1. @Bumblebee, I know right! Fi dem priorities twisted ba ba.
    Metttttt!!!! Simply!!!!! Chuety!!!! Metters nuh say a word!

    1. wnppppppppppppppp i is ereeeeeeeeeeeeee morningggggggggg
      as smaddy say a 2 different size a shoes and das what it look like dite here :hammer

  2. yuk!!! black toe nails is a sign of fungus health problems his toe infected dat champagne money shoulda spend at da doctors

  3. How mi nuh see miss legendary kim pon di boat ride mi gone look again cause look like british finally tell you him dont want you mi feel sorry fi you cause everyday you get up bout ñr nobody has to know but you tell everybody bout you and him you neva know sey him an angel use to deh and him and kelz never bless use to deh and unu r friends what a ting inna farrin

  4. British have nuff gal on the boat ride .the new retarded one was there.wifey,gal in organe looking lik Indian,plus his other jersey girls.i know because I’m very close friend to him.

  5. Apparently him have something Mek dem wAan him suh mi wAan know a wah dat.. How mi never see him Bronx bitches them

  6. Keisha browning angel twinsies Kim them all took the back seat it look like dem mussi fraid a fi new boo if I laugh I shit up mi self

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