan this one here like Matlock, because Patra nor her man nah benefit from nuh insurance off the poor pickney head, with a muma like this, mi nah swear fi her, I mi nah put nothing pass her, because she seems like a straw she tek and stuff fi her belly, a bitch like this, I believe would kill her son, if she thinks she can gain material wealth, for as far as we hear so far this doesn’t sound like she did even like her son, so killing him could be quite natural and simple thing for her to do, something a trouble mi Sprite about this old harlot, and we are determined to find out, and mi nuh nuh want body come chat bout a her son, so she did love him! Hell no she didn’t ,except uno worthless, wicked and careless like her, and uno don’t know what is love, mi nuh waan hear the foolishness.

    1. Dem seh u see a man face and nuh see him heart is right cause to how she clean and put together no one would know she did have all live in pimp

  31. I hope they caught it on surveillance camera. The police are being very quiet, I am thinking they may be watching the suspects to see if anybody is flaunting cash. Be careful of fake news going around because everyone wants “clout” nowadays, I even see some dudes saying they killed him, just because they want attention.

  32. Met you sit down the women deh pon a next x stripper bottle girl page a like photo you tell me now ?? The f**k

  33. His murder was a direct hit. Everyone close to him is a suspect at this point. The location was either disclosed from an insider or he was followed. I will agree with someone theory posted above that taking a closer look at Adrian is not such a bad idea. I notice the posting of him on her IG declined once X got more fame and closer to his mom. Maybe X gave her an ultimatum(me or him). Maybe he gave her all those gift on his own free will because he knew her love for glam and money. It was mentioned that his mom gave him expensive gift when she came around. Maybe he thought she would love him(X) more. That would cause a man such as Adrian to be enrage because he couldn’t control that situation anymore. I was never a prostitute nor stripper but ive been around that lifestyle and a pimp just dont loose a marketable hoe that can still make him money. He will kill to get her back. The mental state of people who live that lifestyle is like a human being addicted to crack. It’s hard to get out. I understand why she didn’t want him around. Those man are so disrespectful its disgusting. As a woman its also very hard to walk away as well. I was initially sadden by this young mans death due to his age and as a mother of a young son I would be devastated if someone took his life. Even though I wasn’t a fan @ his age I was probably as wild if not worse. God gave me the opportunity to change my ways and make something of myself and for that im truly Thankful . Unfortunately, I sympathize with his mother as well because she probably don’t know the HURT and sorrow she inflicted on this young man life.

  34. Met the mother a like pictures on the gram up to yesterday how you pon social media And your pickney dead in a cold box

  35. Rip Handsome, this is truly disturbing. He was abused, neglected, shunned, rejected and everything that u can think of happened this boy, SAD. The kids told me about his death but I didn’t know who he was. I saw it here and decided to read, my God, I PRAY HE IS IN A BETTER PLACE. In Heaven no more sorrow no more pain and he truly deserves that. MET GO IN ON THEM BECAUSE THEY COULD HAVE DONE BETTER BY HIM. How could u expect these gifts that u truly don’t deserve. They would have continued to abuse and drain him. People please go on her page and shed some light on her. I would never suggest such a thing but this is not a grieving mother. Lord please forgive me because I’m not sorry for what I said. Jesus this was a tuff one to read




    1. Same thing I have always said, even snakes bring food for their young, birds do the same. Every animal in the wild look shelter and food for their offspring so when humans do the same and act like they doing the greatest thing in the world and expect worship from the kids to make sure food and shelter provided mi just haffi shake mi head. Some a dem act like the kids fi kiss dem feet fi do the exact same ting the vast majority of the animal kingdom do. How you building their character, spiritual and moral quotient, how you laying down values and nurturing them in love and support, and making home a sanctuary.

      Nobody seh at 16 you should know the ins and outs of motherhood, but what about when you’re 20, 25, 30? At what age do you really start doing the needful and focus on your child. How can fckng and sckng be more important that the mental, spiritual, and emotional health of your child. How can the worthless material things like bags and shoes be more important that sitting down and reasoning with your child, checking in to make sure all is well with them, letting them know you are always there for support. Some of these women think that putting on these cloths can hide the stench of their lives. Chanel purses and Hermes sandals nuh validate you and make you a better human being than you are. You still just trash in Chanel and Hermes.


  37. HIT or he knew or expected them why his windows and door was open! Did they at first come off as fans? Why was he alone if he had gone to seek/buy a motorcycle? Isnt that a decent safe area?
    Who knew where he was supposed to be at that time. Poor youngman, if he didn’t arrange his own death, the persons who murdered him are people close to him.
    Hope the mooma yes MOOMA is not the beneficiary of his life insurance Policy or his assets as he was an adult (age 20)

  38. Met the girl his ex a liad on him about the abuse. She said he lied because she was mad at him. He did not abuse that girl, that’s why dem throw har out of his memorial.

  39. Anybody knows what his stage name means? I think there has to be some meaning behind that bizarre stage name.

  40. Please stay on this story Met. my head is hurting me from just imaginING what this baby went through, he wasn’t even a mature man poor thing my heart is crying for the things he has had to endure, and never getting that authentic love from a mother. U bitches should not have kids if u know ur not ready to be a good mom!

  41. The owner of the bike place had posted him on social media saying he was at the shop. Idk when people gonna learn to stop posting their location in real time. If you are so desperate to let everybody on social media know where and where u go then post after you left that location. That could be how somebody knew he was in that area.

  42. The house in her name i tell you it’s her house she make the boy put everything her name !!

    purchased late last year for $1.4 million. Property records list the owners as Cleopatra Bernard, the singer’s mother. Her name was tattooed across his chest.

    CBS news NBC news i won’t be surprised if the bank accounts not in her name

    1. There are two properties in Cleopatra Bernard:

      First One:

      This property was Quit Claimed into her name by “SMART BUY PROPERTIES LLC” / “BEST BUY PROPERTIES LLC” on 12/22/2017. Cleopatra Bernard is the person authorized to sign on behalf of Best Buy Properties.


      Second one (This one has the Homestead Exemption on it, which tells us it is the property she lives in): Purchase, 11/27/2017 WD-Q $1,400,000

      6500 NW 62 TER PARKLAND FL 33067

  43. @Met. I watched a Live with X and he denied beating the girl. He said she showed up to his house like that and she lied about being pregnant. I went on her page and she is a cutter. In one pic, you can see no less than 6 fresh cuts on both arms. His fans believe she lied which is why they threw her out of the vigil. Also saw a video with the mother at the vigil, that b!tch thought it was a celebration. Look good

  44. X was in DEBT ok? By my calculation, he was signed to a 6 million distribution deal (not the same as a record deal). He then said that he wasn’t going to make anymore music, so that deal was in limbo. He purchased several homes, luxury cars, gifts ,vacations etc etc. Any money he made was an advancement (loan). This poor kid had stress that much older people with new money cannot handle.

  45. I am literally in tears!I dont even know what to say… this woman loose her son and a sing and smile and long out tongue? God know if I know where to find her me would personally beat her ass. You see some of unuh worthless mumma?? U wait man….

  46. From day mi a read this, didnt felt like commenting because my soul felt his pain. I have too many words for the mom, but I will mourn first

  47. @ Jus a laugh 7.33 pm- finally, someone who is showing some empathy!!

    I feel like everyone just sit and judge the momma, but no one knows what was going on in her heart/soul/mind.

    I’m not trying to play devils advicate, I like to look at things from all angles. I mean let’s be real, it’s highly unlikely that someone of complete sound mind would treat their child in such a way. There has to be some deep rooted issues behind that.

    1. Cassie why are you always defending these horrendous people? It look real bad now. You need to flush that thinking from your brain. You seen to be the one of unsound mind. Even Marie I see call you out and by your actions I can see you are determined to take on the cases of these society rejects.

  48. Cassie, are you serious? Men/Women abuse and maltreat children daily ..with no trauma themselves. Why do they do it? They just do. But it doesn’t justify a damn thing when an innocent child is discarded of by the woman who brought him into this world physically and both parents (mother and father) who brought him here spiritually. Cassie do your research ….look @ this woman now …is she grieving as a mother would for her child? I’ve seen mothers grieve for other people’s children much less …. I see you say you aren’t playing devil’s advocate but what exactly ARE you playing? A fool?

    1. Pay Cassie no mind. Cassie is a RAPIST defender and murderer sympathiser. To me Cassie is no better than the people who commit these horrible acts.

      Cassie seems like a person who has been surrounded by wicked people all their lives so what these people do becomes the norm for Cassie.

      1. To be honest, I only saw the vigil after making my comment, and I have to ageee, her reaction does not seem a typical of a grieving Mirhsr.

        Anyhow, I’ve been brought up in a household where we have been taught the philosophy that only those without sin can throw a stone. And although my sins, in my opinion, may not be as great as those I defend, they are sins netherless.

        Compassion and empathy are also an integral components of my profession, so I suppose it is just inbred in me.

        So no, I am no rapist or murderer defender, after I’m no lawyer; I just like to look at things from a wider perspective. Apologies to who that offends.

  49. Yes but she find time fi guh sell her cratches and strip and run backa man?? No excuse! Her son was crying out for her and she abandoned him! If she felt being a mother was too much, she could’ve left him with someone trusted instead of dropping him off to multiple people’s houses.

    Children needs stability. Children needs to be loved! She didn’t try. She didn’t put out any effort. The mother & father are a disgrace! And then when the little boy made it big everybody a run ennn.

    A good mumma would encourage their child to invest and save,not gone pon nuh shopping spree and by bare luxury items. Remember rappers/singers don’t do it all their lives.

    Imagine your child was just murdered and you gone post pon Instagram. How she find the strength to even pick up phone? I tell you when people are looking for attention and hype they do any damn thing!

    People need to learn how to love and cherish their children. Every chance I get, I tell my kids how much I love them and how beautiful they are.

    There shall be no mercy for the merciless.

  50. You see the same thing….over on the shaderoom some people are saying she “seems too happy ” “she doesn’t sound like a distraught parent ” “everything looks fishy ” the Time she looking fame she needs to go and plan her son’s funeral

  51. Met a followers she a look ! And she getting it the women is a real wicked mother i don’t care who want cuss me and say people Deal with things differently ain’t no way your child’s slain in the streets and you have energy time to be like people pictures on instagram next day after your child die !! This Bitch had all the strippers hoes of Miami at her house last night fi vigil …. dem don’t know god dem don’t call unto god it is business as usual and she going to milk this limelight and the charity i can tell you those donation going to to go 80% to her pocket . She has never had her son beat interest from him born now that him dead rich think she will !! The people a talk the things and him son said Everybody needed something him phone couldn’t rest everybody want house and car and business. She should be shamed on every platform she should no not be celebrated for not raising her chil and now benefit from his death

    1. I have never bought that “everyone grieves differently” bullshit. Grief fi look like grief just like joy look like joy. she has another child and him will grow up one day, just wait and be patient.

  52. A waah real ole dutty sour tinking batty whey nuh bade from when dis man.. him muss adopted cause a couldn’t outta har pussy him come caah she hudda muss hab likkle feelings feem… him nuh realted to me have mi feel sumting muchless. You miss, a hope yuh come yah come read caah yuh lub di attention suh till.. bitch obviously mental a she di picney get it from.. yow if a fimi picney dis and him dead dem might as well pronounce mi tuh cause di 2 a we dead yeah.

  53. Further to my last comment, her son obviously chose to forgive, so who are we to be there taking this on our heads and casting judgment.

    1. That is because he was blinded, because he was desperate for his mothers love. Doesn’t mean he was right. Go repent your sins and ask God to protect your loved ones. Crosses Cassie.

  54. She can’t even wait for the yute to burry, she run gone post bout how him out-do Taylor swift on breaking some type of records. Also! Lady you couldn’t wait till the girl pass the first trimester before you start broadcasting that you are expecting a grandbaby? You are f**king sick!

  55. 119comments and not 1 in condemnation of his actual killers! Why is this woman being lambasted for his death? He did not die of abuse or neglect, he was shot for God’s sake! What does her bags and shoes have to do with her being a good/bad parent!? She is one half of his parents, if she had to be dropping him off to strangers, it may simply mean she had no other family support. If all the people who coming out to say that they had charge of him can also say they took the best care they could of him, then she did the best she could, leaving him with people that could look after him better than she could. A biological parent is not always the best person to care for a child, that’s why yuh have social services! Nuff a unnu grow with parents and were abused in worst ways like beaten nearly to death and sexually abused by family members, you survive, he survived, you’re still going to die one day, he died and now suddenly, his neglect as a child becomes the biggest issue, his struggles made him the inspirational young man he became and some a unnu sitting here in judgement has such wonderful parents and still turned out to be nothing but a load a shit, pree that

  56. I hope his mom finds help something must be really wrong with her and she should’ve gotten it sooner. She had her son young so it was hard for her but I know plenty of teen moms who are doing good and she is still not stable today you can tell

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