Please post them met so them sey dainty do her body 4times and still don’t look good  and that she can’t  read and write that shay girl that pelpa post was in California last weekend and she made pelpa her MCM last week and pelpa post her picture before it’s not the first the first time pelpa post her picture months ago for the first time I went to her story line and she was in pelpa BMW so who a talk the trust all dainty have to show is her body she done 4times and her kids 

Dainty and her obeah working sister bring pelpa picture to obeah man in Jamaican dainty and her whole family is a hold down that why the yute move on dainty and your sister was working on pelpa and how was gonna file for abuse so u could she could get a papers but pelpa find out and cut and divorce her that’s the real story that’s dainty sister in the single picture in jail for murder the whole family a them is wicked pelpa do way better than than dainty so why would the yute jealous real talk

15 thoughts on “PELPA ANSA DAINTY

  1. Wait a minute isn’t Pelpa A CNA ?? How is that any better than Dainty doing live in work. Nothing is wrong with CNA work I’m just saying don’t they pay about the same so how he hyping unless he move up from CNA .

    1. Private live in work tend to pay more. Not all the time but most. I know people getting $1500 to $2000 a week.

  2. Oh damn! Probably true dainty and family is a piece of work in real life. Dainty do Tief and con even her own family and I don’t think hardly any of them in the family can read even though they all went to school in America. Dunce

  3. how yuh neva tell wi sey dainty did a plan fi file abuse dats evil why would she want to mess up di man like dat????? Evil ppl like those u need to stay away from

  4. Yes ppl in Jamaica know about Nicola and how she love obeah mon. I know somebody personally who she ask fi go obeah man wid her these level of evilness they need the holygost.

  5. Lmao. So this person who clearly can’t write and spell is telling another person to learn how to read and write. Boy oh boy.

  6. Philly unnuh nuh hear how Windy Moggela beat up Juju Badd Tuesday night after di round robin because she deh wid one a di one odda man dem. Windy unnuh look like a straight fool. Kay and Chanel come fi unnuh man. Di a disgrace unnuh inna dancehall. Kay unnuh inna everybody business and yuh man mek yuh look like a duppy inna dancehall.

    1. Which Juju? Dainty sister that used to deh with shakira Bobby? She deh with windy that big black ball a fire.

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