5 thoughts on “PAUL BUNYAN

  1. Tall girl short man..they make the best couples. People think because they look odd, their relationship too is odd. Not the case when the woman is taller. For some reason it works..don’t take me word for it, do the research they always win..

  2. Yes Shrimpy!!!….guh deh breda. She have di height arredi suh jus run di cornmeal parrige an add 20lb to di frame suh yu nuh bruise up.

  3. Anonymous @9:38. You are posting on the wrong site. Women do not like BIG hood men. That has been discussed at length here on the Pink Wall and only two of the hundreds of female bloggers admitted to enjoying BIG koki. That’s around a 0.0001%. So no matter how strapped hubby is his height may be a bigger factor.
    Tawkcheut and Latty unnu BIG up unnu self inna di new year.

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