I dont know who dis man is, and yet email send in……..not because unno know a who dat mean we a go know!

Mi wann know how come him always a big up him 2 girls when he have a son too

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  1. Met a lando from Bronx weh careless Tina a mad mad ova. A him Tina put up pon har ig weh day a bawl a funeral.Tina an Opal did all a war ova him couple months ago. Him an Blood a big fren, always deh dance togeda.

  2. That’s Lando and that’s Lela Simone daughter. Maybe he doesn’t have pictures of his son to put up because so far I’ve only see him big up his daughters on Social media through pics and videos. He is with them in some of the pics but mi nuh know if is just fi tek pics or he’s actually doing stuff with them. I don’t know him in person suh mi nuh know if him physically involved or does actual “Daddy stuff” with them but I always thought it was cool how be big up his kids. So where is the son and why is he not in the son’s life. Maybe there’s a reason.

  3. MET a big head lando hotta fire dat him always a big up his girls fi real. Him baby mother a lela simone cutty ranks daughter lol i mean pee are mother name

  4. Does the man know he have a son? I ask base on the comments up top, he don’t eems like the type that would legt out his children out of anything. If you ae the son mother sender wah you do the man why him a act like a two pickney him have knowing its actually 3? Everything done for a reason

  5. I dont mean to bash Tina but my God the things this lady puts on instagram are deplorable. I really do think she is possessed by something. So when I see her kissing her beautiful daughter I cringe at least not on the lips…because her lips according to her have travelled roundrip from Sodom to Gomorrah. Ladies I have a question and I want to know if its only me. When I give my husband some head, I feel very uncomfortable giving my daughter a kiss on the lips I always kiss her on her cheeks cause I remember where this lips have been lmfao. Am I wrong?

  6. Unu cum suck out Tina pussy cause, all lando duh a suck out har pussy just fi drive har car wid him bruk nasty self him need fi guh fix him teeth lado a jigalo him need fi guh learn fi spell cause him Nuh know Wether from Weather lol a pussy dat

  7. I know this Lando boy from childhood days n its the first ghetto boy mi si so hype n dont remember him poor mother n brother in Jamaica. Him brorher si somebody di other n a tell person seh a kill him want kill lando cause him a evil.Every day him inna dance a bus champagne n him mother need the money. A few yrs ago I went to jamaica s bredda a push hand cart fj mek 2 ends meet. I dont understand how these careless gal yah a foreign love to fight over these non progressive man cause f yu have time fi waste money n go dance go dash weh champagne yu must can find money fi help yu mother weh bring yu up wid out a father kmfrt.

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